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The Original Fish Company Long Beach, CA
Pricey but good quality seafood restaurant in an older strip mall in Los Alamitos. Service is very good to excellent. Portions are good to very good. Good decor and ambience, but beginning to look in need of a little remodeling. One of the things I thought was nice about this place is that it is substantially less noisy than some of the other seafood restaurants which can get as noisy as a sports bar. Recommended.
Arbors Steak & Seafood Restaurant Huntington Beach, CA
Hours: Sun - Thurs 430P - 930P Fri & Sat 430P - 1030P Separate full bar with small dance floor. I was not as impressed as the other reviewers. I found this restaurant to be a just slightly above average upscale restaurant and bar - a bit pricey for what you get. Appetizers are from $6 to $14. Entrees are from $18 to $60 with almost everything on the menu in the $20-$30 range. Portions are good, but not generous. Entrees include choice of garden salad, caesars salad or soup along with hot bread. Food arrived lukewarm, not hot, even though I visited on a weekday at 500P. Service was good but not great. Interesting and tasteful decor with music piped in (when not being performed live in the bar area) that is from the 70s and 80s.
Summit House Restaurant Fullerton, CA
Excellent restaurant reminiscent of the Odyssey restaurant in the San Fernando Valley -- only with excellent food and service. Prime Rib is a major entree. Portions are good, but not giant. Recommended.
Kings Fish House Orange, CA
Good quality chain of upscale, Bostonian type seafood houses, with other locations in Calabasas, El Toro, elsewhere. Menu is limited but changes regularly. Separate bar area. Indoor and outdoor seating. Typical entrees are in the $20-30 range. King Crab and lobster entrees tend to be in the $40-50 range. Seasonal entrees include Copper River Salmon.
Nieuport 17 Restaurant Tustin, CA
Good quality but just average restaurant. Part of a chain of family restuarants which includes the 94th Aero Squadron in the San Fernando Valley. Nieuport 17 has a world war I theme and aviation theme.
Macaroni Grill Irvine, CA
Just OK chain of upscale Italian restaurants with locations all over California. The first thing you will notice walking in is a very strong scent of garlic. Nothing much here, but an acceptable change of pace.
Vessia Restaurant Irvine, CA
Just OK new Italian cuisine restaurant. Not recommended
Walt's Wharf Seal Beach, CA
upscale seafood bistro, bar and restaurant in Seal Beach. <br> very limited parking on the street, or in public parking areas in town. <br> Very good wood fire roasted artichokes, beer battered fish and chips, crab cakes with salad. <br> recommended.
Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon Tustin, CA
good quality steak hoff El Toro Road on the outer parking area of a large mall. <br> This place reminds me a lot of the chain known as Roadhouse Grill. <br> recommended
Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon Laguna Hills, CA
good quality steak hoff El Toro Road on the outer parking area of a large mall. <br> This place reminds me a lot of the chain known as Roadhouse Grill. <br> recommended
Din Ho Chinese Restaurant Lake Forest, CA
Just average old chinese restaurant in a shopping center off Lake Forest Drive near Trabuco. <br> Nothing special.
Agora Churrascaria Irvine, CA
Excellent and authentic Brazilian Stteak House / Churrascaria located on the Northwest Corner of Main and Macarthur Blvd, due east of the 405 Freeway (at Macarthur blvd - opposite side of freeway from the airport). <br> It is a pain in the rear to get to this location. One reason why several restaurants have failed in this location. <br> From the 405 Freeway, you need to turn LEFT (north) on Main. Then turn LEFT again into the parking lot of an industrial complex. You will see a McDonalds just before you get to the left hand turn. <br> Navigate your way back past the McDonalds through the parking lot. Agora is one of several restaurants there. <br> $35 adult fee for basic dinner & salad bar. (If you've been to a Churrascaria before, there is a single price of admission which gets you as much dinner and salad bar as you wish). Drinks and desserts are extra. figure on dropping about $45 per person. <br> Service is excellent. Full, separate bar area. Attentive and often very, very attractive waitresses.
Roda Viva Churrascaria Temecula, CA
Excellent and authentic Brazilian Steak House / Churrascaria located on the upper floors of the Promenade Mall in Temecula - facing the theatres. <br> The mall is due east of the 15 freeway in Temecula at Winchester Road. <br> The easiest way to find it is to drive around and locate the Theaters in the center of the mall complex. Park, head toward the box office and look for fountrains and an outside escalator going up to the second floor of the mall. The doors to Roda Viva are on the outside facing the theater box office, on the left side of the escalator. <br> $35 adult fee for basic dinner & salad bar. (If you've been to a Churrascaria before, there is a single price of admission which gets you as much dinner and salad bar as you wish). Drinks and desserts are extra. figure on dropping about $50 per person. <br> Service is excellent. Full, separate bar area. Attentive staff.
