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Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
The high décor splendor immediately surrounding guests at Tado Steakhouse reminds me of a quieter, simpler era when people took their time to savor foods, cherish relationships, and be and act like overall great individuals; of course, things are constantly changing and now even the parking bus transfer driver from this sprawling facility is able to complain about the difficult driving there and how people never stop anymore to facilitate traffic. Yes, my friends one can clearly state that we have entered the brink of modern society’s collapse; we are now headed into physical mass extinction like so many other species have had to confront and unfortunately be exterminated in the implacable process. As for me, I prefer to think I am practically indestructible, a product of far superior, celestial entities that has been given a limited assignment here on Planet Earth while on my way to bigger and better accomplishments. Dining at Tado’s just adds beautifully to this pervasive feeling of grandeur, power, immense wisdom, and everlasting presence. USD145.00 is what the bill stated after my wife Deb and I celebrated there my last birthday a couple days ago, and this Casino Management-covered expense was worth every penny of it. Also thanks a million to the restaurant’s staff for such august treatment distinctly reflected via theifr superb personal service, the succulent and generous executive chef portions, and the memorable tastes of every quality component consumed in such wonderful and fashionable setting. Gee, Thanks: +
Red Cow Saint Paul, MN
Five extended family members drove 20 minutes straight from Woodbury until we parked our vehicle and sat down on an outside table in the Selby Ave’s Red Cow restaurant mostly sunny and pleasant setting of Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, last Sunday early afternoon for lunch. I had started the road trip somewhat earlier in Rochester, had just worked the prior night, and was ready for a relaxing and rewarding time which I indeed got. While my wife Deb was visiting our other son Paul and his family in Phoenix Metro’s Tempe, Arizona. I was given two local (better a short drive with baby Luke in tow) food venue choices and then selected RC due to having bison hamburgers on their menu. As a Southern European-born-and-raised citizen I am delighted with the fact that thanks to my personal efforts here in North America I have been able to restore my biological status to allow me to easily digest bison meat without the slightest discomfort / problems. We also had once these wonderful bovines roaming our fields, prairies, and forests, until we unfortunately let them disappear. Now we can only see them in “prehistoric cave paintings” as well as in other ordinary human reproductions. So to my many four-legged animal brothers / sisters to which the great American bison normally belongs I wish no harm be done to any of them by anyone of us human beings and if / when we eat them we all please respect them and thank them for their vital contributions in terms of providing life continuation substance and acting as an energy repository that helps us with the renewal, replenishment, and satisfaction of our physical needs, wants, and pleasures. By the way, there always has been / always will be a better angle to everything if you can find it. Ha Ha Ha! Gee, Thanks:
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
We have to be sincere in these and all other types of reviews, later published for the general public to consume. Do I really have any deeply-seated interest discussing how my overall experience related to food intake at any given restaurant has been? Probably not, and no one else should have this type of awkward feeling either since the fundamental desire for any of us is to have a great, unbridled time full of pleasure and luxury and, of course, due to the typical limitations encountered at public places this accomplishment is far from possible. Thank God, I might as well add! So, really what is there to bring up that might, just might, get us slightly ever closer to this euphoric, nearly-divine state of candent bliss and indescribable happiness? And is there anyone / anything at all capable of such massive achievement / undertaking? Again, I have to deny myself this attempt at an ‘ulterior motive’ approach and hopefully, after barely suggesting what could have happened, stick to the ordinary and mediocre and call this endeavor “a certain, unalienating probe / foray into the world of telling people something they might either like or dislike (let’s not forget neutrality can be a sign of virtuosity or cowardice, of course), while quietly sipping a cup of joe / tea while dexterously engaged in the semi-private, learning process known as cybernetic-based acculturation (if you are like me, internet gurus have everything I do here down pat, just like a horde of wild rabbits controlling the vast world of mis/information management would do, or so they think). Getting down now to the daily-grind business dealings it is clear that Tado Steakhouse knows how to prepare food for and how to serve to their fine dining customers exceedingly well, and not by sheer coincidence but by outright application design. Does anyone else get that same idea, that these people here are the absolute great masters of their trade? If you don’t fine, I will also help get you there since I moonlight as a professional ‘be lucky and happy’ advisor—yeah right, like I have won anything in years! In any case, when it comes to having fun and games, I am the latest king of the world / the número 01 by a real long shot and to that I can cheer forever! Gee, Thanks
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
This is one in a series of literary personal assessments / critiques about the locale conditions encountered and the personnel performance observed while dining at Welch, Minnesota, USA, Treasure Island Resort & Casino’s Tado Steakhouse. My overall feeling is one of complete satisfaction with every aspect related to all the intelligently determined parameters / variables anyone would consider worthy of discussing / covering here. First and foremost among all these standout thought / consideration areas is the dual fact clearly showing that (01) the place was filled with many happy customers (7 / 8 busy tables plus the screened teppanyaki area in the rear) and (02) that this higher occupancy level made absolutely zero difference as it undoubtedly heavily impacted the kitchen and service quality, timeliness, accuracy, and food preparation / presentation. Outside of this paramount circumstance, which allowed everything to concurrently develop smoothly, I might as well state that the US$149.20 bill (paid for via kind and smart owner / management team-issued comps) for Deb and I was just perfect in terms of price / quality value ratio for what we both got here. Finally, I am going to skip--as often done in the past--recommending / targeting any specific (side / main) entrées / dishes, desserts, etc., thus leaving the door open to the adventurous minds and souls out there. Gee, Thanks:
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
Having previously been informed that grilled scallops wasn’t on Tado Steakhouse’s finely crafted menu outside of their teppanyaki-style listed food item, Deb made a few days later a further inquiry into this critical matter and she was told now that they would be available, upon request, at the main dining room as well. We decided to come in this time simply owing to this newly-uncovered possibility and, needless to say, she ordered and was provided with her favorite combination of beef tenderloin and four scallops presented in two separate dishes. This was, all by itself, the main reason anyone should frequent this optimally run food venue since one can undoubtedly say “they are listening to their customers and executing their wishes without hesitation” and isn’t that what the wonderfully multi-tasked general service industry, and more so its food and lodging business core, is all about? Absolutely and well done at Tado’s! Everything else in terms of praising the various aspects involved in the day-to-day operations of this elegant and pristine establishment is definitely going to prove futile after solving that otherwise unwelcome problem to my wife’s complete satisfaction. Yeah, I also ended up finishing part of her steak, which was super delicious, and can’t complain either about sharing the seasonally-offered eggnog creme brulee, as one of two excellent desserts. Gee, Thanks