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Chapeau! San Francisco, CA
I have eaten at Chapeau! five times. Everything I or anyone with me has had has been excellent. The Cassoulet is particularly good, but filling. Last night I had cold tomato and basil soup, duck, and perfiteroles. All excellent as were the mussles and fries, scallop, onion soup, and salmon. Prices reasonable, service excellent, a little crowded now that the word is out, superb and an affordable wine list. All in all hard to beat.
Bella Vista Restaurant San Mateo, CA
After reading most of the rave reviews, my wife and I went here for the first time in 20 years. It still has all of the charm, all of the view, and all of the panache. However, even though I had the vaunted Abalone, I found it to be bland. My wife's veal was O.K., but not exceptional. Wine list extensive. Enjoy the view but there are places for better food including John Bentley which is closer to town.
Bucks Restaurant Redwood City, CA
While this place may be a great place for breakfast or to make a millions bucks, stay away from lunch and dinner.
John Bentley's Woodside, CA
Ate here with several friends -all of whom were pleased by the food. Good chops, steaks, can't remember much of the rest except for excelent desserts.
Gambardellas Menlo Park, CA
Recent dinner here was as good as expected. The chef does Italianfood very well, but a little on the spicy side. The triple sea food was excellent, but it was so spicy that I had trouble tasting bits of my wife's milder veal dish. She liked it, though.It is apparent that they encourage people to bring wine as the decor features great bottles left by guests with commeorative signatures on the labels. Wine list very good for internal purchase and costs are reasonable.
Cafe Figaro Burlingame, CA
Had lunch here the other day with two friends. Everything was very good and I second the vote for the bruschetta. I had veal with pasta and artichoke hearts and peas. Very good. Small unpretentions, good service. All in all a treat
Nipa Pon Thai Cuisine San Mateo, CA
This place has lived up to its reputation. I have been here for lunch at least five times. Every time I order something different and its better than the last thing I had on the menu. The spicy soups are excellent as are the seafood in a coconut sauce. They are very careful to adjust the level of spice to your taste.
Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I ate lunch here today which is my first visit here in several years. While the place is noisy and suffers from sharing its lobby with a hotel, the food was very good. We ate light with an appetizer of mozarella, basil, eggplant, olives, and tomatoes covered with olive oil and balsamic vinegar - very tasty. We also had the squash soup which was quite fine. The risotto was good too, but I've had better. This ended our light lunch, but everything we saw and smelled in addition to what we ate was fine. What it isn't is a place for a three hour meal over a couple of bottles of wine and a long talk, but if you want consistent high quality food in a bustling Union Square atmosphere...
Annapurna San Carlos, CA
I had lunch here last week. When I walked in and saw the buffet I said this is going to be another tired Indian restuarant, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. Nepalese food is similar in form to Indian, but much less spicy. The flavors are subtler and I found this a refreshing change. I'll have to go back for dieer and try the tikka masala.
John's Grill San Francisco, CA
I ate here last night and found the food to be just average. As with the other reviewers, I was attracted by the ambiance and reuptation which was enhanced by a solitary blonde in a gold lame dress who ordered a dry martini at a nearby table. She was out of central casting without a doubt. The hip and famous are all over the walls with the current mayor front and center as was the previous mayor before the election. Many pictures of homicide detectives from the police force, too. As far as the food it was unimaginative, the choices were narrow, and the flarvors bland. Not offensive, but the snapper was overcooked and my prawns had little zip despite a sauce. The Ceasar salad was not remarkable and the desserts just fair.
Scala's Bistro San Francisco, CA
Located in the Sir Francis Drake this is an upscale place with a lively bar where yuppies drink three deep. Around the corner is a busy restaurant where almost everything we had was excellent. The duck confit was a good starter, but the entrees were better. I had the short ribs marinated in baslsamic vinegar over a mixture of potatoes and vegetables all mashed to an excellent consistency. The rest of the party had tuna which was very good, an excellent steak, and good chicken. The dessert tart was excellent and the sorbets good as well. We had a dry Italian wine which went well with everything and the service was fine despite a busy Sunday night. If there were 4.5 stars, I'd do that because this is no Masa or Aqua, but it does an excellent job for what it is.
Sun Hung Heung Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I have eaten at this Chinatown institution for over 20 years and cannot believe that I am the first to review it. Not a bad meal in that time. The food is excellent particularly the steak balls.
Ton Kiang Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I went to this Dim Sum Palace for the first time and it was the peer of Yank Sing -which is listed as a Chinese but not a Dim Sum place. The wait was long on Sunday, but all of the dishes were excellent - I particularly liked the Mango Pudding. There were the usual shrimp and pork dishes before that all of which were good to excellent.
North Beach Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I have eaten here half a dozen times in the last decade, The food is always wonderful -veal particularly good. The place is a bit of an institution and the waiters are very pushy and get away with it. However the food is authentic and I've never had anything that was not excellent.
Macarthur Park Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
I have eaten here with my family several times. I agree with many that it is not very imaginative. However, the ribs are excellent as are the steaks and burgers. The fried onion ring appetizer is a hit with my son. Beyond the beef there's not much else, though.
Evvia Palo Alto, CA
I ate here a while ago and was underwhelmed. The food was just average and not particularly "Greek". Judging from the raves of some I'd better give it another try for the chops alone.
Bravo Fono Palo Alto, CA
I have eaten here several times and find the food to be good. Despite its connection with Babbo's it is the Italian dishes which I prefer. Fettucini with tomato sauce is consistently good as is the salad with tuna.
Gervais Saratoga, CA
We ate here last night and found it to be consistent with the other reviews. I nice little place with excellent food though no bargain. The appetizers were and excellent smoked salmon -not for those with high blood pressure and three mushroom melange which was excellent. The entrees were tuna which should be served on the side of the noodles, duck which was good but a little overrated, and a superb ostrich which gave us qualms but was the best entree of the lot. Desserts were a good bread pudding and a superb soufle. Total was $60 per person including corkage and tip. Waiter looked down his nose at the 88 Becheville I brought but he should have taken me up on my offer of a taste before rendering a snobish judgement. Balance of service was not problematic.
Kabul Afghan Cuisine San Carlos, CA
I have eaten here for lunch and dinner. The food is excellent, especially the lamb kebobs. Access is great, service, too. Portions are, as stated, large so that i have never made it to the desserts either.
Su Hong Restaurant Menlo Park, CA
A family favorite which has gotten a little jaded due to its popularity. Go at off hours and enjoy the Hunan Beef, Sechwan Prawns, and General's Chicken.