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Buca di Beppo San Francisco, CA
My husband and I went to Buca last weekend with two friends. We have been to the one in Minnesota before, but never to the one in San Francisco. One thing to know about Buca is that you will need to SHARE your food no matter you like it or not! It's an understatement to say that the servings there are huge. FOOD: For starter, the 4 of us shared a small Caesar Salad. The salad is tasty, with just the right amount of dressing. Yes, a small salad is enough to give each of us a good size serving. We have tried the Garlic Bread when we were in Minnesota. It comes with lots of sliced garlic and is as big and as thick as a medium pan pizza. Other appetizers include Fried Calamari, Mussels Marinara, Mixed Green Salad (served with or without meat) and Bruschetta. For main course, you can choose from a variety of pastas, pizzas, and entrees. I have never tried their pizzas, so the only thing I can tell you about them is that they are big. You will not find a big selections of toppings for the pizzas. Instead, a lot of more traditional ingredients like pepperoni, sausages, tomato, mushroom, provolone, and basil. As for pastas, you have about a dozen choices, from Spaghetti with Meat Balls (with meatballs almost the size of tennis balls) to Linguini Frutti di Mare (with mussels, clams, and calamari) to Macaroni Rosa (with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, and peas in a pink sauce). We have tried the Spaghetti with Meat Balls before and it was nothing extraordinary. But the Baked Tortelloni in a red sauce with breaded eggplant and lots of cheese was wonderful. It was a special the night we were there so it isn't always on the menu. The dish was a little on the spicy side, which was fine with me. The entrees mainly consist of chicken (parmigiana, lemon, marsala, caccitore and vesuvio) and veal (parmigiana, marsala, and limone) dishes. The only vegetarian entree is the Eggplant Parmigiana. The entree we had that night was also a special. It was a Chicken Marsala dish that came with diced sausages and vegetables. It was very flavorful, and a little spicy. The chicken and the sausages complimented each other very well. The chicken breasts were cooked just right, tender and juicy. Though we were quite full and had enough food left over to take home, we decided we would share a dessert. The waiter recommended the Tiramisu, so we went with it. Other choices included Spumoni, Bread Pudding Caramello, and Chocolate Cannoli. The Tiramisu was creamy but had way to much liquor. The taste of alcohol was overwhelming and covered all other flavors. But if you like a drink with your dessert, you can get two in one with the Tiramisu....
SERVICE: Service is pleasant and fun at Buca. It's a very high energy place, and a very friendly place. The waitress for the table across from us got everyone singing Christmas Carol at one point. Also, if you want to embarrass someone on their birthday, the staff at Buca will get everyone in the room's attention to sing Happy Birthday. If you have never been to Buca, it is good to ask the servers' advice for how much you should order for your party. Some dishes comes in small (serves about 2-3) and large (serves about 3-5) sizes, and some only comes in one size. The servers are also good about explaining the menu to you or answer any questions you have. Service is usually prompt, with occasional delays when they are really busy.
OTHER DETAILS: As far as reservations go, you can make them, but you can always walk in. They do not always have reservations available since some tables are reserved for walk ins only. We didn't make reservations last time (Sunday evening at around 6pm), and we were seated within 30 minute. You can always get a drink at the bar area while you wait. However, on busy nights, the wait could be long and the bar could be quite full. It's always a good thing to call ahead to see how long the wait is, if there is one. Street parking is rare, but not impossible. The Fifth and Mission Garage is probably the best bet if you can't find street parking. Prices are great considering the serving size. I don't recall anything over $20. Not including drinks, you can get quite a good amount of food for $10 per person. Buca is a very inviting place and is good for families. However, they do have some racy photos (including some nudity) displayed throughout the restaurant that may not be suitable to children.
