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Morton's Steak House San Francisco, CA
For my money, it's the second best steak house in San Francisco. (Okay, first is Alfred's.) Excellent cocktails, including a Martini Club. Appetizers and salads are also quite a treat. Regularly changing, but if they have the scallops wrapped in bacon, get them. Everything is a la carte, so determining a price is kinda tough. Lyonnaise (sp?) potatoes are wonderful as a side dish. Presentation of the double porterhouse is nice, carving it for two at the table (and you think they may have to put extra support under the table). Single malt list needs work, wine list is fantastic, deserts are worth saving room for.
McCormick & Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Great appetizers, far exceeding the entrees as far as I'm concerned. Expansive (and expensive) wine list If you get a good table (and the tiered layout makes this likely), you'll also have a great view of the Bay. Not too bad. Kinda touristy, but even that's okay sometimes.
Ricks San Francisco, CA
This is a neighborhood bar and restaurant. Probably not well known outside of a ten block radius. But if you do find it, you'll probably be pleased. Comfortable atmosphere and a friendly staff. Good bar and above average appetizers. The entrees are pretty good, but the wine list needs work. Their specialty is the pot roast, and I think it taught me that I just don't like pot roast; didn't do much for me but others rave about it.
Ruth's Chris Steak House San Francisco, CA
As you enter this spot, you'll hear a sound. You may have heard it before. It's the sound of arteries hardening. Good Martinis. Great wine list. The a la carte is something of a pain, and you can easily rack up quite a bill without even noticing it. The filet mignon is wonderful but I recommend telling them light on the butter. Unless you're really fond of having a coronary on the spot. Feels like a chain restaurant, unfortunately. There are better steak houses in San Francisco.
Harris' Restaurant San Francisco, CA
A personal favorite. A great Martini and wonderful wine list. The appetizers are a treat. I never thought I'd grow to like escargot, but they changed my mind at Harris'. The Steak Tartare is also wonderful. The food is generally good. I've never had a completely disappointing experience at Harris'. Dinners are complete, a plus over the a la carte menus of the other steak houses. And the garlic mashed potatoes are great. Great porterhouse, and the petite filet melts in your mouth. Usually able to get a table on fairly short notice, which is a plus. So is the valet parking. By the way, it's at the corner of Pacific and VanNess with the entrance and valet service on Pacific.
La Rotonda Redwood City, CA
Took the spot that used to be Clark's By The Bay. I was going to Clark's and wound up finding that they were gone and a new place was there. So I decided to go in. Excellent, actually. The appetizers were good, the selections for entrees were exceptional. And the preparation was wonderful in all regards. Good wine list. Good Martinis. A few drawbacks. No dinner served on Sundays, and it's not all that easy to get to if you don't know where you're going.
Elite Cafe San Francisco, CA
Good if you like spicy. Pretty much everything here is, including the Martinis, a specialty of theirs which is made with pepper vodka. (Not a real Martini in my book, but it was good just the same.) Parking on and around Fillmore is always a hassle.
Little City Antipasti Bar San Francisco, CA
One of my favorites. It's never disappointed me. After going there a few times, you'll have a hard time deciding whether to order an entree or just order a bunch of appetizers. The Baked Brie and Roasted Garlic is wonderful, as are the Prawns Borrachos (sp?) and Stir-Fried Calamari. The entree menu changes daily, one or two new appetizers being changed daily, too. The entrees choices are diverse, including beef, lamb, chicken, fish, and shellfish. Good pastas, too, but I tend to think they're too much of a good thing. You're kinda overfull of a lot of the same thing before finishing. Good wine list, great Martini, and good collection of single-malt Scotches. (They used to have a Single Malt tasting every March, but I don't know if they do that anymore.)
The Flying Saucer San Francisco, CA
Cramped, drafty, lousy parking, abusive servers. Yeah, this is what I like paying good money for. The food was good, but overpriced for the portions. You seem to be paying as much for the presentation. I don't know if this has changed but when I was there the kitchen did chicken dishes at one time, fish at another, beef at another, etc. So, if you and your date order from different species, you'll be getting them at different times. An experience, but one I can do without repeating.
Acquerello Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Small, quaint, Italian in nature. The food is often more decorative than filling, but it is certainly excellent. I would say a reservation is a must, but I've gotten in without one before, although you could tell that they were displeased with the idea. The lack of a liquor license is something of a disappointment, but the wine list is excellent. The waiters are often pushy about what you should or shouldn't order ("Are you sure you don't want a salad? Some soup?"), but it's not overly oppressive. No valet parking, but there is a lot right across the street which usually seems to have space in it. Evidently the people going to the Hard Rock around the corner haven't discovered it yet.
Moss Beach Distillery Moss Beach, CA
They claim to have the best sunset, and I'm tempted to agree. Overlooking Seal Cove, the location is clearly the main feature of this spot, although the food is nothing to scoff at, either. The wine list could use some work, skipping from far too young and cheap to old and expensive without much of a middle-ground. All I've ever had there have been specials, so I can't comment on their regular menu. The swordfish I had was excellent, as was the calamari. BTW, it's also haunted. Or so they claim.
Spinnaker The Restaurant Sausalito, CA
Like so many restaurants in this area, the view is at least half of the draw for the Spinnaker. No fascinating sunsets or anything like that, but sitting out into the water as it does, it has a fantastic view of San Francisco. Memorable at dusk. The fare is pretty typical for Sausalito spots. Mostly seafood, some of it prepared interestingly, with a bit of cow and fowl thrown in for good measure. Excellent wine list and a pretty decent bar. The decor is a bit too polynesian for my tastes (bamboo and the like, which I leave to Cost Plus), and the place is larger than it looks from the outside, so you can't be guaranteed of getting a good table with a view as in smaller places. Tell the maitre d' that you'll be in the bar and willing to wait for a good table.
Brazen Head San Francisco, CA
Wonderful small atmosphere. Great appetizers and entrees with very reasonable prices. If you get there early, you can get in without a reservation, but don't count on it. Parking is always a problem in the Marina, so plan ahead. Well-stocked bar and a good wine list. WARNING: They only accept cash and ATM cards, so don't bring just your plastic unless you're fond of doing dishes and mopping floors.