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Recent reviews by FoodIsGood
Restaurant Name City
This place is definitely better than KFC (in Reading anyway). They have the best seasoned fries! Chicken is always juicy and tasty. If you want to splurge on a greasy treat, or just in the mood to not be health-conscious, try this place. I miss the deals though! They should bring those back. For 16 bucks it was a 12 piece box with 4 biscuits, now that deal is gone. Also, if you are dining in, you would be surprised at the cleanliness of the place. Whatever you do, definitely try the seasoned fries! Those alone are worth going!
Isaacs Deli Reading, PA
I love this place. The food is excellent and always taste fresh. I usually get the pepperjack tomato soup which is awesome. It could do without the croutons, but for me, once they get soggy is when they taste ok. So far my favorite sandwich is the Penguin which is a ham and turkey club. This is the only place I will order a club because their meats are sliced thin. I made the mistake of trying clubs at other places and I can't stand thick cut turkey. I've also tried a sandwich that had corned beef and cole slaw on pumpernickel bread. I don't even like pumpernickel bread but it works with this combo! I go at least once a week. A little pricey for some, our bill for 2 people is usually over 28 dollars, but it's worth it when the food is excellent. Definitely better than most chain sandwich shops.