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Viognier San Mateo, CA
Echo the above sentiments; this establishment is excellent! My sweetie and I had New York strip steak and open-face chicken ravioli, respectively. The sauces were wonderful. We shared an appetizer -- grilled polenta in Bleu Cheese sauce (great) -- and a dessert -- lemon-lime tart with raspberry sorbet (also great). Service is attentive and friendly. It's a touch expensive, but considering the quality of the food, it's practically a bargain. If you get the urge to splurge, head here!
Max's Redwood City, CA
Service is spotty; they tend to leave you alone for long stretches. But it's a good solid eatery. It's virtually impossible to get a light meal here, as all their dishes are prepared according to the philosophy, "Nothing exceeds like excess," so always attend on an empty stomach. This is especially true of the desserts.