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Restaurant Name City
Lou's Garden Rochester, NH
Lou's garden has several tables but is mostly a take out restaurant. They feature more food for the dollar than most Chinese restaurants. They feature chop suey, chow mein, lo mein, specialty dishes and rice. There is steak, chicken, shrimp and pork offered here. Vegetables are also an offering. The prices here are not high and the service is good. If you eat here there is free cake and tea of all sorts. All in all Lou's garden is a good place to eat.
Hong Luck Somersworth, NH
Hong Luck is located mainly in town and offers mostly take out authentic chinese foods. Rice, noodles, soups, appetizers, steak, chicken, shrimp, chow mein, and chop suey are mostly what they specialize in. Hong Luck is not out priced and they offer a lot for your money. You will like Hong Luck.
Roger's Pizza House Dover, NH
Roger's Pizza house is an affordable restaurant that you will like. They have hot dogs, hamburgers of all types, great pizza, large sandwiches and italian fare consisting of spaghetti and sauce, meatballs, sausages of different types, lasagna of different types and sometimes some other dishes. And, they always have homemade soups of different types and also many different types of salads and anti pastos. The pizza here is hot and not oily ever. The sandwiches are full here and wonderful treats. The Italian fare is topped with garlic bread here and it is truly authentic and always good. Also featured here are some fried delights, onion rings and french fries and potato chips to go with you meals or as appetizers. Baklava tops it off. All in all you will like this restaurant located on Central Avenue in Dover.
Betty's Kitchen North Hampton, NH
We tried Betty's for breakfast and the fare is great and there are usual dishes and the unusual. Everyone is laughing here at Betty's and the food is hot and good. Lunch and dinner fare is hamburgers how you like them, chicken breast in different ways, bacon sandwiches and three layer sandwiches and soups and salads and steaks and fish and seafood here. We looked at the menu but we only had a breakfast here. We have been by at other times and the parking lot is always full at meal times here. We think the other foods would be worth trying here at Betty's.
New Asia Chinese Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
The New Asia chinese you will always find packed at meal times. They feature a buffet and a regular menu at lunch and a regular menu at supper. The buffet consists of about 10 good dishes and they are hot and good and fresh. The buffet also features salad and fruit to please the palate. The regular menu here is great with appetizers, soups, chow meins, chop suey, lo mein and rice dishes and special delights as well. There is a varied menu here and even if you didn't like Chinese flavors there's appetizers, white rice dishes and french fries. The fare is tasty and good and there is beef, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetable offerings here. Also the egg foo yong here is flavored very nicely. All in all the New Asia Chinese located off the spaulding pike northbound will please you and it is not hard to find.
Abercrombie & Finch Restaurant North Hampton, NH
Abercrombie and Finch is a restaurant that has a good reputation and has been in business for years and serves superb food right on route one. On the Northbound side of route one going into Portsmouth Abercrombie and Finch serves wonderful seafood, chicken, fish, steak, pasta specialties and other specialties to your specifications. It is gourmet in every bite and the salads and soups and appetizers and chowders are a wonderful start to a super meal. The deserts are made here and are wonderul endings to baked stuffed, broiled or fried specialties. There is a bar here and at lunch time during the week it is standing room only here at the popular Abercrombie and Finch.Stop at Abercrombie and Finch for a memorable meal.
Molly Malone's Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
Molly Malone's is located on State Street very near to the Strawberry Banke part of Portsmouth. They serve breadfast, lunch and dinner to your liking. their menu is varied and the choosing is yours. There are great soups and salads and entrees and breakfasts to please the palate. We found the food to be less than hot so it must be specified that it come to you hot if that is what you like. The sandwiches here are very large and very satisfying. The soups and chowders are thick, creamy and good to say the least. The entrees are large here and pleasing to the palate. the deserts will be to your liking and you can find some deserts and other things here too that you wouldn't find somewhere else. Molly Malone's is the place to go for a good meal.
Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse Portsmouth, NH
Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse located in the Fox run Mall on the Main Mall Strip is authentic in Mexican Cuisine and is always crowded and excessively bound with people. Their rices and beans and fajitas and tacos and toritllas are authentic unless you order them milder or hotter and the waitstaff is sure to get your order to please your palate. The salads here and the soups and the deserts are very very good. The caramel custard here is meltin your mouth good. There is fish and seafood and chicken and steak here and other specialties as well. Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse can also be less expensive if you want it to be and all the meals will please the young, the younger and the youngest.
Hilton Colonial Lynnfield, MA
The Colonial Hilton located on route 128 south bound is a gracious fare that is buffet or not and gourmet and satisfying. There is also a more expensive fare of offerings in the lunch and dinner times. It is better than most hotel restaurants in that the waitstaff will please and the food is good and hot if needed and good and cold if needed. The orange juice is unlimited here for breakfast as is the coffee always. The sandwiches are high and large here and the fresh fruit is colossal and wonderful. The buffets here are good and plentiful but you will wait in line for quite some time. The served entrees and breakfast here are worth the wait and for some reason you will wait. It is always busy at the colonial Hilton but the food is very very good and just short of five stars as I would rate it.
Bob's Broil Chicken Portsmouth, NH
Bob's is a very inexpensive place to enjoy chicken and other offerings to eat in or take out. Bob's offers fresh and good chicken and the best thing there is the half chicken. It is generous, moist, hot and good. The breads here are fresh and the sandwiches are loaded and good. The salads here are cut daily and are fresh. The mayonnaise salads here are made on the premises and are great. Anyone would like the food at Bob's and the prices are low. The half chicken is enough for any appetite. The soups here are fresh and made here and are very good. The desert offerings are good and the coffee here is worth a try. All in all you will like Bob's and I can know that for sure.
