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Sharkey's Burrito Co. Amarillo, TX
I have went here 2wice already and enjoyed every bite. You go down a line and tell them what you want on your burrito. Different tortillas, different meats, and several other things to place on your burrito. The also have t-shirts with their logo for you to buy. You can dine in or take out. it is in an old tootun-totum store.
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse Amarillo, TX
Excellent service, and great food. Cooks always doing tricks and talking. I eat there for special occasions.
Jorges Tacos Garcia Mexican Amarillo, TX
Big open and always busy restaurant. Used to be oin the blvd and very small. Excellent tacos. cozy atmosphere
Arnold Burgers Amarillo, TX
Got a junior burger and cheese sticks... great big burgers. Bigger then you think. They make up to a 24" burger or even texas shape for parties. Small building and no bathroom that I know of but good food. Couldn't finish it...had a doggie bag to take home!
Kentucky Fried Chicken Amarillo, TX
This restaurant has now shut down its nelson street store and moved east on Interstate 40 to the corner of I-40 and Grand Street across from Walmart supercenter.
Logan's Roadhouse Amarillo, TX
good place to eat although it was crowded and it was very close to macaroni joes and the crabshack restaurant. odered steak, bit small for the price.
Black Angus Kissimmee, FL
Best food we ate while we were in Florida on our vacation. The waiter Javier had been there a long time. He entertained our son with a few majic tricks. Lotof constuction going on outside.
Yoji Japanese Steakhouse Kissimmee, FL
Sushi bar?...yes they serve all kinds of sushi. They cook in front of you and it is amazing. 8people or less at a table. We ate a few of their sushis such as a raw bird egg was one of them...gross!...but fun and different!
Captain Nemo's Seafood & Steak Kissimmee, FL
NASTY NASTY...... and expensive too....$21.95 a person to eat there...we were not even offered a menu. The shrimp tasted like soap water...and a few other things tasted bad to. The Waitress wasn't too happy either...
El Charro's Mexican Restaurant Elk City, OK
Ordered the fajitas and they were more then we could eat. they give you a lot and it is your moneys worth. We will definately go back. ample parking and wheelchair accesible.
El Charro Elk City, OK
Ordered the fajitas and they were more then we could eat. they give you a lot and it is your moneys worth. We will definately go back. ample parking and wheelchair accesible.Freindly waitress too.
Flamingo Restaurant Elk City, OK
Good home cooking and average everything else. nothing special just quiet and good.
Simon's Catch Elk City, OK
Good food and friendly wait staff. Worth at least one just might come back.
Katy Depot Elk City, OK
Nice atmosphere. Good and plentiful food portions. Friendly wait staff. Average in everything else.
Pure Country Restaurant & Bakery Elk City, OK
Our family of 3 had different views of this place, but all were good. My son just loves food no matter how you do it. My husband will eat what is put in front of him. and I love to see how the service , food portions versus the price...all came out excellent. Lovely atmosphere. Ample parking.
Outback Steakhouse Lawton, OK
Great steak...I love it with lots of onions and mushrooms, the cheesse and bacon fries were great. They cook their steaks excellent. Friendly and nice atmosphere.
Panda House Chinese Restaurant Lawton, OK
Excellent chinese food. Buffett all you want till you are full. ample parking. friendly people there.
Meers Store Lawton, OK
Excellent beef burgers, worth the stop...oh yes I insist you go!. Nice and friendly atmoshere. Many things to look at and keep your attention.Tryit you'll likeit!
Fishermen's Cove Lawton, OK
Ditto on what TB says: Good foor with great service. All you can eat menu. Great bar. Friendly service.

I love seafood, especially SHRIMP .......
Crockett's Smokehouse-Lawton Lawton, OK
Great BBQ, excellent place to go and eat. worth a try if you like beef!!!...ample parking and seating here. Friendly wait staff.
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