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Recent reviews by Kate F.
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Capitol City Brewing Company Washington, District of Columbia
The waitress disappeared for ten minutes at a time many, many times. This was particularly frustrating when my meal came out incorrectly, and I had no one to send it back to. We also never got refills on our drinks. Because the waitress had disappeared, we had to ask a passing busboy for the check. The waitress then finally came and we asked her for the check, and she still didn't come back for ten minutes then either. So I went to the hostess desk to ask to speak to a manager about the missing bill. I told the manager that service had been rediculously slow, that the waitress had been disappearing all night, and we had been waiting long for our check and were wondering where it was. The manager went and told the waitress, and then the waitress confronted us (insinuating that she didn't understand why we would have had a problem with her). I did tell her that we had been wondering where the check was. After paying the bill, the manager delivered the check back to us, stating that she was sorry for our experience. Considering the poor service, we were expecting some sort of compensation, a free dessert, even a small discount. And the manager certainly had the opportunity to do so, and chose not to. Prices are not the cheapest, and just overall a lousy experience. With several restaurants in this area, and several of them with excellent service, I can guarantee you that we will not be back.