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Greenbergs Deli Las Vegas, NV
Extremely mediocre mini-spin off of a decent New York Deli. Located in the New York, New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip. <br> It is not up to standards. <br> Extremely limited menu. One or twp types of Bagels and bread (white, wheat, rye), no Kaiser rolls, no rolls of any kind. Pastrami, Cafeteria type hash line ordering and service. <br> Portions are poor. <br> Don't waste your time here. Go to the Stage Deli now relocated in the MGM Grand Hotel, or go to the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage Hotel. Portions are better and prices are competitive elsewhere.
High Sierra Cafe Lone Pine, CA
Coffee shop restaurant right on Highway 395 in Lone Pine, CA. Nothing special here, but the food is decent and prices are fair.
Dukes Huntington Beach, CA
Pricey, but very good restaurant right off Pacific Coast Highway at the pier in Huntington Beach. Valet Parking $3 is a must. <br> This is actually one in a chain of restaurants. <br> Surfer type decor and noisy ambience. Service is exceptional. Food is very good, with interesting and changing menu items. Portions are good, but not as spectacular as they have been in the past. <br> My prime rib was ordered medium. It was basically medium rare, but still good.
Mission 261 San Gabriel, CA
Pricey but upscale Chinese Restaurant on South Mission DRIVE (not Mission Road) in San Gabriel. A bit off the beaten path, the restuarant is in what once was a city hall. Dim Sum is not served on carts like other restaurants - you order much like you might order at a Japanese sushi bar. Dim Sum for three will typically hit you for a combined $60. Good service (if you speak Cantonese or Mandarin). Excellent facilities.
Ranch House Cafe Olancha, CA
Good quality ranch truck stop type restaurant right on Highway 395 in the town of Olancha, CA. Rustic western type decor. This place seems to have been there forever. Food and service are good. prices are decent.
Packing House Fallbrook, CA
Went to this restaurant on the recommendations of the book Quick Escapes Los Angeles. Interesting rustic restaurant in downtown Fallbrook. Darkly lit. Food was not quite up to expectations, but the service was good. A bit pricey for what you get. I found the sandwiches at lunchtime to be greasy and heavy. Sunday brunch was not all it was cracked up to be, either. Brunch is serverd in the bar area. I am willing to give this place another try, but it was extremely disappointing.
Salt Creek Grill Dana Point, CA
Interesting, slightly upscale rustic looking southwestern restaurant off Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. A bit pricey and it has a rather limited menu, but unusual upscale items on the menu. The food was different, but nothing special. Service was good.
Kings Fish House Laguna Hills, CA
Good quality chain of casual seafood restaurants with a noisy sports bar type ambience and a touch of humor. Service is very good. Food is average priced, but portions are good.
Blue Ridge Inn Wrightwood, CA
Revisited March, 2005. This is still a good restaurant located in the backwater town of Wrightwood. Service continues to be excellent. The most expensive item on the menu is typically about $45.00, with an average entree price of $15 to $25. This time, I had a steak an lobster combination. Steak portion was small (under 8 ounces) but the lobster tail was a good sized Australian. The closest approximation would be a Charley Browns Restaurant back in the 1970s. Slightly upscale without being snooty. Casual dress OK.
Ruths Chris Steak House Irvine, CA
Outstanding steaks at the Irvine location in this chain of upscale steak houses -- however the meals are way overpriced. Service is excellent and portions as advertised. One bone I have to pick with them is their definition of "Medium". "Medium" is actually closer to anyone else's definition of Rare - juicy and more red than pink. The Irvine location is in the Park Place shopping center. Parking is next to impossible to find between 5 PM and 730 PM. Valet is available, but expensive.
Taiko Japanese Restaurant Irvine, CA
This restaurant is good on sushi, but not that good on other Japanese foods. It is popular with the locals and always has a long line outside of it, but I was rather disappointed. Tempura dishes were just "OK", nothing special. Teriyaki was mediocre compared to many of the other restaurants I have been to.
Elephant Bar Restaurant Irvine, CA
The Irvine location is in a large shopping center complex due west of the 5 Freeway on Culver. The Elephant Bar is a chain of restaurants with a safari type theme to its decor, and a loud, noisy sportsbar type ambience. Unusual variety of dishes, with some substantial Cajun dishes. Something here for just about everyone. An interesting change of pace.
Caspian Restaurant Irvine, CA
Very good Persian restaurant with an upscale ambience. Very good service. Quality of Persian food is a notch better than the other in the area -- but the price is a small notch higher. Good portions and reasonable prices. Live entertainment is loud, and if you are looking for a quiet place to eat dinner with someone special -- I would stay away from here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights. The band and belly dancers are a bit too noisy. On nights when live entertainment is not there, it is indeed a more romantic type place. Parking is fair - shared with many other dotres and restaurants in this complex which is due west of the 5 Freeway on Culver.
Irvine China Garden Restaurant Irvine, CA
This is probably the best Dim Sum lunch in Irvine. Dim Sum entrees range from a few dollars on up. Dinner entrees are typically in the $8 to $12 range. There is always a very long line outside of here, with a wait of up to 30 minutes during busy hours. Located in a shopping center on Jeffrey due West of the 5 Freeway. Parking is often very difficult during busy hours. No valet.
Chinatown Restaurant Irvine, CA
Just OK restaurant near UC Irvine. Caters to the university crowd. Not bad for the price, but nothing special.
Harpoon Harry's Restaurant Sunset Beach, CA
Excellent small seafood restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway. This one is part of a chain as well. Size of portions is generally good. Service is very good overall. King Crab dinners are somewhat pricey, but good quality.
Captain Jack's Prime Rib Sunset Beach, CA
This is a pricey steak and seafood restaurant with a rather limited seafood menu. King crab and prime rib are the fortes here. Service is good, and portions are good, but I actually like Harpoon Harry's food quality a bit better (right across the highway from Captain Jacks). Parking using valet is an absolute must. Impossible to find a sspot on the street after dark.
The Five Crowns Corona del Mar, CA
This restaurant is owned by Lawry's. Service is excellent. Upscale, with some dress and attire restrictions: Business casual is OK, Jeans are marginal, but I would not go there in athletic workout suits. Like Lawry's the Prime Rib is the forte. I found it to be smaller in portion and lower in quality than Gulliver's, which is located several miles away. Creaky wooden floors with a Tudor ambience. Classy, but I do not think that the food is worth it. If you are really looking for Prime Rib, try Gullivers in Irvine near the airport or one of the other restaurants nearby in Corona Del Mar.
Oysters Corona del Mar, CA
Upscale "fusion" food a-la Wolfgang Puck, but with better portions. A bit pricey for what you get, just the same. I agree that this is an overrated restaurant. The menu is not that extensive, and it is noisy and crowded.
Spaghetti Bender Newport Beach, CA
Entrees range more up to $15. This is an interesting, somewhat upscale but casual restaurant with very limited parking. Service is very good. Bolognese (meat sauce) dishes were good, but not great.
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