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Restaurant Name City
The Slanted Door San Francisco, CA
The food was pretty and so were the people. Great bar scene. Wasn't as excited about the food as I thought I'd be for the price.
Skylight Cafe Alameda, CA
This restaurant has gone out of business and has been replaced by a mediterrean place named Pappas.
East Ocean Seafood Restaurant Alameda, CA
After moving back to the Bay Area, I'm glad to see this restaurant is still here and doing quite well. The food is still great. I like that dim sum can be ordered from a menu everyday. Sometimes I just stop by for quick dim sum lunch. This is a good place for family get togethers since they have large tables and a separate room if needed. <br> Even though it takes longer to prepare, my absolute favorite is the smoked black cod. After all thes years, I've still not had anything like it elsewhere. Eggplant dishes are great and their soups are always consistently good.
Emerald Garden Vietnamese Rest Alameda, CA
I remember this being a good little restaurant. After returning to the area, we had a very disappointing visit here. On a Thursday night, we were the only table in the restaurant. We only ordered noodle soup, so we would have thought it would be a quick and easy dinner. The service was so slow it was unbearable. When our soup did come, it was oily and had very little in it.We waited forever for our food and even longer for our bill. We finally got up and asked to pay at the counter on our way out. We won't be returning any time soon.
Skylight Cafe Alameda, CA
This restaurant seems to have lost it's popularity in Alameda as new places have opened up. I have been eating here sporatically over the years and the food is still great. The service is quite casual and never pretentious. I go here when I'm not in hurry and want to relax. I continue to eat here on a regular basis and encourage others to try this little place to keep it alive. It's a nice alternative to other crowded and noisy eateries in the area. <br> My favorites: Walnut/Gorgonzola salad Salmon Mixed grill All desserts
Sushi House Alameda, CA
We ate at this restaurant right before it moved into it's new location at South Shore. We have tried several times to get into the new location, but there is always a huge line out front and the wait is horrendous. I've given up trying as there are other sushi restaurants in the area that are just as good or better. <br> The food at Sushi House is good/average. The prices are lower than expected and the atmosphere is comfortable for going with a group of friends or family. Very consistent and the service is friendly.
Kamakura Restaurant Alameda, CA
I have eaten at this restaurant for many years and it has had many ups and downs. I've noticed a much shorter wait here since the new location of Sushi House has opened. It may be good that there is some competition in Alameda as it has pushed Kamakura to bring back their quality & service. <br> Recently, my visits here have been rewarding. The sushi has been fresh and the service prompt & friendly. <br> I think Kamakura has a special niche in Alameda with their traditional approach to their dishes and atmosphere. Since they have many other items besides sushi, it's a great place to bring out of town friends and non-fish eaters. We have had a few bad experiences in the past, but it looks like those are behind us. We have returned as customers to this homey, neighborhood restaurant.
Los Alamitos Fish Company Los Alamitos, CA
I recently ate at the Fish Company with some friends and was pleasantly surprised. They had the best claim chowder I've had in years. The large bowl of chowder that comes with dinner was large enough to be a meal in itself. The steak and shrimp were excellent. Everything cooked perfectly. Service was friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was so comfortable we closed the place down. The wait is worth it.
Little Hong Kong Restaurant El Cerrito, CA
When visiting the Bay Area recently, I discovered this restaurant had reopened just down the street from where they used to be. I had been crushed when they closed. I had feared I would never eat the most addicting dish (prawn & egg chow fun) I've even had. Aaaahhh!!! Thank God they are back. It would have been a life time of torment without those noodles.
Philippe, the Original Los Angeles, CA
This restaurant really was original. It claims to be one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California being established in 1908. They also claim creating the french dip sandwich. I had to try it and it was quite tasty. When you go in there is a long deli type counter where they take your order and you receive your food on a cafeteria style tray. There are long wooden tables with stools and it's seat yourself family style. There are lots of old pictures on the walls and sawdust on the floor. It is something to be experienced, a trip back to LA's past. Located within walking distance of Union Station.
