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Bonsai Japanese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
Monday night "all you can eat" sushi special ($25) is good, and unique in that you order the sushi directly from the chef, not off of a mass prepared plate. Proportion of rice to fish is good towards the fish side. The portions in general are big (rolls are well in proportion to the price). Last Call, Bob's Roll, Poki Roll (num!), and Hamachi Roll are among the must try's. Other japanese fare we've sampled is good, but sometimes a bit oily. Genji (Mike) the owner is great, and always has a special dish prepared for us. Chefs Henry and Sato have been there for quite a while, and do an excellent job a preparing the sushi. The two or three waitresses are quite busy, and sometimes overworked. (Pete, what do you mean there are no Japanese employees there?!) Monday nights can be very busy. BIG WORDS OF CAUTION: Do your best to sit at the bar if you're ordering sushi! Service can be VERY slow at the tables with sushi. Overall, one of the best sushi bars in the RC/MP/PA area. We're among the 90% regulars. Reduced by one star for the poor table service.
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
Great Wall has fantastic take-out food, which is all we order from them. Standard Chinese take-out fare, but with an excellent, flavorful edge. We've tasted most of the local Redwood City and San Carlos take out places, and Great Wall tops them all. Their BBQ Pork Chow Mein has that sumptuous, smokey flavor, without being overly oiled. Good Mu Shu Pork, but the sauce is a bit salty. Great potstickers, although probably bought in bulk (I want to know their source). Very good Lemon Chicken; not colored with yellow food dye. Mongolian Beef is also very good. The soups are lack-luster, but I like a spicier flavor. Can't comment on the service, but the atmosphere/dining area is standard-low-cost-Chinese-restaurant-next-door. Take away another star for the empty boxes in the front area, and the CONSOLE tv (sitting on a counter top) in the waiting area that never seems to get a signal. Don't look too close at the baseboards, but, hey, the food comes HOT!
Give Pizza Chance Redwood City, CA
Great selection of California style pizzas. Lite pizzas available (turkey meats, lite cheese). Try the herb crust pizza, if you can get it!