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Restaurant Name City
Thai Inter Restaurant New Haven, CT
A wonderful and elegant place to dine the thai International restaurant is a tasty alternative for thai food. The service is wonderful, and the prices are moderate. The serving sizes are medium for the entrees. I reccommend the squid appetizer, along with either a stir fried noodle dish, or a vegetarian eggplant dish. I was pleased with everything that I tried here. I definately will go back...Very relaxing surroundings in the restautant. Your water will never run out, even when they are busy.
Viva Zapata New Haven, CT
One of the better Mexican places, around the area. I was shocked to see no Burritos on the menu!!!! They have many other dishes that are up to par though. They are in a convenient location in New Haven. Especially for Yalies. The salsa is wonderful, as I judge salsa, it had enough cilantro....Tacos are very nice. A good atmosphere with plesant service, moderate prices, and well prepared food. I'd call it a winner.
Mongolian Barbeque Phoenix, AZ
Mongolian bbq's are great! There is just no place like it. I love being able to pick out the stuff that I want from this heaping buffet, and then have the cook prepare it for me. It always tastes so good... It's amazing. I also am very very enthusiastic about the low low price. The service is courteous and kind. The atmosphere is very nice and fun. Watch out for the occassional almost out the door line though. A fantastic place.
Dynasty Szechuan Stamford, CT
Good Szechuan food, almost right on as far as authenticity goes. Very good service and nice atmosphere. Big portions of very very well spiced food. Szechuan food is know for it's spiceiness. Some entrees can be extremely hot in flavor. They note this on the menu. The cooks however will be more than glad to lower the spicieness if you request. They pretty much cater to your taste. I was very pleased with this restaurant and will go again and again and again!!!!
Crab Shell Stamford, CT
Great Seafood, yes the restaurant will be busy. I found the scenery to be quite nice however. Location is also a plus. Service was exceptional. They serve almost everything under the sun. They also have beer + wine. It was a semi-formal type of dining experience. Comfortable seating was also a plus.
Curley's Diner Stamford, CT
Curley's Diner, like the name is a very cute little diner. You can varitably find anything that you want on the menu. The service and atmosphere is very friendly. The location is easy to get to. Desserts are fabulous, as well as sandwiches, and the breakfasts. They will cook up breakfast here any time that you wish. They also have great french fries and onion rings. They are really something special, so come on and visit Curley's Diner. You'll come back!!!
Pasta Plus Cheshire, CT
The food here is mama mia excellent. They make their own pasta, and the taste of it can not be beat. They have this wonderful atmosphere. you can smell fresh bread and the tasty sauce when, you walk through the door, everythng on the menu sounds, and I'm sure by the taste of what I had is fabulous. A great place to go when you need a big meal to charge you up, and also would savor a glass of wine. Sit back and stay a while. Very relaxing. The service is great as well.... All I can say is wonderful!!
Adams Mill Restaurant Manchester, CT
Less busy than the one in Cambridge, but the same type of atmosphere, Very nice elegant seating. As well as casual counter type seating. It is fairly expensive, but the beer is sensational. Meals can range from average fare to fabulous entrees. Depends how hungry you are, and how much you are prepared to spend. A mix of bar and dining type atmosphere. Very nice service. The restaurant is very very busy on weekends.... It may take a while to find somewhere to sit, and put your order in. A great experience in general though, well worth it.
John Harvard's Brew House Manchester, CT
Much less crowded than the location in Cambridge, but still can become packed on weekends. Very nice comfy type atmosphere. Dining area with nice wood tables is comfy. Sometimes finding seating can take a while though. If you don't mind sitting on a bar stool and eating on a counter that's okay though. The food can go from your average pub fare, to an entree with fabuloud flare. Depending on how much you want to spend. It is a mix between bar and lofty dining. The beer is wonderful. Don't forget to brink home a glass.
Mill On the River South Windsor, CT
I find the Mill on the River to be an excellent place to dine. They have mant different rooms, all with a charming atmosphere, and a great view outdoors. On Sunday's do not miss their brunch buffet. For the small price of 12.95 you may have 2 drinks, your choice of a screwdriver, bloodt mary, or Mimmosa. Also you get to take part in their all you can eat buffet, filled with delicious fresh fruits, and pastries, bread pudding, and other delectable things that are out of this world. You also get to select one of mant main entrees, which range from the Belgian Waffle, to eggs benedict, to my favorite a seafood casserole. They also cave wonderful dinners, and often ahve wedding receptions at the restaurant, which are all elegant yet rustic. The Mill on the River is a great quiet and somewhat romantic place to go for a great afternoon brunch, or that relaxing get away diiner you've been craving for oh so long...I also find that the service is also primo, along with the food. DINE AT THE MILL ON THE RIVER !!!!
Calamari's Seafood Grill South Windsor, CT
a very nice small and cozy seafood serving restaurant. The service is incredible, and so are the entrees, as well as the appetizers. The Calamari, by the way is as you would imagine by the name of the place exquisite. I found it very a very relaxed yet semi-formal dining experience. The price is moderate considering the ammount of good food, atmosphere, and service that is given for it.. I think that about eighty percent of the people who try Calamari's will make it a place that they return too a couple times a year at least...