Curry House Irvine, CA
Part of a chain of good quality Japanese curry restaurants. This one is located in the shopping center which contains a Trader Joe's and a Smart & Final Iris. <br> If you are expecting normal Japanese food here, this is not the place to go. This is a Japanese Curry House with curry dishes and not much else.
Oishi Japanese Restaurant Placentia, CA
Very good quality Japanese restaurant in a strip mall on Imperial Highway, a distance due south of the 57 Freeway. <br> Recommended.
The Cat & the Custard Cup La Habra, CA
Upscale but casual dress restaurant with an English country theme. Menu is varied and changes. Excellent service. Reservations highly recommended. Nice place for a romantic special dinner. <br> A bit on the expensive side. I agree that you can easily drop $80 to $125 on a nice dinner for two. <br> Shares a parking lot with an El Cholos. Extensive parking around the side and behind the restaurant. <br> Recommended.
Yen Ching Restaurant Orange, CA
Revisited after 5 years. <br> One of the things that most people fgorget is that restuarants are like any other business. People leave, retire, die, etc. over time. When a chef leaves, everything changes. This is why it is important to look at the REVIEW DATES when you visit web sites like dine.com <br> Yen Ching had a proven record of awards going back to the 1980s. The quality of what it offered was beyond question. <br> Unfortunately, I also agree to a large extent with the Chinese Food Lover reviewer, who said that this was bad. Yen Ching has clearly gone done in quality by several orders of magnitude. I would not rate it awful (I most certainly have had a lot worse). <br> This is definitely on the low side of average, now.
Del Rio Highwood, IL
Very good quality, old style italian restaurant in Highwood, IL, due north of Highland Park, IL. Excellent service. Lasagna is exceptional, with just the right amount of cheese. Chicken dishes are exceptional as well. <br> recommended
Fricano's Pizza Tavern Grand Haven, MI
Interesting, but mediocre pizza place and tavern, located in Grand Haven - off US Hwy 31. near Jackson St and Fulton. Casual place. around 40 tables of various sizes, as well as a few bar stools. Smoking and Non Smoking areas. <br> Advertises itself as "The Original and most famous pizzeria in Michigan." <br> Cocktails. Beer. Wine. <br> Seat yourself. Service is good. Pay your check on the way out at the bar. Noisy, chatty, casual ambience. <br> NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. <br> Menu is your place setting - pizza, bags of potato chips, drinks. That is it. <br> <br> <br> Pizza is very limited: <br> Only 12 inch pizza sizes. Plain Cheese, Pepperoni, Mushroon, Green Pepper, Anchovy or any combination. <br> Pizza is extremely thin crust - slightly thinner than a graham cracker or saltine cracker. <br> A pepperoni, mushroom and sausage pizza with a diet coke cost me about $9.25 with tax. <br> Pizza comes on a metal platter. 6 inch paper plates a paper napkin and a metal fork are your table settings. Very spartan and cheap. <br> The toppings and cheese were good. Mushrooms were canned mushrooms, not fresh. <br> While this pizza is undoubtledly popular with the locals, it does not stand up well with anything in New York, Chicago, Boston or even Los Angeles. <br> Although the toppings were good, what makes this pizza mediocre, in my opinion, is two basic things: <br> 1. The sauce could use a little more basil and oregano and garlic. It is too subtle. <br> <br> 2. The pizza dough and crust is way too thin and is nothing much in particular. <br> It ends up with the consistency of a slightly damp matzoh cracker, and is this one fact alone turns what could potentially be a world class pizza into something that is just "okay". <br> At under $10 the pizza is a bargain, and one person can definitely eat most or all of it by themselves, but it is just okay, not anything special or wonderful. <br> Extremely disappointing for a place that is so highly rated on Dine.Com.
House of Chan Wilmette, IL
Good but very small restaurant in Wilmette, IL. This is primarily a TAKE OUT place, not a place to sit down and eat. There are only 2 tables there. <br> Good selection of Cantonese and Mandarin dishes. Full and Half size portions, with prices typically under $10.95 for full portion entrees, and under $6.25 for half portion entrees. <br> Luncheon Combinations under $5. <br> Visa and Master Card accepted. <br> Nothing special, but affordable.
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