The Wine Spectator At Greystone Saint Helena, CA
After months of changing reservations, we finally made it to Greystone over the weekend for my parent's wedding anniversary. All I can say is that it really wasn't worth the wait. Greystone does not measure up to the dining experience in San Francisco. If it wasn't for the great bargain I found at the Coach Outlet close by, the visit to Greystone would have been a waste of gas.
FOOD: Now, the thing you need to know about Greystone is that you have a separate for starters, entrees and desserts. The starter menu consist of a brief overview of the "temptations", a few cocktails, wine samplers, and beer. The "temptations" are hors d'oeuvre of the day. They are $7.95 per person, and each person gets 3 different pieces. Our temptations that night was smoked salmon, a pastry type hors d'oeuvre made with chestnut, and something else with cheese. The waiter informed us that everyone in your party must get the temptations or no one in your party can order them. Because not everyone in our party was interested in what they offered that night, none of us were able to try them. So our waiter went and got us the entree menu. We were offered 2 types of bread, sourdough and a darker bread (maybe wheat or rye) with nuts. The bread with nuts is such a great treat. It was soft and light, and just tasted so fresh. There are not a lot of choices on the menu. I didn't even notice any vegetarian dishes other than salads. After much deliberation, the following items were ordered: Butternut Squash Soup, Foie Gras, Grilled Pork Chop, Squab, and Sea Scallops. I had the soup and it was decent. It didn't have anything to really make the soup stand out. It wasn't really creamy, but didn't really have much of a texture (like little chunks of squash here and there) either. I do not like foie gras and didn't try any. But the people who tried it didn't really give it any compliments. I knew the pork chop was troubled when my husband said, "it taste like my mom's pork chops!" The chop was thick but not juicy. It was unflavorful, dry and chewy. I tried a little piece of the squab and it was very tender, much better than the pork chops. However, the squab was really, really rare. I think it was probably undercooked, unless their intention was to serve it rare. I had the scallops and enjoyed it. They were not big scallops, but they were cooked just right and had a light, delicate flavor. Dessert was the best part of the meal. We shared a Triple Espresso which included a profiterole with cappucino ice cream, an espresso pot de cream, and a coffee cream sandwich. The pot de cream was full of flavor and creamy but at the same time light and delicate. The profiterole and sandwich were good but were pale in comparison to the pot de cream. If you like a cup of coffee with your dessert, they offer coffee served in individual French presses.
SERVICE: Service is definitely something Greystone needs to work on. Instead of given each table a basket of bread, a server comes around putting bread on your bread plates. This works very well in restaurants like Jardinere, but not here. We never got anymore bread after the first time. The bread was so good and we really wanted more. We finally asked our waiter in the middle of our meal for more bread. Unfortunately, the server who was suppose to bring us bread forgot and didn't come by till after we finished our entrees. Our waiter wasn't the friendliest person in town. He was quite cold and didn't bother to be nice. My dad wanted to order a glass of wine but they only had bottles in the wine menu and samplers of 3 different wine in the starter menu. I asked the waiter after we placed our order and he said that we can choose any wine on the sampler menu by the glass. Instead of asking us if we like a glass of wine from the menu he just handed us the menu again and walked away without even the courtesy of saying that he will be right back. We weren't even sure if he was coming back to take the wine order. I just thought that was kind of rude.
OTHER DETAILS: Parking is definitely easier compare to San Francisco. They do offer complimentary valet parking, which is a dream. Dress is casual, jeans are welcome. Decor is on the same line, very casual. Reservations is almost a must. Once in a while, you may be able to get a seat at the bar without one. They take reservation up to one month in advance, and it is good to call at least 2-3 weeks ahead. Prices are very high compare to the quality of food and service. I have about 10 little scallops (about 1 to 1.5 cm in diameter) for my entree and it cost $25! It's a good thing that I ordered soup....