Bridie's of Rego Park Rego Park, NY
The pints of Guiness are a real treat, and are almost a meal in themselves. You can also work uo the price of dining out quite a bit if you consume guiness in quarts. They are an Irish pub, and you can find some traditional Irish dishes, as well as your typical, yet very tasty burger. As well as wonderful Irish American cuisine. The atmosphere is relaxing, and it's a great place to go to kick back. Service is also fantastic. A favorite
Princess Diner Southampton, NY
High prices, but the food is your wonderful yet typical N.Y Diner fare. However, I felt like I was served on like a princess, (no kidding ) and yes this was at a diner. The breakfasts here are fantastic, and so is the scenery. If you need a down home diner in order to feel good. come to the Princess Diner and enjoy. Although bring a bit more cash then you are used to carrying to a Diner. Tip well!!!
Driver's Seat Restaurant Southampton, NY
Yes, awesome chili, and I agree... I love the Drivers seat in the wintertime. Something about that large helping of warm tasty Chili is just what one wants. As a matter a fact, I really have never eaten anything else there. But, I also have never, never heard anyone complaining about the food that they received... The atmosphere and service are both quite nice. Both are also quite busy... Especially at traditional, meal times. Which is why, when I visit, I usually do so during non traditional meal-times. Except for that I am always hungry in the winter, and if I walk anywhere near the drivers seat, I will be eating some of their chili. so hey Eat at the Drivers seat... Or even better work there. That way the sevice will be faster.....A very selfish wish from me....
Peppino's Pizzeria New Britain, CT
Knockout good pizza, on Allen St. In new Britain. this is a popular Central Connecticut State University pizza place as, it is very close to Central, and has excellent pizza. Watch out though. When they say their medium is all the other pizza joints large, they mean it. They make huge great quality pizza. They also do deliver, and take to go orders. Another wonderful thing on their menu is the chicken wings. They have some tasty wings. So eat up, and do not miss out.
Tony's Central Pizza New Britain, CT
Tony's is a family owned pizza reataurant that is located right on the Central Connecticut state University campus. The pizza at Tony's is wonderful, as are the appetizers, grinders, salads, and entrees. I very much enjoy their eggplant rollatini. It is the best that money can by. It is served with salad and hot wonderful rolls at a modest price. It will surely tame the meanest of appetites, and make the most picky of tastebuds delighted. Tony's also serves beer and wine. The hours that Tony's is open are subject to season, and when classes are going on. So give them a call. They also do take out and delivery. Tony's feels like home, and the service is just sensational. SO EAT AT TONY'S CENTRAL PIZZA!!!!
Enzo's Pizza Restaurant New Britain, CT
Enzo's has a wide variety on their menu, as well as extremely late hours. On the weekends the restaurant turn into what is nore of a club. They serve all kinds of alcohol, as well as appetizers, entrees, pizza, and grinders. The food is great, and so is the service. Also watch out for coupons for their tasty food, they frequently put coupons out in the phone book, as well as other circulars. So you can save money on their already moderate prices. So what are you waiting for? Give Enzo's a try.....You'll be back!!!
Ruby Tuesdays Jackson, MS
Ruby Tuesday's is an excellent national chain. The food service, atmosphere, and food I've found to be consistant at every Ruby Tuesday's I've eaten at. They have a wonderful salad bar. A barrage of Appetizers, and wonderful veggie burgers, carnivore burgers, sandwiches, entrees, fajitas, and basicly you name it they have it. They also have a wide, and I mean wide variety of different drinks, and drink specials. They have a full bar, with great wines. I usually go for their half turkey club and salad bar deal....because I can never part with their salad bar, or their peice of quiche and salad bar combo... Both wonderful. I have also seen their sizzling fajitas, and thought many times of trying them. They look to be an entree, that one could share with a friend. I love Ruby Tuesday's and I think that you will too...
India Palace Jackson, MS
I love Indian, and buffet style is the perfect way to serve it. When you go alone at other Indian Restaurants, you can only afford to get one of your favorites, but with buufet you can get a bit of them all. The only regret I have is that, I tend to eat way too much when I eat Indian Buffet, because it is all so good. Anyhow the buffet they have here is packed with your favorites for sure.. They have chicken Tika, as well as Tandoori. Sagg, as well as paneer, and the delicious rice, as well as many other dishes that are too complicated for me too remmeber how to write, but too tasty too forget. Hungry, and have a somewhat spicy and exotic palate? Then give India Palace a try. It will give you as well as your pocketbook a rest. You'll also love the service and scenery..
Atticus Book Store-Cafe New Haven, CT
once again for what it is I give it 5 stars. I find it to be a brooding or breeding place for people whom are willing to pay an extremely high price for an extremely small and usually dissatisfying sandwich or beverage. Luckily the coffee is of somewhat high quality. however if you are not into coffee, and you want to still converse with a friend who does, I find it impossible not to get suckered in to buying some hefty priced beverage. Because you can't just watch someone drink....that's the trick with coffee bars, you always end up thirsty. Anyhow, wouldn't it be great, if someone came up with the concept of a larger bookstore, with more seats/tables, the internet, and some cheap soda, and coffee vending machines. Then you can browse books for free, have cnversation, and enjoy a beverage. Wait a minute....that't the public library....except without the beverages, and the ability too caonverse loudly...hmmmmm. Maybe I should start a, too time consuming, and definately not enough profit....
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