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Recent reviews by Florida F.
Restaurant Name City
J. Mark's Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ok...I've driven past J. Mark's a million times on my travels about Fort Lauderdale, so I thought I'd give it a go. Upon walking in I was immediately taken by the warm and stylish decor (hello...I want the name of that interior designer!). The staff was attentive and knowledgeable and made some excellent recommendations. My guest and I decided upon the crab cakes and the grilled dolphin sandwich. So let's start with the crab cakes, shall we? I have had crab cakes that were good - and some that sadly didn't deserve to be called crab cakes - but these were utterly delightful. Huge chunks of lump crab meat with just a delicate amount of binder, that was crisp and golden on the outside with moist and tender goodness inside. And did I mention they were almost 2 inches thick! Truly a masterpiece... My guest most graciously allowed me to sample his grilled mahi sandwich also, and may I was a sumptuous and moist piece of grilled fish. Again a generous serving, and this was paired with a very tasty black bean and white rice side. Now, this place is not cheap - but the atmosphere and food are well worth the price. I'll be stopping by for Happy Hour soon...I hear that's amazing too! Definitely a thumbs up from this Foodie Gal!!!
Wings Plus Coral Springs, FL
The wings here are not enormous, but are really good and are usually one of the main things I order when I visit. Also not bad is the grilled dolphin sandwich and conch fritters. My only critique is that lately there's a politically rally going on right outside which makes parking and/or getting into the restaurant a nightmare. But aside from that - good local choice for good food!
Taormina Ristorante Fort Lauderdale, FL
In my search for the quaint burger place that once held it's spot, I came across Taormina. I was looking for a quick lunch so I ordered the veggie panini (menu said eggplant, tomatoes, onions and roasted peppers) with pasta salad. What I got was literally a reheated vegetable medley (I saw them open the frozen bag of vegetable blend) on a toasted bun - no cheese, no seasoning...nothing. Oh and there was no pasta salad - I received half crushed potato chips. With this delightful lunch I asked for iced tea, which the owner lovingly made in his dirty espresso machine (tea that tastes like stale coffee is not what I had in mind). When I mentioned to the owner that I was displeased, he took the food off the bill...then politely asked me not to come back! What a charming little place, that I shall NEVER recommend.
Sushi Rock Cafe Fort Lauderdale, FL
This place is funky! (In a good way, of course.) It's nestled in a small strip plaza on Las Olas - a tiny place that is easily missed without a keen eye. But once inside you're transported back into the 70's and 80's rock underground. The dimly lit dining room is lined in vintage album covers and illuminated with purple accent lighting. The food, while on the pricier side, is well worth the cost. A favorite of mine is the specialty "Pink Floyd" roll. (Yes, most of the specialty items reference rock icons.) The service is spot-on, but if you come during peak times expect to wait a bit. But I'm comfortable's completely worth it!
Landlubber's Raw Bar & Grill Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is definitely a "relax with friends and a beer" bar and grill. The wings are almost addicting and the service is great. It's usually pretty crowded during peak times, but you never have to wait long to be seated. One of my favorites!