Annabelle's Bar & Bistro San Francisco, CA
After years of walking by Annabelle's, we finally gave it a try this Halloween. Food: For starters, Annabelle's offers a standard variety including Soup of the day, a few different Salads (spinach, Caesar, mixed green, and iceberg lettuce) with Chicken or Prawns as options, Steamed Mussels and Clams, Fried Calamari, and Crab Cakes. We didn't try any of the starters that night. But the salads looked tempting when the server brought them to the table next to us. Starters ranged from $3 to $12. Two of us ordered the Grilled Baseball Steak with Onion Rings and Mashed Potato. We also ordered the Seafood Mixed Grill with grilled salmon, halibut, and prawns, and the BBQ Plate with beef brisket, pulled pig, baked beans, slaw, and cornbread. Other items on the menu includes Rotisserie Chicken, Penne Primavera (only vegetarian entree), Grilled Salmon, Bone in New York Steak, Burger, Malted Pork Tenderloin, and Fettucini with Grilled Chicken. Entrees range from $9 to $18. Both orders of the Grilled Baseball Steak were medium and were pink in the middle. However, they were tough and chewy and cold. The steak was set out long enough that the mash potato had formed a skin on top. The Seafood Mixed Grill was better. There was a generous serving of fish and a few good size prawns. The strangest thing about that dish is that it was accompanied by mashed potato. The taste of the seafood and the potato didn't go together very well. The BBQ Plate was absolutely delicious. The BBQ sauce was very tasty and quite unusually. Instead of being on the sweet side like most BBQ sauce, it tasted like it had Worchestershire sauce in it and was savory and spicy. The beef brisket was so tender that it melted in your mouth. It was on the fatty side though. The pull pig was not as tender but was infused with flavors. The cornbread was crusty on the outside and moist on the inside. The baked bean and slaw was quiet ordinary, not very memorable. The servings were generous so we really didn?t have room for dessert. We didn?t look at the dessert menu so I don?t know what they offer. Service: Let me first say this, our server and the hostess was both very friendly and pleasant. I commend them for having Halloween spirit and dressed up. However, the service was quite slow. Like I said before, the steak came out cold and the mashed potato had skin on it. My guess is that it was sitting on the counters for a while before they got to our table. We waited at least 30 minutes to get our food after we have ordered. We also had to wait for some time before our order was taken. Also, I asked the server to only give me pull pig for the BBQ plate and no beef brisket. Of course my server forgot about it and didn?t even notice it when he brought out my food. However, since the brisket was so good that I couldn?t really complaint. Minor details: Parking is relatively easy, since Annabelle's is located half a block away from the Mission Street Garage. Street parking is almost impossible to find, so I suggest that you stick with the garage. I didn't have reservation that night and had no problem getting a table. In my many years of walking by, I have never seen the place completely packed with people waiting for table. I suggest that you do make reservations though because you never know about restaurant in downtown, especially during the holiday shopping season.
Rose Pistola San Francisco, CA
Over the weekend, we went to Rose Pistola for my sister's birthday. This is probably one of the worst dining experience we've had for a very long time. It was so bad that we didn't even bother with looking at the dessert menu after our meal and went to one of our favorite restaurant for dessert instead.
SERVICE: Because we weren't sure about traffic, we decided to head down to the restaurant a little early just in case. We had reservation at 5:30, but got there at around 5:00. We were told that they wouldn't seat us until 5:30 even though the restaurant was empty. Since there wasn't really room for 5 people to sit together at their bar, we went to Caffe Roma next door. We came back at 5:30 and our table still wasn't ready. About 5 minute after that, one of the hostess came over to take us to our table. Half way to the table, she told us that she actually couldn't seat us yet, something about the table not ready, so we were once again had to wait. By this time, in the main dinning area, there was only one table being occupied. After seating a few other parties, the hostess finally got back to us and took us to the table. Maybe it's just me, but when a party shows up half an hour early and checked in with you, you'd expect that your table would be ready by the time of your reservation, especially when the restaurant isn't busy. The service for the rest of our meal was decent. The server was friendly, but not very easy to find at times. Also, it was a little annoying that no one ever bother to remove the wine list from our table even though we have already ordered our drinks. When our meal arrived and there wasn't a lot of room, instead of taking the wine list away, one of the server just lie it flat on the table and put the bread on top of it. I just found that a little weird.
