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Tasty Vegetarian Cuisine Campbell, CA
We tried just 2 dishes, stir-fried young pea-pod, which is a very basic dish, but was very good. We also tried the General Tso's chicken, which is actually just mushrooms. I have to admit that, besides the texture, most of the flavor comes through. Personally, I would prefer if Chinese vegetarian restaurants made vegetarian dishes that did not pretend to be meat. I think there is a market for that.
One bad thing, the food attendant overcharged us on one of the items and we didn't catch it until later.
Fujii Bakery Sunnyvale, CA
What I appreciate about Japanese bakeries in general is that the cakes have just the right amount of sweetness (probably a little less than American recipes), and the frosting is light and tasty. My favorite Japanese Bakery is the "Sweet Shop" in Japantown, San Francisco, but Fujii is a nice alternative for South Bay residents. Just about all of the baked goods are well-prepared and have nice presentation. There are also miniature versions of most of their desserts if you just want to treat yourself or a friend...and they look very nice! Price is a bit higher than average, but worth the value.
Hours: T-F: 730-545, Sat: 730-445
Outback Steak House Cupertino, CA
One of the best franchise steakhouses around. I've heard that even if you don't eat beef, their other food is great too. We tried the prime rib and were surprised by the relatively larger portion they give (light to medium eaters should to consider the smallest cut for sure). We also appreciated that the meal included a very good Caesar's salad (other steakhouses tend to charge extra). Be prepared to wait a long while for your table however, and I don't think they take reservations.
King's Wood Restaurant Cupertino, CA
This is a teppan-yaki place like Benihana's, where the steak and seafood is prepared as a show in front of you. Relative to Beni-hana's, it's a step up in terms of flavor (which is average), and a step down in terms of entertainment. However, our chef made an interesting flaming volcano out of some onion rings, and you won't need to worry about chefs flicking food onto your clothes. They have intersting fruit drinks you should try. Like Benihana's, it's a good place to bring a large group of friends or to celebrate a birthday. They also have hot pots and do-it-yourself hibachis (but there is so much work involved in those things).
For one of the best experiences in teppan-yaki (but at a cost), be sure to try the Matsubishi chain (I only know of locations in Vancouver and Hong Kong).
Palace BBQ Buffet Sunnyvale, CA
Bring a big appetite. The BBQ food is very tasty and well-stocked. There is a lot of work involved in cooking your own food, so expect a meal to last about an hour or more. You will also smell like BBQ meat when you leave.
Matsubishi Japanese Restaurant Vancouver, BC
We first went to a Matsubishi's in Hong Kong (which I think is where it is based.) This is a great teppan-yaki Japanese restaurant. The chefs are trained in Hong Kong. Compared to places like Benihana's, the food is MUCH more tasty and fresh, and the chefs put more energy into their food (vs. trying to hard to be funny). My wife and I tried the seafood set menu, which had crab, lobster, beef, and yaki-soba. A bit pricey, but you definitely must try this place for special will never go back to Benihana's.
Death By Chocolate Vancouver, BC
Very creative desserts that taste good. The workers spend a good amount of time on each creation. A must-try place for anyone visiting Vancouver. Don't go directly after a big meal since the portions are large.
Murder Burgers Davis, CA
Of course, you need to know that their slogan is " good, they're to die for." Pretty tasty and generous burgers. A good road stop on the way to and from Tahoe.
Kam's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
The food is fresh and well-prepared, but what I think I remember most about this place is that they give very generous portions (large chunks) of food.
Heung Heung Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in SF. I liked it mainly for their taste and value. The best value is the meal plan, which feeds about 4-5 people. Try comfort-food dishes like the rock cod with bean-curd sticks. The sweet and sour pork chops are good too.
Tsing Tao Chinese Restaurant San Francisco, CA
My family ate here frequently in the late 70's and early 80's. Nothing special, but decent food.
Yet Wah Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is a nice place to host parties on their second floor. The dim-sum is pretty good, and the service is not bad either.
Hangen Szechuan Restaurant Mountain View, CA
The lunch plans seem like a better deal than dinner, but overall, the food is pretty good, usually on the spicy side. The cuisine seems to appeal more to American tastes than to Chinese tastes. Most of my caucasian friends like this place, most of my Chinese relatives do not.
Hong Kee Chinese Restaurant Mountain View, CA
This restaurant goes through frequent name changes, so I am not sure if it is still called Hong Kee. Overall, the food is pretty average and you can do better on Castro street. On several times, I ordered some noodles which seemed to have a strong 'propane' flavor. But I especially liked their BBQ pork for take out, I use this sometimes to prepare some home recipes.
Hunan Home's Restaurant Los Altos, CA
This was one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the Mt. View area, although I haven't been there lately. I especially like their General Tsao's chicken and Hunan beef. If you are nearby on a Sunday morning, try their Mandarin style dim-sum.
Chef Chu's Los Altos, CA
This restaurant appeals more American tastes than Chinese tastes. The food is well-prepared, but a bit pricey. The service is okay. The restaurant seems to attact celebrities...not sure why.
Grand China Restaurant Los Altos, CA
This restaurant goes through frequent name changes and perpetual 'grand openings'. But the food is okay. My wife and I used to come here frequently for noodles or Mandarin dim-sum on Sundays. Service is okay.
Royal Palace Los Altos, CA
This is a nice place to go for dim-sum. You probably won't wait too long since they have a large facility with lots of staff. Expect to pay $15/person for dim-sum. The dim-sum is decent, but nothing special.
Peking Duck Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
This is a good place for large parties. you can reserve several tables and order meal plans for the best value. The food itself is pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Service is okay.
Caribbean Jose's Palo Alto, CA
This place wasn't too memorable for me. I think I had the 'inverted pizza', which was okay. Maybe if I went by recommendations, I would have enjoyed the food more.
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