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Recent reviews by Diana F.
Restaurant Name City
Blanck's Lake Aire Fond du Lac, WI
The Restaurant is still open, they serve a real good steak, the seafood is less then desired, a good salad bar, the help was inconsistant, and the bartenders do not know how to mix a customers selection, such as a Tennesse tea.
Boda's Restaurant Fond du Lac, WI
Only went there once, and was served raw chicken, so cannot say anything too good about this place.(yuck)
Club Fond Du Lac Fond du Lac, WI
Not positive if they are still opened or not, was only there once, or twice, which speaks for itself.
Friar Tuck's Fond du Lac, WI
They serve a very good sandwich , good drinks, dark atmospere, which can be pleasant.
Juke Box Charlie's Fond du Lac, WI
Have only been there a couple of times, but felt the food was good as well as the service.
Oasis Family Restaurant Fond du Lac, WI
we still eat breakfast there and have for years , it's a great value and good food.

Petrie's Bavarian Inn Fond du Lac, WI
They serve a great friday night buffet. I havent found better for the price.The perch and haddock are very good, I would recommend trying it.
Tucker's Hamburgers Fond du Lac, WI
It use to be known as tuckers toofers , which meant two hamburgers for .25 This was when they first opened . It wasn, t much good then and still isn, t too pricy for everything on the menu. The burgers are 81 cents now, and smaller.I just ate there and have heartburn just as I used to remember getting long ago.Same meat same heartburn, maybe its just for the younger generation.
Cedar Lodge Supper Club Malone, WI
Absolutely the best seafood platter, great staek always cooked the way you want them, great service and very prompt, the only thing I see this restaurant needing to do, is expand.
Casa Mexico Fond du Lac, WI
The food is great, the service is excellent, it is true mexican food at a perfect price.
Mancino's Pizza & Grinders Fond du Lac, WI
The food is excellent, and the pizza is to die for. It's a great place for a teenager to hang out.