FOOD: I started with a Cosmopolitan, which tasted a lot more like juice than a cocktail. I had a hard time locating the vodka in it. My mom and sister had orange juice, which came "junior" size. We were given foccacia bread with onion and a plate of different variety of olives. I don't like olives so I have no idea if they were good or not. The bread just didn't taste fresh, I couldn't even finish one piece. But lets move on to the food.... The menu consist of mainly seafood. I skipped right through the cold appetizers because I saw them sitting on platters right by the door without covers on them. If you have ever been on Columbus street before, you know how busy the street is with traffic. There were about 6 or 8 choices for hot starters as well, including clams, octopus, and zucchini chips. They also serve pizzas there, which didn't fit in very well with the rest of the menu. As for the main course, the seafood section including arctic char, snapper, sole, salmon, halibut, clams and mussels. You have a choice of how you want your seafood cooked, roasted with several different types of vegetables, steamed with aromatic vegetables, grilled, or fried - the fishes only of course. If you don't fancy seafood, you have a choice of quail, steak, pork chop, and veal. You may also get side orders of vegetables. For starter, we shared the grilled octopus with fennel and white beans and crispy zucchini chips. The crispy zucchini chips were more like soggy zucchini chips, some were even chewy. The octopus was very tender, but was definitely too salty. By this time, I was ready for another drink. Salty seemed to be the theme for the night. I had the Manila clams, steamed with aromatic vegetables. First, the clams were the smallest I have ever had. If you remove the clams from the shells and put them on a plate, it would look like a plate of chopped clams. About 80% of my clams were smaller than 1 centimeter in length. The aromatic vegetables consisted of fennel, carrot, pea, green bean, onion and dill. The clams and the vegetables didn't have much flavor. The broth that bathe the vegetables and clams didn't taste aromatic at all, it tasted like salt water. When my husband tasted the broth, he said that it was like taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. My mom and my sister had the mixed grill. It had shrimps, mussels, calamari, and a whole snapper. The mussels weren't much bigger than my clams, and had just about as little flavor as my clams. The calamari had too much salt and the snapper could have used some more. My husband got the pork chop, which was unimpressive and had too much salt. My dad got the grilled whole sole. After putting some of my very salty broth on his sole, it was the best tasting dish, sad to say.
Notes: Reservations are recommended, if you decide to try this restaurant. And please remember not to arrive too early, or you will just have to wait around. There is valet parking for $10, which is average for that area. Appetizer starts around $4. Entrees are about $15 and up. Compare to other restaurant at that part of town, the prices aren't too bad. But compare to the quality and quantity of food, it was definitely too high. Oh, one more thing, my husband found gum stuck to the bottom of our table....
Christophe Restaurant San Francisco, CA
My husband got us font row seat to Les Miserables at the Curran Theatre one night, so I decided to try a restaurant close by the theatre before the show. After surfing on the net for a while, I came across Christophe's website. I couldn't find any reviews on that restaurant, but the menu looked very tempting. So I decided to be brave and gave it a chance. In a nutshell, the restaurant is now one of my favorite restaurant in the city!
