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Red Lobster Wichita, KS
this was the worst food I have EVER eaten in my life, The server was very rude and the manager didnt have a clue on how a place of business should be ran.......I will NEVER eat here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J J's Fishhouse Poulsbo, WA
I have had freasher seafood in Kansas!!!!!!! This place was the worst thing I have ever eaten and I will Nerver return there!!!
Judith's Tearooms & Rose Cafe Poulsbo, WA
Wow the food and service here was excellent...........I cant wait to return....this was a dining experiance I will never forget..........
Clancy's Vancouver, WA
I have had better, fresher, and better prepared seafood in Kansas..........Keep trying guys....maybe someday you will make it, and try to hire better cooks!!!!!!!
Kobe Steak House of Japan Wichita, KS
Its alright but if you go as a couple its not as fun as going with a group of people of 10
Torre's Pizzeria Wichita, KS
if you are into Pizza its great they have killer of a White Pizza for those pizza lovers who dont like Red sauce ! we go back regularly