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Restaurant Name City
Tasty Vegetarian Cuisine Campbell, CA
There are much better vegetarian places to eat than Tasty. Frankly, it's just not tasty. The rice they serve isn't very good, infact, often times there's morsels of bad or rancid rice mixed in with the new. Maybe there's a cleaning issue here. The sauces leave much to be desired. I could go on, but since I can't say anything nice, I just won't say anymore.
Taco Bravo Of Campbell Campbell, CA
If you want something cheap, fast, and good this is a the place to go. They don't skimp on the cheese like most places. They pile it on! If you're in the mood for fast mexican food give it a try, and don't worry the line moves fast.
Los Dos Compadres Campbell, CA
The burritos here are the worst in town. They don't give you much rice, beans or cheese. Instead they pile on the onions and sour cream, which makes a very wet and soggy burrito. I recommend you stay away from this one if you want a good burrito.
Al Castello Ristorante & Pizzeria Campbell, CA
I highly recommend this Italian restaurant. The portions are good sized and you get home made breadsticks and soup or salad with every entree. The place is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. The best part is the food! Tasty, high quality, and fresh are just a few words that describe the food. The sauces are excellent. You won't be disappointed.
Di Cicco's Italian Restaurant Campbell, CA
The food is terrible, I'd advise anyone not to try this place. The service is equally as bad. Another small problem I had with the place, the sodas are served in a small glass without free refills.
Alie's Corner Cafe Campbell, CA
The food is good, but not great. The portions are ok, but the place is a bit pricy. Sign up for their birthday list and they'll send you a card for a free entree.
Yiassoo Campbell, CA
The food is good to ok. My biggest problem with the place is that the portions are small for the price.
San Jose Tied House San Jose, CA
I've eaten here twice. The food is ok, nothing great. It's a good place for a large group to hang out and get something to eat. It's not a place to good quality food.
Mimi's Cafe San Jose, CA
This place is hit or miss, either the food is really good or at times it's been ok to bad. Service is a problem at this place, the management blames it on high turn over. A tip, DO NOT get take out. We've order take out five times, four times out of the five they messed up our order.
Holder's Country Inn San Jose, CA
This place is a surprise. The food is better than a Denny's or Carrows. The burgers are very good. The breakfast dishes are good as well. A plus, the staff are friendy and the service pretty fast.
Planet Fresh Gourmet Burritos Santa Cruz, CA
The place is OK. It's nothing great. Planet Fresh has a problem with its food being fresh. Two to three times I ate there and the burrito wraps were stale. One time my sister got a moldy burrito, another time she got one with rancid sour cream. Since these incidents occurred we don't eat there anymore. And I don't recommend it to anyone else.
Taqueria Vallarta Santa Cruz, CA
The food is generally good here. It's cheap, it's fast, and if you like spicy salsa this place is for you. They have really good quesadillas and burritos. Long term parking can be a pain at this location, so I suggest getting it to go!
Caffe Bella Napoli Santa Cruz, CA
This is an upscale Italian restaurant. You won't find the heavier Italian dishes like manicotti and ravoli here. The dishes are simple and fresh, yet complicated and robust. The atmosphere is comfortable and romantic, a great place for a date or special dinner for two. It's one of Santa Cruz's unique restaurants.
Zoccoli's Pasta House Santa Cruz, CA
The food is ok, not great. There are much better Italian restaurants in Santa Cruz to choose from. The food isn't very fresh tasting. The service is slow to say the least. Overall, it's over priced considering the quality of the food.
Ristorante Avanti Santa Cruz, CA
First of all, the food is uneventful for the taste buds. The portions are small, especially when compared to the price. The locals rave about this place, for the life of me I can't figure out why. The atmosphere is nothing great. There's not much space between tables. I wouldn't suggest it for a intimate dinner. You get waited on faster if you are a regular. If not, then don't expect good service, because they will be spending their time chatting with the regulars.
Gabriella Cafe Santa Cruz, CA
I had Sunday brunch there once. I wasn't impressed. The portions are small, the price high, and the food was nothing special. It's just a trendy place to dine.
Saturn Cafe Santa Cruz, CA
I haven't eaten at the new location yet. I did eat at the old location several times. My burgers were always dry. The potato wedges that came with the burgers were good though. The prices are ok and the portions good.
Pizza My Heart The Movie Santa Cruz, CA
The pizza is very good and unique. They sell pizza by the slice and whole pizzas, which is good if you are on a budget and just want a quick lunch. The slices of pizza are large, so just order one at a time, you'll be surprised how one slice can fill you up. The pizza sauce and pesto are some of the best around. My only complaint is the staff could be a bit nicer.
Joe's Pizza And Subs Santa Cruz, CA
I've never had the pizza here, but the subs are the best I've ever had! I always get the avocado and cheese sub. They pile on the avacado (which is always fresh, no brown spots like most places try to slip by you). The bread is soft and tasty. Joe's has just the right recipe for making a sub, it's not too moist or too dry. The combination of ingrediants blend together perfectly, lettuce, tomato, onions, an olive dressing, cheese, mustard, avocado, mayo, salt and pepper. The subs here are much better than Togo's or Subway!
Pink Godzilla Santa Cruz, CA
This is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Santa Cruz. The prices and quality are excellent. One of my favorite things is the dressing they put on the salad, it's the best. The tempera is good as well. I've been here many times, and have always had an excellent dinner. I highly recommend it.