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The Sandwich Maker Los Gatos, CA
Good sandwiches with generous portions and reasonable variety. Good selection of drinks--soft, teas, Snapples, etc. My only caution is that "with everything" includes mayo and mustard, regardless of what you order. Depending on your taste, this could taste pretty bad with BBQ or tuna, so it's best to specify what you want on your sandwich.
Mandarin Gourmet San Jose, CA
This isn't a review. It's an address correction. 10 years ago the street was called Pearl. Now it's called Santa Teresa. Their address is 5560 Santa Teresa, and is at the intersection of Blossom Hill, opposite Montgomery Wards.
Gojo San Jose, CA
Worst Ethiopian food I've had. (And I've eaten at many.) They have a small menu (only 10 dishes to choose from). I got the meat combination. It includes one chicken leg (doro wot?) very spicy, but the spices were very harsh, indicating that they hadn't been cooked enough. The "chunks of beef/ground beef" dish had a couple of 1/4" chunks of beef, and the rest was very runny ground beef, also with uncooked cardamom. The third dish was a waste. Unfortunately, it was the one with the biggest portion. It consisted of injera, cooked in butter ("beter" on the menu) with garlic and big hunks of lamb fat and lamb bones, served on injera with the other two dishes. Injera, served with big hunks of fat, cooked in more fat, served ON injera, with extra injera on the side. Sure the injera tasted good, but it's essentially sauteed bread served on bread with a side of more bread. To top it off, the waitresses started off surly before we even got seated. There are lots of good Ethiopian restaurants to choose from. Skip this one.
Palo Alto Joes Palo Alto, CA
My wife & I (& our 14-month old son) had a great meal here! There is a special called the "Tasting Menu", which gives you tastes of 5 items for $28 or 6 items for $30 ($35?). (The prices for menu items is, of course, lower than this.) To choose the items, you talk with the chef, Rick, and discuss what kind of things you like. We specified mushrooms, garlic, not big hunks of steak, and ended up with: Bruschetta with roasted eggplant and crimini mushrooms. It also had duxelles made from portabella mushrooms, and was topped with gorgonzola and then grilled. Rick pays a lot of attention to details and the quality of ingredients. So that the gorgonzola wouldn't make a greasy mess when grilled, he uses a low-fat mild domestic gorgonzola. Next came a couple of prawns in bacon, on spinach, on a peeled orange. It was served with a light basil vinagrette. The bacon was home-made so he could control the taste and the fat content. The vinagrette was his own concoction too, containing a special sea salt that had a particular flavor. I didn't notice that nuance, but then again, I didn't compare it with the same concoction with a different salt either. Then came sauteed oyster mushrooms on toasted garlic bread. (I did say that I like mushrooms and garlic.) The next dish was seared black-peppered salmon. It was served on a bed of (garlic) mashed potatoes with a side of sweet, home- grown, carrots. The potatoes had a portabella mushroom-juice gravy. The salmon was seared on the outside, and rare on the inside, and was fantastic! The final dish was the best. It was alternating slices of black-peppered and seared tuna and slices of blackened certified Black Angus steak. The side was creamed spinach with garlic, and roasted Yukon gold potatoes with a red wine syrup. Home made foccacio with rosemary also came with the meal. Before they rolled us out of the restaurant, we got dessert too. It was a fresh vanilla and chocolate bread pudding with caramelized bananas. It was a nice, light, dessert to end the meal. The banana slices were dropped in boiling sugar and then quickly into cold water so that the sugar would caramelize and harden without cooking the banana.
Timo's San Francisco, CA
This is a Tapas restaurant that has a good variety. The dishes are very good, but the portions are small. We had to order around 7 dishes for 4 people, and at around $8 per (small) dish, it can add up quickly in order to get enough to eat. The small portions make it difficult for everyone to try everything. Chicken Valladolid is excellent, and a bit spicy due to the whole jalepeno chile.
Esperpento Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Great dishes, lots of variety, good portions. The paella is fantastic, and HUGE. Multiply Esperpento's recommendation for how many people it serves by two.
La Azteca Redwood City, CA
Great prices and excellent burritos! The pork and vegetarian tamales are very good.