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Chevys Mexican Restaurant Redwood City, CA
We had dinner there last night, with mixed reviews. We were initially shown to a table right beside the bus station. The couple that came in behind us (also without reservations) was seated at a much better table. We weren't in a hurry and so, we said we'd wait in the bar until a differnet table came available. They seated us almost immeadiately in the room left of the entrance. It was filled with lots of families (2-3 children at each table). Not our ideal choice, but we took it. The service was very friendly. Three differnt waiters came over to take our initial drink order. We ordered drinks and heavy appetizers. They came promptly. My husband's second drink order was prompt. When I had finished my margarita, the waitress came to check if I wanted a second one. Which I did. Then a glass fell of the tray she was holding. It shattered on our table. No one was cut but there was glass every where. They quickly cleaned it up, took what food we had left on the table and said they would replace it. They did bring back completely new orders of the food. My second drink never arrived. When we asked the waitress about it, she seemed offended. She had been very plesant and cheerful up till the broken glass. I don't know if her manager talked to her about the incident or what, but her attitude definitely took a dive. We asked for the bill shortly thereafter. She brought it, but without a smile. We didn't blame her at all for the broken glass. Accidents happen. Our food was promptly replaced. Her coldness after the incident, just left us with a uncomfortable feeling at the end of our meal. my husband said somthing about not going back for a while. I hope it was an isolated incident. Up until that point we'd had a good time, and the management had done everything they could to insure safety. I'll go back, maybe without my husband.
Bonsai Japanese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
I go to Bonsai for the sushi. It is excellent!! The owner, Mike, is there every evening with a warm smile, and friendly greeting (Not the loud shouting, like some other sushi places). He always has the freshest fish. (He supplies fish to many other sushi restaurants in the area) There are two regular sushi chefs, and when it is called for Mike is behind the counter preparing sushi. The atmosphere is always wonderful. Mike says he gets 90% repeat business. I think that speaks very highly for this restaurant, or any other restaurant.
2030 Redwood City, CA
Wonderful Place!! The menu changes frequently, it always has a seasonal flavor. The owner/chef, Jamie, also offers several daily specials. The dinners include soup and salad (which are each wonderful) and make the prices on the entrees a bargin. We have learned not to order an appetizer unless you are very hungry or more then two people. The wine list is extensive and reasonably priced. The desserts are fantastic, however we are usually so full we never have room for dessert. If you are into cigars, they are sold on the dessert/port/cigar menu and smoking on the back patio is wonderful!