FOOD: Both my husband and I had the pre-theatre special dinner. The French bread was warm and crispy on the outside. We munched on them before our first course, which came very soon after we ordered. We started with the Lobster Ravioli (standard). Each person get one huge ravioli stuffed with lobster, shrimp, and I believe crab as well, with a light and creamy Chardonnay sauce. Now, my husband is not a seafood fan but he loved it. It was very tasty and satisfying. Next came the Mixed Greens with Apple (standard). You get a good portion of spring mix along with slivers of apple and red onion dressed with a thyme vinaigrette. The salad is very light, flavorful, and refreshing after the ravioli. After the first two course, we have our fingers crossed that our entrees would be as good, if not better. Well, our wish came true. For entree, you have a choice of: 1) Salmon Wellington with Tarragon sauce, 2) Fresh Fish Available, 3) Petit Filet Mignon with Peppercorn sauce, 4) Roasted Duck with Glazed Orange and Fresh Raspberries, and 5) Marinated Tenderloin of Lamb with Mint and Garlic Sauce. My husband chose the duck and I had the fresh fish which was halibut with a crab sauce. I have to say, I really liked the duck much more than the fish. The duck was perfectly cooked. The meat was tendered and flavorful. The fresh raspberries and glazed oranges really compliment the duck so well. The halibut was a little dry and a little tough, but the rich and creamy crab sauce made up for it. The most wonderful things about the entree are the sides. First, the potatoes. They were cut into somewhat oval pieces, about an inch long. They were coated with herbs and lightly pan fried. The herbs gave wonderful flavors to the potatoes, and pan-frying created this slightly crispy outside which was just incredible. The other side that I wouldn't leave behind with the broccoli and spinach mousse. They looked like little green custards. The flavors of the vegetables really comes through. They had a very smooth and light consistency, also like a very fluffy quiche. That's not it! The saute green beans were the best we have ever had. I don't know how they did it, but the green beans were so tender that they almost melted in your mouth! No, I do not mean mushy like frozen beans. You can taste that they are fresh beans, just incredibly tender. After the entree, we were so satisfied already that we could've careless about dessert. Well, when the dessert arrived, we changed our minds. Profiterolle in a Chocolate Sauce was the standard dessert. The serving was perfect. Instead of a plate of little ice-cream filled pastry puffs, you get one good size one. They were not the best I've had, but they were wonderful. What a wonderful way to wrap up an awesome dinner. Wait! I haven't told you the best part! The pre-theatre special dinner is only $25 per person! I don't think I have ever had such a high quality meal with so much food that cost so little. It is arguably the best deal in town. Other pre-theatre dinner specials are also available. If you like to mix and match your course, you are welcome to order from the seasonal menu. They have an average wine list, not very extensive, and nothing extremely high priced.
Atmosphere, Service, etc.: Being on the second floor makes this place a wonderful place to people watch, especially when a show is on at Curran Theatre. The place is simply decorated, very romantic with candlelight after dark. The service was friendly and efficient. The waiter was very helpful. If you are going to a show, let the restaurant know. They are very efficient and will get the food to your table in a speedy manner if you are in a hurry. I would recommend reservations just because of the location, though it wasn't very busy when we were there. Parking is horrendous around there. Street parking is next to null. There are quite a few parking lots within a block or two, but be prepare to pay about $15 to $20.
Final Note: JUST TRY IT! It's a wonderful restaurant. No doubt we will become one of the regulars soon.
Compass Rose San Francisco, CA
This is my favorite place for afternoon tea. After hours of shopping Downtown, there is nothing better than going to Compass Rose for tea service and relax.
Food: During tea time, traditional tea items are served such as cucumber sandwiches and pastries. Items can be ordered individually or you can get complete tea services. Tea service includes a fresh brew pot of tea (tea leaves, not tea bags), a variety of sandwiches, pastries and sweets. The tea service offers quite a lot of food, it's served on a three tier plate rack. Since it is tea time, we would usually order one tea service and an extra cup of tea for two people to share. Other than tea, they also serve coffee, espresso drinks and offer a full bar. A tasting menu is also offered before dinner that includes items such as crab cake and dim sum.
Service: Service is generally great at Compass Rose. Servers are attentive but they are not there asking you if you need anything every other minutes. We have never been rushed out of the place before. Something we can seat there for an hour or two just having a cup of coffee or tea. The checks were never brought to our table unless we let them know that we are ready to go.