Pho Bolsa Garden Grove, CA
Dinner for two is under $15.00 and you won't leave hungry. My favorite dish is #50. I can't spell it, but it is vermiceli (thin/white) noodles, with grilled pork and shrimp over a bed of lettuce served with an addicting sauce. The iced coffee is also very good. Ambiance is standard for the small Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Chairs and walls not always clean.
Siam Bay El Segundo, CA
Had a great lunch at this little Thai restaurant off the beaten path. Their lunch special L3 Panang Curry was tasty. The #51 Spicy Mint Noodles were also good. Just hot enough to make it interesting. Large menu, nice people, good food. Worth a try.
The Loft Grill, Hb Huntington Beach, CA
Small 900 sq ft restaurant near the theatre at Beach & Warner. Downstairs there is a 'to go' counter and upstairs there are a few tables. If you need your fix of Kahlua pork or a very authentic lau lau, this is the place to go. Prices are inexpensive in the $7-8 range. Something that adds to their authentic Hawaiian plate lunch meal is the potato/macaroni salad with every dish. I only wish they were open later; they close at 8pm even on Friday night.
(There is another Loft restaurant in the South Bay area off Artesia Blvd that is associated to this one.)
O-Nami Sushi & Seafood Buffet Laguna Hills, CA
Awsome for an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. Food is excellent. Full assortment of all types of sushi and sashimi. Great place to go when you really want to go out to sushi, but your friends don't eat fish. There is something for everyone here. Four full buffet counters. 1) full of sushi, 2) hot food, including salmon, beef, chicken, vegitarian, 3) cold salads, noodles, soup, and yet another 4) desserts including green tea ice cream and chocolate dipped strawberries. I might rate it even higher if it wasn't for it's hum drum mall location.
Cafe Hildago Fullerton, CA
Located in a little courtyard on Harbor Blvd. at Wilshire near other shops and restaurants. This cafe seems to be a cross between Spanish and Southwestern. We went on a Wednesday night at 6:30 and did not have to wait for a table. Service was excellent, friendly, but not over attentive. Deep redish colored walls, terra cotta tile floors, southwestern aztec rugs hanging, natural wood tables and chairs, with a small bar off to the side. Cafe atmosphere lends to easy conversation especially while drinking their great Sangria. Calamari appetizer was excellent even though I had expected it to be fried and it wasn't (my mistake). Halibut Frontera grilled with a roasted poblano cream sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegtables was very good. Dinner came with a small green salad which was fresh & tasty, but nothing special. Avoid what they called creme brule and get the wonderful toffee cheesecake instead. Not really a place to take the kids. Overall, a great place to meet friends or family for dinner with a casual, relaxing atmophere.
A Taste of France Bistro Huntington Beach, CA
Hidden away on Center drive just above Edinger on the side of Golden West College. This is a wonderful, quite spot to have some lunch and read the paper. Try their quiche, it really is wonderful. Sandwiches and pastries are great too. Fresh baked bread is a big plus for this small, light cafe.
Baci Italian Restaurant Huntington Beach, CA
It has been quite a while since I went to this restaurant, but I wanted everyone to know it's a great place to go for a special occasion. The entire inside of the restaurant is painted like an Italian village. It's very creative and romantic. The night we went they even had a live opera singer. Food and service were both excellent, but expensive.
Fuji's Famous Burgers Huntington Beach, CA
Great spot for a quick burger or sandwich. I like their BBQ chicken and their terriyaki chicken. Small place with several booths. A hot spot for students from GWC to grab a bite to eat. Hidden on Center above Edinger in a small stip behind the nursery. Convenient location while shopping in the area.
George's Mexican Food Huntington Beach, CA
Really nothing special except they have a slow drive through. Go to the McDonald's next door instead.
John's Philly Grille Huntington Beach, CA
Shop at Expo for a nice high end experience and then go next door for a good down to earth cheese steak sandwich. Very casual. A place you can even go by yourself and induldge while watching TV.
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