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Recent reviews by Justin D.
Restaurant Name City
Rib Shack San Bruno, CA
Ugh, bad. Tried this place for lunch once with a couple of friends. The BBQ food was just bad. Needles to say, we won't be back. Avoid.
Szechuan Cuisine San Mateo, CA
Our work crowd goes out of our way to come here every few weeks. I never even looked at a menu, all we ever order is the Kung Pao shrimp, which I suspect is the same as the dry braised prawns mentioned by others. Lots of flavor. When I look around, everyone seems to be eating the same thing, the shrimp. It is one star for atmosphere and four to five stars for this one dish, but it is great enough for me to think of it often and keep coming back.
Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant Millbrae, CA
Great Dim Sum lunch, grab it as it walks past style service, you don't need a menu.
Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant Millbrae, CA
Great Dim Sum lunch, on par with Fook Yuen just south down El Camino. Dim Sum is ordered off a card and made to order for each table. Better food than the new Flower Lounge on the corner of Millbrae Ave.