Price: Ok, this is the downsize. A pot of tea or coffee will cost you around $6-$7. A complete tea service is about $20 or $25. On average it will cost about $20 a person for tea. I have only been there for tasting once, and I believe it runs about the same price as tea, maybe a little more.
Minor things: Reservations are not necessary, usually. I've never made reservations and have always been able to get a seat. The longest I had to wait was about 15 minutes. If you don't want to wait, or during busy time (i.e. Christmas shopping season), I recommend that you do make reservation. This is also a nice place to have a drink at night. There is usually live music (piano and strings) in the evening. Parking is never easy in Downtown. I recommend that you park at the Union Square or O'Farrell parking lot rather than at the hotel itself. One it will be less expensive, the other is the hotel parking is often full.
Mangiafuoco San Francisco, CA
We went to Mangia Fuoco for a friend's birthday over the weekend. Overall, we enjoyed the food. First, we were served with fresh, hot bread with olive oil and a few olives. I do mean hot, you can see the steam when you break the loaf into pieces. We shared a few appetitzer, one was a seafood baked type dish, one had eggplant and portabella mushrooms, and someone also ordered a salad. Because I wasn't the one who ordered the appetizers, I do not know the names of them. Anyway, everybody seemed to enjoyed them. The salad was quite ordinary though. For main course, most of us ordered pasta dishes. There was a pasta with a duck and vegetable ragout, which my friends were happy with. Two of them were also enjoyed their seafood dish, which had an assortment of seafood baked in a paper pouch. My husband and another friend ordered the pork loin, ribs, and sausage with green sauce (tasted like pesto). I had a taste of it and it was tasty. My other friend was also satisfied with her ravioli dish, stuffed with salmon I think. Two dishes that night were disappointing. First, the gnocchi with salmon in a cream sauce. I didn't try it, but few people who did, said the salmon tasted like anchovies because it was so salty. My dish, pasta with pancetta and mushroom in a cream sauce, basically have the same problem. It was just very salty, which covered up all the flavors of the ingredients. We didn't have dessert there because nothing interested us. They had a tiramisu, gelato, and puff pastry filled with fruit. They were great in accommodating a large group like ours (10 of us). Even though it stated on the menu that a 17% service charge will be added to parties of 6 or more, they didn't include the service charge on our bill. It wasn't a mistake because we asked our server about it. The service was friendly and attentive. The price was good, we averaged $18 per person, tips included, but no drinks. The servings were average. If you have a big appetite, you may want to order a starter or dessert on top of your entree. I do recommend that you make reservation. And do try to get there a little early because parking isn't very easy to find (street parking only).
Cheung Hing Chinese Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I have been getting my roast ducks from Cheung Hing for about 6 years now. Though the quality isn't as good as it used to be (before the fire that happened a few ago), but it still has the best duck and BBQ items around. My husband loves the BBQ pork ribs they have. It's especially good when they just get in out and it's nice and hot. Their roast pork is also great if you can get it fresh, I love the crunchy skin. Once in a while, I'll treat myself to some cuttlefish. I don't get it often because it is a little pricey and not always great for my stomach since it's hard to digest. They have a few different types of chickens available: steamed, soy, 5 spice, or roasted. I usually get the soy or the steamed, they're usually nice and tender. Most people go to Cheung Hing to get food to go. But you can eat there as well. They serve rice plates and noodles and BBQ items. They mostly range from $3-$5. Their servings are generous, most people would order items to share. The restaurant isn't very big so there aren't a lot of tables. Service isn't the greatest, but it's always quick.
