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Santa Fe Cattle Company Clermont, FL
We went here for the special they had a sign on the front o there building. The special was supposed to go till 6:00 pm. We Checked in about 5:15 so no problem right. Wrong. We were told it would take 45 minutes to get a seat. But they would give us the special til 6:30. We decided to wait. When we noticed that people that came i after us were getting seated . We asked why. They said they called ahead. Which they had earlier told us they did not do. So we asked for the manager. They would not talk to us. We finally got seated at 6:28. The server was not real quick. But was able to answer any questions we had about the food. Since we had not been there before. The food was average at best. The portions were on the small side for what you pay. Our over all experience was not very good. But we will try it again to see if it is still the same way.
R-Place Eatery Haines City, FL
This is a great place to eat. Have tried several different things on menu. Everything has been great. Usually very busy with locals. But never waited more than 10 minutes to be seated. Once seated the service is awesome. Would highly recommend and have.
Waffle House Cocoa Beach, FL
This is one of the better Waffle Houses we have been to. The service and food were both good.
I.h.o.p. Cocoa Beach, FL
This a typical IHOP. It has very good service. And very good food. One of the bet places to eat in the Cocoa Beach area.
Subway Davenport, FL
This subway is inside a gas station. The service is really slow and not very friendly. The food tastes and looks like it was just sitting on the counter for hours.
Bob Evans Restaurant Davenport, FL
We have been to several Bob Evans. But this one is the best we have been to. They always seat you right away. The servers are very helpful and friendly. The food is always really good tasting.
Perkins Rstaurant and Bakery Davenport, FL
We have been here several times. Always the same. Really slow service and average tasting food.
Sugar Bakery Winter Haven, FL
This place has very good food. However the service is slow. The prices are average.
Chili's Lake Wales, FL
We went here with another couple a few days ago. We were seated fairly quick. The waiter took our drink order fairly fast and brought our drinks right away and took the food order at the same time. That was were it turned awful. We waited about 20 minutes to get the orders for three of us. Minus a salad that we never received. The other order took another 20 minutes to receive it. We ordered bottomless chips. When we tried to order a second order of them. We were told they were out of them. We were also told that they were out of chardenay. The food quality was OK. Except for the burger we ordered. It was red inside and was supposed to be well done. The whole time we were there we could hear the cooks yelling at the servers. It was so bad that the manager came and apologized and gave everybody in the area of the restaurant that could hear there meals at no charge.
Chili's Davenport, FL
We have eaten here a couple times. The service and food are average. Not great , but definately not poor. The prices are average to a little high.
Sunday's Grill Davenport, FL
This a British Pub in the local area. We ordered there signiture fish & chips. They were large in size and were the best tasting we have ever had. They service was very friendly and quick. Even thou they are always busy. Would highly recommend.
Denny's Davenport, FL
We have tried this Denny's several times. We have had the same results everytime. The food is poor taste and small portions. The service is always slow unless you are a regular. The last time we went there. We finally was able to place our order. After the server took our order she went to the next booth and sat down to talk to her friend. We had to complain to the manager to get her to put our order into the system. So the cooks could make it for us.
Diromio's Pizza & Grill Davenport, FL
We went here with another couple last night. We ordered an extra large pizza. It was large enough for the four of us. It tasted great and the price was very reasonable. The server was good. She kept stopping by to make sure everything was good.
Martin's Steak & Seafood Winter Haven, FL
This place now has a different name.
Andys Igloo Winter Haven, FL
Food and service was great. But was shocked to find out they did not accept credit cards.
Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q Winter Haven, FL
This is your typical Sonny's. Very busy and very noisy. The food and service is ok. Nothing special. A little pricy.
Ryan's Family Steak House Winter Haven, FL
This is now just an empty buiding.
Pizza Hut Winter Haven, FL
This Pizza Hut is no longer there. It is a verizon Store now,
Sonny's Bar-B-Q Winter Haven, FL
This is your typical Sonny's. Very busy and very noisy. The food and service is ok. Nothing special. A little pricy.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Lakeland, FL
Food came to the table steaming and tasted very good. The server came by often to see how things were. Prices are average.
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