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Milpitas Palace Milpitas, CA
While this is not a restaurant you would take your SO for a romantic dinner (the decor could be rated 2 stars, and it would be stretching it), the food is consitently very good. During lunch time come early or late, otherwise the place is just waaay too crowded. My favorite dish when I'm really hungry is Palace Noodles. Make sure you order it extra spicy. It's a bowl of "everything", beef, noodles, spicy soup, seafood, vegies, etc. For all of $5 I challenge anyone to eat it all! I would recommend this place to someone either for lunch or too tired after work to cook and not looking for fancy decor. While the cuisine is mainly Chinese, there are Korean elements in it (Kim Chi is served as appetizer with everything).
High Thai San Jose, CA
The food is generally quite good (most of the time), and the decor is quite nice. Unfortunately, I agree with Jim that service is spotty. I had situations when the whole staff was sitting outside on the patio behaving less than professionally. At another time, when my favorite soup, Thom Kha Gai, was obviously bad (the coconut milk was granulated and the whole thing looked like groats), the waiter got outright rude and tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with it. Experience like this spoils the place for me. I have not returned there since.
Swagat India Cuisine Milpitas, CA
I only go there for lunch (regularly). The lunch buffet is very good (although weekend lunch buffet has even more choices). Curry chicken is excellent as is the spinach and the rice tapioca pudding. Decor is next to non-existent, but one would expect that in a lunch place. The owner might want to teach his waiters to smile occasionally. They look downright somber. I would rate this place as 4 stars as far as lunch places are concerned, but would not necessarily recommend it for dinner due to the lack of atmosphere.
Emerald Garden Vietnamese Rest Alameda, CA
This is my occasional lunch place when I'm in Alameda. I love the food there, it's light and delicate, yet very tasty (almost "Japanese"). The portions are fairly small, but it somehow goes together with the taste (? I can't explain why). The service is very courteous. Decor, like many other lunch places, is best overlooked.
Stuft Pizza Milpitas, CA
Pizza is quite good (Cornucopia is my favorite), although anyone who ever ate a good Chicago pizza might be dissapointed. The worst part is service. The only word that comes close to describing it is "clueless." I would recommend that you never try to order home delivery. It will be a truly frustrating experience. I tried it a few times, and they were *never* able to deliver within a reasonable period of time. In fact, they only found my place once or twice despite very detailed instructions.
La Azteca Redwood City, CA
If I lived near Redwood City, I would be there all the time. Food is very good, portions BIG, service (as much as you can get in a self-service place) smiling and friendly. Did I mention the place is *cheap*? I like the atmosphere as well, relaxed, Mexican music. In the summer I almost feel like having lunch at a vacation spot. Most of the people you will find there are Latinos, which is also a good sign. During warm days you can eat outside on the patio.