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Restaurant Name City
El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant Victorville, CA
I think that this restaurant has great service and the food is always delicious.
Cask 'n Cleaver Victorville, CA
When I visit Cask and Clever it is also for special occassions and they have great service. The atmoshpere is different from anywhere else I have ever eaten and the food is great.
Bob Evans Restaurant Anderson, IN
Bob Evans has a great breakfast menu. The service is great and the food is great.
Ryan's Family Steak House Anderson, IN
I love ryans because you can choose whatever you want. Service is descent. The food is always good and there is usually plenty of it. All you can eat.
Grindstone Charley's Anderson, IN
I have only eaten at this resraurant once and It seemed to be a nice restaurant. The atmosphere is comfortable and the service was nice. The food was very good.
Applebee's is a great restaurant. The service is nice. The food is great. You can watch t.v while you are eating. They have a great selection of food.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Anderson, IN
I have eaten here a couple of times. Not by choice. I don't like the food here. The service is usually pretty good, but the food leaves much to be desired. They give you a lot of food, but it doesn't taste very good. It isn't very appetizing. Thye have a little store on the other side of it so that when you are finished eating you can look around and buy something if you want. that part is nice.
Garfield's Restaurant and Pub Anderson, IN
Garfield's is a nice restaurant. The service is great, and the food to match. The atmosphere is nice and the staff is very friendly.
Frisch's Big Boy Anderson, IN
The food is always good. I love frisch's. This is the only one in anderson now. The service is good and the food is always great.
Gene's Root Beer Anderson, IN
I love gene's. I am sad that you can only get it in the summer, but when it is here it is always packed. The service is a little slow sometimes, but most of the time it is ok. The food is good. The best hotdogs around.
The Toast Anderson, IN
My grandparents used to take me here to eat all the time. I have fond memories of this place. This was also the place to be when there was a parade because the parades always pass right by the toast and they have great hot chocolate. The service here is exceptional and the food too. It will have you coming back for more.
Pizza King Anderson, IN
The food here is very good. I always have the barbecue sauce and ham. You won't find it anywhere else. The service is great.
Art's Pizza Palace No 1 Anderson, IN
Art's is a great place to eat. They have huge sandwiches and they are really good. the service is nice. The food is great.
Thunderbird Bar & Restaurant Anderson, IN
They have great food. The staff is always nice and they usually have some special going on. They have a pretty big menu for a bar.
Red Lobster Anderson, IN
Red lobster is a nice place to eat. They have great food although some of it is kinda expensive. The inside is decorated very neatly. and the service is great. The food is wonderful.
T.g.i. Friday's Indianapolis, IN
This place is a fun place to eat at. It has great service and great food. the people here are very friendly.
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
They have good food and good service. They don't seem to have a very big selection on the menu though and the servings don't seem to be very big. It is a nice restaurant though.
Steak & Shake Indianapolis, IN
I think that steak and shake could use a little help in the friendliness department. They do have good food, but it is priced a little steep. I enjoy eating there. I don't go very often because it does cost. The service is ok, but the staff just isn't very nice.
Hawaiian Shave Ice Inc Indianapolis, IN
This is a really cool place. They have tons of flavors to choose from and you can have more than one flavor. The service is usually good and the treat is great.
Damon's The Place For Ribs Indianapolis, IN
Damon's has really good food and the service is usually great too. While you are there you can play trivia and that is fun. It is a good place to go.