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Restaurant Name City
Louies Corner Restaurant Marine City, MI
The service and attitude is terrible.. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT !! I'll leave it
Buck's Place Fair Haven, MI
They no longer serve dinner... BUT ... what they do serve IS good..
Fontana's Fair Haven, MI
No long tale about how good or bad.... Settle for "GONE"
Kay's Restaurant Algonac, MI
This place grows on you... The food IS good and some of the specials are terrific. Steve and his family make sure you are taken care of.
Cheers On the Channel Algonac, MI
One more time... GONE... and the building For Sale...
Jigger's Bar & Grill Fair Haven, MI
Closed down and had a for sale sign on it... Good Luck !!
Landing Cafe Harsens Island, MI
After the last visit... They're GONE and the building vacant
Thomas Edison Inn Port Huron, MI
Although they want a long desertation... it comes down to...It's GONE... CLOSED
Middle Channel Golf & Country Harsens Island, MI
From what I have heard... It's all but closed... And may not be back
Decker's Landing Lounge Algonac, MI
Since they started charging $7.00 to park..... we have left for better views.
The Vernier Fair Haven, MI
I really hate to say this... BUT... It's gone.... A vacant building...
Oak Room Grille Marine City, MI
***GONE*** But not forgotten........ Someday it may return
Arthur Bryant Barbeque Kansas City, MO
It only gets better. My wife brought back a stack of sandwiches this week. BOY ! Are they FAB.
Harbor Club Grille Algonac, MI
$ 4.99 Sunday Brunch... Not Bad At All.... Good Service. Ask for Karmen..... Excellent
Fogcutter Restaurant Port Huron, MI
GONE !!! It was a great place to celebrate, but has been closed up....
Prinzilli's Galley Algonac, MI
GONE !!! It's now "CATCH 22" serving excellent food ......
El Charro Macomb, MI
The first time we ate here, I was not impressed.... BUT.... We tried again after hearing from trusted friends about how good it is. BINGO.. the second trip exposed that it wasn't the restaurant ... It was the staff. On our return the other day, Teresa made it an experience to repeat. It wasn't a case of here's your food **** take it or leave it. Teresa asked questions that should have been asked the first time ( Guacamole? Sour Cream?), and made the experience well forth it.
Zach's Landing Anchorville, MI
It's been "Bayside Dimitri's" for some time now and has proved that a good restaurant will succeed here... George has really brought this place into the homeland of Anchor Bay
Tin Fish Resort Fair Haven, MI
GONE... Now called "Tryst". After one visit... I'm afraid there won't be a second. Especially when you go by and you're lucky if there are three or four cars in the lot..
Catch 22 Bistro Algonac, MI
We were the first customers and continue to return at least three times a week. Nick and his sons know how to run a business. After all the years I went there when it was the Galley, It was never this busy. From lamb shanks to Rabbit Cacciatore, and PORK CHOPS to die for...
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