Marcello's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This restaurant did not make a good impression on me. In fact, it scared me a little. After we sat down and asked for some ice water, my husband's face suddenly turned pale. He saw where they got our water from and ordered a Coke immediately. They had plastic buckets of ice water sitting by the kitchen door. The servers would dip you glass into the bucket to get water. Since our server wiped her hand on a towel after getting our water, my husband assumed that her hand actually touched the water. I'm not sure how sanitary that is but it sure kept us from drinking the water that night. The food was ok. I just wasn't sure what kind of meat was in my meat sauce. I thought it's beef when I ordered it. When I saw how pale in color the meat was, I just had to ask the server. She assured me that it's beef, even though it didn't look like it. Well, we made it through the meal. I didn't finish my pasta so I ask to take it to go. You would never believe what they put my pasta in. They wrapped it in paper, yes, paper. By the time we got home, the package felt a little wet, so we tossed it in the trash.
Max's Opera Cafe San Francisco, CA
If parking is easier, I would be at Max's more often. I am into Opera and Musical and love those singing waiters and waitresses. I can't think of anything better to go with a good meal than free, live entertainment. I have really learned my lesson when it comes to ordering food at Max's. It is almost impossible to have a starter, and entree, and dessert all by yourself. Their portions are huge. Their onion ring is donut size. When I saw that on the menu, I thought to myself, nah, it can't be. But I was wrong, very wrong. They are really the size of a donut. I have also ordered the potato skins before, and I could not finish the order even if I have that as my dinner. The good thing is, they do serve half orders on certain items. I can't really say much about the entrees because I always end up having to take it home after I've had the starter. When it comes to dessert, well, I'm sad to said that I haven't had a chance to try them. After the huge starters and barely taking a bite of my entree, dessert is out of the question. I have heard very good things about them though. And they are famous for their huge 5 layer cakes. I really like Max's menu because it offers a wide range of food, from chicken matzo ball soup to Philly cheese steak sandwich. I recommend this place to anyone who is going to go with at least one other person. That way, at least you can share the food. I'm not too fond of Max's for lunch, but recommend it for dinner and for drinks. I have been there without reservation and was able to get seated within 20 minutes or so. But I do recommend reservations for groups and during busy time (weekends and nights).
Mifune Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Mifune is really the place to go for Japanese noodles. They have more selections of noodles than anywhere else I've been to. Prices are very reasonable, with the most expensive udon being under $10. I've been going to Mifune when since I was in middle school (I used to order the bullet train kids special - loved the candy they gave me), and prices haven't jumped that much in the last 10 years or so. If you are not into noodles, there are other choices. They do have rice bowls, limited variety or sushi and sashimi, tempura, and set lunches and dinners. Sometimes you have to wait to get seated. The wait depends on how busy they are, but it's usually within 30 minutes. Once you are seated, service is very quick. I love the fact that my food always arrives when it's still hot enough to burn your tongue. This is a very casual restaurant, go for getting a quick bit.
Stuart Anderson's Blck Angus San Mateo, CA
Recently, we went to Black Angus and had a great meal. My husband and I went with a friend and 2 of her children. My husband and I decided to order the prime rib dinner for two ($32). Let me just say this, if you're not a big eater, prepare to take half your food home! They give you an appetizer sampler that has chicken strips, fried zucchini and potato skins. Then you get to choose between a big bowl of soup or a green salad. Of course, you get your entree, a thick slab of prime rib with your choice of potato or vegetables. At the end, you get to share a big slice of cake. My friend only ordered a salad because we knew we had to share what we ordered. The 3 of us adults managed to finished the prime rib dinner for two and she hardly touched her salad. The kids meal is another great deal. For around $5, the kids serving is really enough to feed an adult. No need to say, we had lots of leftovers.... I've been going to the same Black Angus in San Mateo for the past 13 years or so. The quality of food is not as great as it used to be, but it's still good. I've always been fond of their bread. It's always served nice and hot. For appetizer, I like the fried zucchini. I also love their steak soup, lots of chucks of steak in it, very tasty. I have tried other things on the menu, but like the steak the best. I usually order the filet mignon because it is a small cut of beef. With the soup and some appetizer, I can't really finish a 16 oz steak. I think Black Angus is a great place for groups. They have some great appetizers that are just too big for one person, it's better for sharing. I've ordered an appetizer for a meal once and I couldn't finish it. It's a great place to get together with friends and share some good food
Clamhouse San Mateo San Mateo, CA
Clam House has it's hits and misses. The food range from average to great. Before you start your meal, they always bring you some clam juice. I love clams and the broth has such wonderful flavors. For people not into clams, like my husband, they usually pass on it. They serve a wonderful clam chowder, very thick and creamy. They also have some wonderful pasta, I prefer the ones in cream sauce. Their entrees are decent, but nothing special. I had a blacken steak ones and went very happy with it. This is a wonderful restaurant for seafood lovers and not so good for people who aren't. The prices are a little high, but the servings are very generous, I usually have to take my food to go. Service is usually friendly, but can be slow at times. You should be able to find street parking easily around there. Reservations are not necessary, we have been able to walk in most of the time without having to wait. One good tip is to call the restaurant ahead just to see if they have a wait before you head out the door.
