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Restaurant Name City
Mezza Luna Restaurant Half Moon Bay, CA
Very good menu. Heard about it from a friend so my wife and decided to try it. Portions aren't huge but comfortable. Menu is ala carte, so be prepared for larger bill if you decide to have an appetizer, soup, salad, wine, beverage and dessert. Pasta is very good with very tasty sauces.
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
I happened to discover this restaurant for lunch and it was fantastic. I agree with other reviewers it reminded me of the creole/cajun food of Louisiana. Have not tried them for dinner but the lunch menu was excellent and the portions were substantial and very flavorfull. The red beans and rice with the Andoulie sausage were exceptional and authentic. Looking forward to dinner. The only down side I found is that it is only open for lunch on Wednesdays.
Lyons Restaurant San Carlos, CA
Probably one of the better of the chain restaurants. Good menu selection and quick turn around time. Crowded at lunch but if you go before noon or after 1:00 p.m. it's not bad. Friendly service and an ok senior menu.
Buffalo Grill San Mateo, CA
Went on recommendation of a friend. Food is very good and the menu has been slightly different each time I've been. The sandwiches are delicious and generous, with a wide variety of meats and vegetarian sandwiches available. Noontime rush is bad but if you go after 1:00 p.m. it's not bad.
California Pizza Kitchen San Mateo, CA
This is not the place to go if you want a regular old fashion pizza. This is truely California Cuisine, with it's nuances of combining flavors and dishes of many different types. A pizza, however, is not the venue for this type of cuisine. If you drink your coffee black and like just plain pepperoni pizza your better off somewhere else. If you like sundried tomatoes and decaf lattes with sprinkles and non-fat milk then this is your place.
Original Nick's Pizza & Grill San Mateo, CA
Great pizza. Crust is not too thick and the sauce is spicy and flavorfull. Limited seating and parking but it's worth it. Good beer selection and the sevice is good.
Jack's Brick Fournos Pizza San Mateo, CA
Very good pizza. Sauce is mildly spicy and has good flavor. Generous toppings and the service is good. Limited parking but worth a two block walk from the muni lot.
Stacks Redwood City, CA
This is not only a very good place for breakfast (Much better that IHOP or Dennys!) but they have a good lunch menu. The vinegaraite salad served with the sandwiches is very tasty and different, as are the potatoes. The sandwiches are generous and tasty. Expect a line at lunch time or prime breakfast time (There can't be that many people with no taste waiting for the same food). If you go before or after the lunch rush you'll do ok. Be aware they close at 2:30 p.m.
La Hacienda Taqueria Redwood City, CA
Excellent food and menu. The food is authentic, not Americanized ala Chevy's. Wide variety on the menu and the service is very good. Wide variety of beverages, adult and non. Limited parking at lunch time but after the rush there is no problem. I recommend the tacos of carne asada. If you can't take hot spicy chile, tell them to leave it off.
City Pub Redwood City, CA
Great place if you don't mind a lot of people and noise. It all adds to the atmosphere of a good pub. The food is great, especially the hamburgers and sandwiches (try the BLTA - excellent). Great variety of beers to choose from as well as non-alcoholic drinks. I have not had a problem with service, even on busy lunch days - can't say about dinner, haven't tried it for dinner. If you get ther about 11:45, before the big lunch rush, you'll have your choice of seats and get you meal quickly.
Clementine's Steak House Carpinteria, CA
Small, cozy restaurant with neighborhood touch. Food is very good and the prices are very acceptable. They specialized in steaks but have a variety of other foods, including some good fish dishes. The salads are generous with good dressing not overdone. The soups are excellent - rich and very flavorful. had the filet mignon and can honestly say it was one of the best I've had. Very good wine list and the coffee is excellent. If you are Carpinteria and do not dine here, it will be your loss.