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Yuki Sushi Santa Clara, CA
This little place is crowded. Althought the hidden in a small little old "mall", but it's still crowded. They let you make reservation, but if you don't it's only 10-15 mins. wait. I particularly like their maki roll, it's not quite the same as other places. Spicy tuna, scollp with mayona, jazz's very fresh. but the sweet shrimp , hamachi, it not as impressive as their maki roll. their dinner combo gives you a 3tuna, 2 hamachi, 2 octopus, 2 snapper if you select sashimi. and cost around $13. it's a new place to try if you are close to Valley Fair.
Ebisu Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Yes. Agree with the other reviews. Try Seafood salad, it's not on the menu. Go there before 6 p.m. to avoid waiting. must try!
Korea House Santa Clara, CA
service: the owner is very friendly. food: big portion, many side dishes price: lunch - avg. dinner - around $15pp always crowded. the place was burned down recently, don't know if they have rebuilded it yet.
Boulevard San Francisco, CA
service : **** 1/2 price: expensive food: above average amostphere: *****
We spent $150 for 4 ppl and we didn't have wine. I'm not as impressed as the other reviewer.
Thai Pepper Santa Clara, CA
-nice lunch place. -parking lot is packed. go there on/after 12:45 -restaurant is small and packed during lunch.
Bella Vista Restaurant San Mateo, CA
xcellent food. We ordered the garlic shrimp for less than $20 and scallop with white sauce for about $20. Souffle, dessert $12 for 2 people, was good . Panoramic view of San Francisco Bay and the East Bay Hills. Most people go there to celebrate birthday or special occasion because it takes about an hour to go there from san jose. But surely should try it.
Todai San Jose, CA
They have added a new Japanese noodle section which cooks your noodle right in front of you when you order. Next to it it's a crepe section also. It's ok to visit once a while, but it's quite expensive to go to a buffet like this. Drinks are not included in the buffet, so I ended up have to pay close to $27 for one person. There are so many people there even Monday night. If you love, sushi, seafood, chinese food, and dessert, you should visit them.
Sushi Joe Milpitas, CA
Waiter, Waitress & Chef are friendly. Their sushi are not expensive but with good quality. Ami ebi $4.5 Hamachi $2.75 White tuna $2.25 scallop $2.99
It's better than Sushi Lover & Miyaki
ABC Seafood Milpitas, CA
Agree with above review.
one of the best dim sum place in Milpitas Area. However, dim sum doesn't come out as quick as I would like.
If you go there after 12:00 a.m. , prepare to wait in a long line.
Akane Japanese Cuisine Los Altos, CA
- slow service - raw fish are good - cooked food are good - a bit expensive - sushi are good - Los Alto is very nice area.
Sato Pleasanton, CA
This is a little nice, closey restaurant in Pleasentan. The dinner portion is quite big in a reasonable price range. Some of my friends ordered a Teriyaki Beef dinner with tuna Sashimi there were about 8 to 10 pieces of big tuna sashimi, which is like a lunch entree by itself. Other sushi is very fresh and tasty. I heard that they don't take reservation, but I was able to reserve a table for 10 - 13 people.
Ebisu Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Must try their Seafood Salad. It's not on the menu, but it's great! The sweet shrimp is big and tasty. The worst part is the parking and it's so crowded all the time. you have to wait at least 1/2 hour during the peak time.
Masa's Sushi & Sandwiches Mountain View, CA
This restaurant used to have a bad service. However, the last time I went, they have changed their waitresses and the service was much better. It's a little and closey restaurant. The sashimi & sushi are pretty tasty.
Banjara Indian Cuisine Sunnyvale, CA
The best Indian lunch buffet ($8) I have ever tasted. I went there on Thanksgiving lunch and there were many Indians there. They are big enough to hold a big birthday party. Many choices of food, tandoori chicken, lamb, veg... The nan was especially excellent. It was fresh and hot. They deliver it right to your table to make sure you have fresh ones. All other foods are fresh also. I saw them keep filling those food trays. This restaurant is even better than Swagat!!
Ho-Chow Restaurant Fremont, CA
This is an American-Chinese restaurant, but I like this place even I'm a Chinese. Must try the Walnut Prawn and Garlic Eggplant. The place is near and aways crowded during lunch time. A bit pricy. Suit for Business people.
Sushi Lovers Japanese Cuisine Milpitas, CA
Their quality of food used to be good and a lot of variety. After I found out many more better Japanese restaurant around this area, I will not go back there again.
Shadowbrook Capitola, CA
"Located on the banks of Soquel Creek, the heart of this popular restaurant is a log cabin originally built as a summer home in the 1920s. Diners descend to the restaurant either by riding a bright red, self-operated tram down a flower-laden hill from the street above, or by strolling down a winding step-path. Most tables offer views of the creek, often with the aded entertainment of ducks and geese cavorting on the water. The menu features prime rib and fresh fish as well as a variety of specials. A house specialty is scampi prepared with succulent giant prawns. Dinners include a choice of either Caesar salad or a cremy artichoke soup, a fresh vegetable, and freshly baked sourdough bread. A jukebox provides music for dancing each evening in the bar, and live entertainment is scheduled on weekends. Though children are truly welcome, this restaurant exudes a romantic atmospher" 6th Edition Weekend Adventures in Northern California by Carole Terwilliger Meyers.
I agree with the review very much. The food are excellent!! and cost only about $18 for lamb dish and $23 for petite mignon and prawns. The prime rib is great for about $20. Monday is the prime rib($9.99) special day , thursday is seafood ($9.99)day and sunday is chicken ($9.99)day. However, I don't like the artichoke soup and Tiramisu as much as the main course. Nevertheless, this restaurant is a MUST TRY!!