California Pizza Kitchen San Mateo, CA
California Pizza Kitchen is different than your typical pizza place. They use fresh and exotic ingredients on their pizza. Some combination sounds a little too strange to me but others work well. What they actually do is take different types of dishes from different cuisines and put them on a pizza dough. They have a pizza with Peking duck with hoisin sauce, which is a traditional Chinese dish. My husband always order pizza there but I usually go for a pasta or a sandwich. I like their soup as well. I always get the two soup in a bowl when I order soup. I have never made reservations there. Sometimes there is no wait, sometimes it's 45 minutes wait. Since I usually go to the one at Hillsdale mall, I don't mind the wait much because I can hop into a shop or two during the wait.
Manora's Thai Restaurant San Francisco, CA
It's one of the best Thai food places around. Lunch special is great, especially with a Thai ice tea or Thai ice coffee. I love the variety they serve.
Manora's Thai Restaurant San Francisco, CA
It's one of the best Thai food places around. Lunch special is great, especially with a Thai ice tea or Thai ice coffee. I love the variety they serve.
McCormick & Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant. It doesn't matter if its a casual lunch or a fancy dinner, I always feel comfortable at the restaurant. The view is wonderful, the service has always been great. The food is never a disappointment. The one thing I really like about their menu is the variety. Even though it is a seafood restaurant, I recommend it anyone who likes good food. My husband is not fond of seafood and he loves the place still. Be sure to make reservations.
Crepe Vine San Francisco, CA
I really enjoy the crepes, especially the one with Nutella and bananas. The serving is hugh, I recommend sharing if you're not a big eater. The only thing I don't like is that the crepes are a little too think, I really like them paper thin. But I guess with everything they put in it, they need thicker crepes to hold them in. A great place for a casual meal.
Ricks San Francisco, CA
Good food, good service. I really enjoy the times I've been there. The portion is hugh and I always end up taking half my food home. They have Monday night Luaus there if you want to go for more of a Hawaiian theme. The menu itself is really not just Hawaiian food, but a good variety with some Hawaiian influence. It's a great place for getting together.
Okazu-Ya Taraval San Francisco, CA
This really is my favorite restaurant in the city. Service can vary depending on how your server is, but the food always make up for it. Very creative sushi, and always fresh. I love their stir fry clams, I finish the whole pot all by myself sometimes. You would be in heaven is you like fish. They have about 30 different varieties of fish from sea bass to shark, usually serve fajita style on a hot plate with vegetables and rice. Their lunch deals are very inexepnsive and great. But do be prepare to wait if you plan to have dinner, there are usually a wait. The wait isn't too bad now that they have expanded a restauant. I still remember going there and wait for a long time when they use to only have about 10 tables all together. Now this is a place that any Japanese food lovers should try and believe me, it's worth the wait!
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