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Recent reviews by Kian Z.
Restaurant Name City
Harris' Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Harris'offered a good steak-house atmosphere.We arrived early on a Thursday, around 5:30 p.m..The staff was not quite ready and had to pull together to check our reservation and have us seated.The greeting was pleasant and the waiter was well trained and groomed.We ordered the French Onion soup(had no cheese), chef's salad, Johnny Walker Black on the rocks for the starters.The salad was good, yet ordinary for the restaurant of type, the french Onion Soup was excellent and the Scotch complemented it highly.The bread was very good and could use a little more heating!The main course consisted of Harris' steak, and Petite Fillet Mignon, both cooked medium, with peas on the side.The steak-house was fairly busy by then.The steaks were very good.Desert comprised of creme brulee, well crusted with red raspberries flavor and decored with three red raspberries. Coffee was ok, though they could do better with the coffee quality.We felt that the catering staff came through just fine and left a generous tip.We were then off to a concert by John Williams.The valet parking staff drove our car to the front and we tipped as well.
The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company Half Moon Bay, CA
The establishment offers good ambiance in dinning. The indoor and outdoor seating choice is a must to contribute fully to its casual atmosphere. The outdoor seating is plexi-glass barrier protected for the cold and/or widny season. The out-door heating lamps and fire place create attractive outside seating for the fresh-air dinning enthusiast. There is live perfomance in the evening, which we missed, since we were there for a Friday lunch(13 Oct. "06). Wainting time for the seating outside took 20 minutes instead of the few minutes as offered by the host. The host offered a warm and kind greetings. We decided to try small plates to test the restauranteur. The appetizer plate of sampler smoked fish fell well short of its price $15. The large plate was half empty, yet the peaces of combination smoked salmon, tuna, half cut Granny Smith apple, a branch of seedless red grapes, Berie, and sliced bread were generously distributed throughout the large plate. The smoked fish tasted well. Addtionally, two bowles of Clam Chowder were ordered for the ulimate taste test. The clam chowder won our good votes and we enjoyed it very much. I ordered Princeton beer, and they were out (on a Friday! afternoon). I settled for pale and it was good. The server was a nice young gentleman and originally brough the wrong dish to our table, yet had no trouble in correcting his mistake. We left him a generous tip knowing well that perhaps he may appreciate his hard work and save it for his school days. Fianlly, the over all atmosphere offered nice crowd, less in noise, and a casual relaxing atmosphere. We welcome more of the type atmosphere, with lower pricing (for certain items) of choice in the menu selection.
Buffalo Grill San Mateo, CA
The location of this establishment is well enough to draw one in, however, on a visit, we were disappointed by level of service and quality of the food. Our seating were in particular very confined and a pest was crawling over the wall we were seated next to. Once we indicated the unplesant atmosphere, not a slight reception from the management was received and we did not see the manager. They gave us complimentary desert (what seemed to be left overs) and we felt that the waitress had nothing to do with the status of the establishment, so we left her the adequate tip she deserved. We did not eat the meals ordered as they were not prepared well and were not charged for them. We left the establishment very disappointed and have not returned since.