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Florentine Italian Foods Cupertino, CA
I recently ate at this particular Florentine's. The food was just OK. Nothing special. The service is the reason for giving the overall experience of this place three stars. It was so slow. From the time that I ordered my entree to the time that it arrived. I estimated that it took 20 to 25 minutes. I am guessing that they wanted me to take my time and enjoy their version of Mozzerella Sticks. So what? The entree still could have come faster. Another reason for the three stars is the price. It is pretty pricey, even for lunch. Cannot imagine for dinner. I would rather eat at their cheaper version, the Pasta Market in Cupertino.
New Yong Kang Sea Food Restaurant Fremont, CA
Still one of my most favorite Chinese restaurants. They have since raised their prices. It is now 3 dishes for $18. Even though they have raised their prices, they are still among the cheapest. And the masses of people waiting on Saturday and Sunday evenings for a table are obvious claims that the food is very good. I have not had any dish that I have particularly hated. But even after six years of eating here, I still have not tried all 60+ items. As I wrote back in 2002, I recommend getting here before 6:30 PM. If you go there after that time, then you will have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table.
Lyon's Milpitas, CA
It is no longer a Lyon's. It has been renamed Capitole Grille.
Pho Lynn San Jose, CA
Just tried this restaurant today as I had a hankering for Pho. This place has great Pho. There was plenty of rice noodle, even though I ordered a small bowl. I will return in the future to try their other offerings.
Spring Garden. Fremont, CA
I just tried this restaurant yesterday for the first time and am sad to say that the restaurant is worse than before. I agreed with everything that Lucinda said in her review. The service is much slower than before. And I ate on a Saturday evening too. Took what seemed like 10 minutes for the first item to come to our table, which was shrimp chow mein. It was not a large serving, even for two people. The mein was not the usual that other restaurants and also what the predecessor uses. I heard that they were known for xiao long baos and of course, had to try it. Well, it was okay. Just was not the best as there was not much broth, which is how you can usually tell is a good xiao long bao. And I have had better ones. When the bill came, I found out that they overcharge me for the shrimp chow mein by 30 cents and took it up with the waitress who placed the bill on our table. She said that she could not change it and to let the cashier know. That in itself is very bad. I will not return to this place for the bad service. Besides, it is a very bad sign when there are several waitresses standing around and/or walking around the restaurant every few minutes. And on top of that, it is on a Saturday evening, when the place should be packed.
La Shang Niang Ramen (oec Shabu-Shabu) Milpitas, CA
I went to this place last year along with my mother after we decided to eat here and try the shabu shabu. The shabu shabu was pretty good and well worth the price. Since it was on a Saturday night and it was in the fall, the place was very packed.
The Crispy Fry Emeryville, CA
I just picked this place from among the two dozens of different booths at the Emeryville Public Market and was I so glad that I did. I ordered the chicken chow mein and it was pretty good. Even better was the price, which the total came to $5.25. Where else can you get chow mein for a little over $5? None that I can think of. It is very strange that they are known for Fish & Chips though. I saw no one who had ordered fish & chips. All the people before and after me had ordered Chinese food.
Lyons Restaurant Emeryville, CA
I ate at this Lyons location after attending a basketball game and had no other choice as it was pretty late on a weeknight. I ordered a shrimp pasta entree. It was actually good. Not what I would have expected from a 24 hour coffee shop/diner. The service was the best as the waiter was really courteous.
Amici's Mountain View, CA
I tried this place after reading in one of the San Francisco Bay Area books about how the San Francisco location had excellent food. The pizza that I had with provolone and pancetta was excellent and out of this world. The cheese was oozing. The service by the waitress was excellent. I found out that they also deliver.
Bagel Street Cafe Sunnyvale, CA
Have not had their bagels, but I have tried one of their many coffee drinks. Great cappucino and reasonably priced.
Mio Vicino Santa Clara, CA
Very good food, but way too pricey. $10+ up for lunch? I had one of their pasta entrees and it was very good. Very good service as well. Besides the prices, it is also a very small restaurant. Therefore, it is packed during lunch. My suggestion is that you should get their before noon or 12:30.
Pho 909 Restaurant Milpitas, CA
Just ate at this restaurant and I have to say that the Pho was very good. Lots of Pho even though I ordered a small bowl. The Suong Xa Hot Luu was good as well, though not as good as Pho Kim Long.
Asqew Grill Emeryville, CA
This restaurant is on the third level, not second level as the previous reviewer said.
Yan Can Santa Clara, CA
First, I disagree with the previous reviewer. He/she must have gone there at a bad time. Second, the food that I had there was as excellent as the first experience there. I had their combination fried chow mein and it was excellent. Quick, prompt service.
Frankie, Johnny, & Luigi Too! Dublin, CA
Tried this particular location last month out on a whim last month and was so glad that I did. Must have gotten there rather late on a weekday night as the other reviewers obviously complained about waiting a long time for a table, which was not the case for me. Too many great things on the menu to try, but finally decided on ordering the Rigatoni e Spinaci. Wonderful and a very large portion that I had to ask for a doggie bag to take home. If I do get a chance to visit their other locations, I will.
Woks Up Dublin, CA
Tried this restaurant just last night, while I was up in the area visiting and shopping. Their food is very good. Started with the teriyaki skewers, which was very good. Then came the main entree, which was the Tomato Chow Fun. OK. So what? I love to order noodle dishes once in a while. Sometimes more often then not. Anyway, it was superb. The service was wonderful as well.
Country Way Fremont, CA
I went to Country Way a few weeks ago and had another wonderful experience. The breakfast special was great and very large. It is also very cheap as it was under $5. The service by the waitress was truly outstanding and makes you feel like you were at home. All the staff treats all the customers the same, which is very well and like you are a regular. This has been one of my favorite restaurants in Fremont.
Red Kwali By Martin Yan Milpitas, CA
Brand new and revamped restaurant with great food. Had one of their many noodle dishes and while it was a bit spicey, it was still good.
Claim Jumper Fremont, CA
Just like to point out that the previous reviewer made a slight mistake with the address. The correct address is 43330 Pacific Commons Blvd and not 3330 Pacific Commons Blvd. This is a brand new location which just opened two months ago and is already very popular. It is one of the largest American restaurants in Fremont. The theme of the restaurant resembles a modern log cabin. There is also a fireplace inside the restaurant. One of the good things is the open kitchen, so that you can easily see what the chefs are cooking and the other employees are doing. The service is pretty good. Just a little flawed, even during the lunch hour. The food is very good and the majority of the items on the menu are very pricey. Suggestion: Bring a lot of money before coming to this particular location or have your credit card ready. Another suggestion: Get there early. This place gets packed during the lunch hour and on the weekends, even though I have not yet been there on the weekends. Otherwise, expect a rather long wait.
McDonald's Eureka, CA
As with other McDonald's, this particular location has the best food at the best prices. Ordered one of the morning sandwiches and it was good. Therefore the other two reviewers were incorrect.
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