Dolphin Striker Portsmouth, NH
The dolphin striker is a little pricey but worth the effort to find it and worth every penny with taste. The feature poultry, fish, seafood, steak and other offerings of superb gourmet quality that is pleasing to the palate. They also have soups and chowders; salads and other appetizers to start you off and deserts that are mouthwatering to give a great finish. You will like anything you order at the dolphin striker.
Friendly Toast Portsmouth, NH
The friendly toast is a quite affordable breakfast and lunch place in the downtown area of Portsmouth. Just about everyone goes there for a friendly bite to eat. Their egg dishes and pancakes and french toast are delectable actually and it comes piping hot and buttery. The sandwiches are small but low priced so the hungry eater could afford two and be pleased. The salads and soups here are good to have first. the grilled cheese is the reason I come here because I like a good one with a salad or a soup and here I can get that with coffee for under five dollars. The friendly toast is a great place to try if you want low prices and good quality.
Karen's Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
Karen's across from the Federal Building in Portsmouth has been a faborite of mine for many years. You can dine in, take out or sit outside on their patio. Karen's offers vegetarian offerings worth coming here for. Their Spanakopita is probably the best you could get anywhere. Their salads are unique here and good. The soups are also different and palatable for sure. The sandwiches are unique with different vegetables and cheeses and they really hit the spot. Their melted sandwich offerings with different vegetable and cheese concoctions here at Karen's will have you coming back for more. the desert offerings are made here and are wonderful. Their portabello mushroom offerings; of which there are many are simply wonderful. Their drink offerings are sure to quench the thirsty as you indulge in one of their food offerings here at Karen's. It's superb!
Library Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
The library located behind the statues of the lions on State Street is a must try place. The offerings are gourmet and different. There are soups, salads, stir frys and many other offerings. You will find all types of seafood, fish, chicken, steak, veal and other offerings here. They feature wonderful pasta dishes and rice dishes and also they have potato and vegetables to please the fussy. The Library has been in business for many years and will be in business for many years to come. You will like anything you choose here. When you are done your check will come in a book. Pay your bill and take the book home to add to your library. If you prefer you can choose any book from their shelf instead of the given book and leave the given book in it's place.
Metro Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
The Metro is a gourmet family run wonderful treat for a restaurant in downtown Portsmouth. the prices are a little higher but the food warrants it. The chowder or shrimp cocktail or soups or salads or appetizers of which there are many will start you off. The shrimp cocktail here is wonderful and the chowder is especially good. The entree here that you choose will please you and they do them hot and good and they use quality foods to fill you. They feature fish, seafood, steak, veal, pasta, rice dishes and great vegetables and potatoes. The deserts here are made here fresh and the walnut pie is my opinion for something different and really good. The metro features offerings that will definitely please you.
Pier II Portsmouth, NH
Pier two is a mainly seafood and steak restaurant located at the entrance to the park under the lowest bridge here in Portsmouth. The salad bar is probably the best you will ever encounter. The offerings in numbers are at least three dozen different things as well as the usual lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and purple cabbage salad you normally get other places. The baked stuffed lobsters here are wonderful as are their other lobster offerings. Scallops, shrimp, clams, salmon and other fish is offered here along with the usual family favorite of haddock. You can choose here to have the fish poached, broiled, baked stuffed or fried. Have it how you like it here. The steaks and chicken and other offerings are equally superb. You will like the Pier two for sure.
Rusty Hammer Portsmouth, NH
The Rusty Hammer is about the best place to go that I know. It is a bar restaurant and if you don't mind climbing the stairs you can see a lot from their many windows. The breakfast here is super and the coffee is wonderful. The omlet and other egg offerings are great and cooked to perfection. The waitstaff is alert here. The other breakfast offerings of pancakes, french toast, ham, bacon and sausage are wonderful here. the club sandwiches here that are offered for lunch or dinner are very large and very good. The soups, salads and chowders are very good here. The steaks and other offerings and entrees are to your liking. Come to the Rusty Hammer and you will be pleased. The full bar is located downstairs.
Bob's Clam Hut Kittery, ME
The clam hut has inside seating and outside seating. The clam hut offers steamed lobster and clams, chowder, fried shrimp, seafood and fish as well as scallops, french fries, onion rings and other offerings. The food is presented piping hot and good. Actually for what the restaurant represents the 5 star rating is tried and true.
Warren's Lobster House Kittery, ME
Warren's is located just before the bridge to go into portsmouth and is one of Kittery's finer restaurants. It features a salad bar and the restaurant features steak, seafood, fish, chicken and other offerings. Anything you choose here will be good. The bread and deserts are fresh and good. The salad bar is superb and comes with a meal or you can purchase it alone or with a soup or chowder. Everything at Warren's is good and they feature a children's menu and cater to the elderly as well. the waitstaff is alert and you will like Warren's.
Peppers Winthrop, ME
Peppers is a great restaurant and they are located in the plaza on Main Street. Peppers features lunch of a buffet and a regular menu and also supper with no buffet but a great regular menu. On the lunch buffet is bread, rice, pasta, taco, soup, potato and sandwich offerings as well as hot entrees. The regular menu is better and features wonderful chowder that is thick, hot and good. The sandwiches here are fish, chicken, BLT and some other offerings. The entrees for lunch inclulde fish and chicken and steak reasonably priced low. The supper menu is far more varied and great; the steak is tender and good. The chicken dishes are varied as are the fish and seafood offerings here. The deserts are good here and fresh. All in all peppers is great and the owner is mostly there and the waitstaff is alert. You get a soup or a salad here included in the entree. The restaurant is most appetizing.
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