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Calhouns Knoxville, TN
The wife, 8 y/o son, and I ate here last Friday (7/18/08) and were generally pleased. The atmosphere is what my wife called "refined country barn-ish". The onion loaf appetizer is a nice start to share. I got the ribs (baby backs) which were ok for restaurant ribs. The spinach maria and corn pudding were fantastic sides. My wife loved her salmon and the son liked his chicken fingers.
M & M Catering Knoxville, TN
M & M's was profiled by Ken Schwall on WBIR a few weeks ago and the owner mentioned that the landlord had not renewed their lease. They have now relocated just a few miles west on Middlebrook Pike at Chert Pit Road, next to Grace Lutheran Church. As of 7/19/08 they were still setting up operations but were selling a limited menu. I'll go back after they are up and running, but they were a bit "off" of their usual fine BBQ.
Pizza Palace Knoxville, TN
This place was on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives during their first season on Food Network. Not in the best part of town, the previous commenter is correct.
Edison Park Steakhouse Knoxville, TN
Edison Park Steakhouse to close By Carly Harrington (Contact) Originally published 02:21 p.m., August 17, 2007 Updated 02:21 p.m., August 17, 2007 Edison Park Steakhouse in Farragut will close its doors for good Sunday evening. Restaurant owner Randy Burleson said the property has been sold to a bank in Nashville. The Edison Park staff will move to the new Aubrey’s restaurant on Middlebrooke Pike and Cedar Bluff Road when it opens in three weeks. Comment on Carly Harrington's blog, The Bottom Line More details as they develop online and in Saturday's News Sentinel.
Hooters Knoxville, TN
Took my son here for the first time last Sunday and he really enjoyed it. He liked the fried pickles and mild wings but his burger was just so so.
Rafferty's Restaurant & Bar Knoxville, TN
Sometimes when they have leftover prime rib, they have a special on french dip sandwiches the next day. I had one today and it was magnificent and only $9 for a full plate. They don't have it all the time, so when you see it is a special for lunch, order up!
Aubrey's Restaurant Knoxville, TN
We snuck off here for lunch the other day for our second visit since they opened a few months ago. The atmosphere and service were still spectacular. They had a huge lunch crowd so I was worried we'd have to wait but they got us right in. Alexis got the Pizza Rockefeller. It SAYS that it's an appetizer but it is a meal in itself. It's a fried tortilla topped with spinach con queso, grilled chicken, tomatoes, peppers, etc. I had a slice and loved it. It's a great lunch item. I splurged and went for the Petite Filet with the red mashed potatoes and parmesan spinach as sides. The filet was OK. It was a filet but it wasn't as flavorful as the beef tenderloin usually is (which might not be their fault). I usually hand cut my filets at home and even seasoned with just salt and pepper, it's more flavorful. The spinach side was incredibly good.
Rafferty's Restaurant & Bar Knoxville, TN
We had lunch here on Halloween. The place always does a brisk lunch business but it seemed even busier that day. There was a table of 12 dressed in full costume right next to us and they had just ordered so I was afraid it would take a long time but I was wrong. I got the Backyard BBQ Burger and the house salad. The burger was simple and good. Burger, bacon, shredded cheddar, sauteed onions and BBQ sauce. The salad was as good as always with the warm bacon & honey mustard dressing....I could just drink the stuff. My wife got the Frisco Salad. She said it wasn't bad but wished that she had gotten the house salad instead. These salads might not be good FOR you but they sure do taste good!
Shono's Japanese Restaurant Knoxville, TN
How does one classify Shonos? It isn't on the level of the "Japanese Steakhouses" like Benihaha's but it is above the take out places like Hibachi Factory. I guess that is why their slogan is "Nothing fancy, simply good". They are great for take out or eating in. We both got the "Eddie Special" (steak and chicken combo) which included our salad w/ ginger dressing. It was typical of such a place, tart, tangy, and crunchy. Then our appetizer of pot stickers came.....deliclious! The entree was a bit of the twist. The fried rice was just average but the veggies were way more than just zucchini and was a mass of chinese cabbage, sprouts, zucchini, onions, etc all in a tasty sauce. The meat was loaded on top. For half the price of a Japanese Steakhouse, Shono's doesn't taste half bad!
Perkin's Family Restaurant Knoxville, TN
We visited at 10 on a Saturday morning with a Vol's early game (cough, Alabama, cough). Despite being packed, they got our order out to us very quickly. I was counting on a long wait but they nailed it.
Firehouse Subs Knoxville, TN
I stopped by the Firehouse Subs located just off Peters Road today. It was my first time here. Nice decor, typical order here, pick up here layout of a sub sandwich place. I got the Philly Steak n Cheese. Not bad, but they're no Quizno's or even Subway on a good day.
Little Bangkok Knoxville, TN
We had lunch here today while renewing car tags in Farragut. My wife got egg drop soup for her appetizer and her usual favorite sweet basil fried rice but this time she opted for the tofu, instead of meat. This tofu was cubed much smaller than the appetizer portion, which makes it more pleasing. I liked the pieces I stole from her plate! I got the Royal Chicken, which is a breaded chicken and broccoli covered in their spicy brown rice. Very tasty. One note, LB is closed on Mondays for lunch!
Pelancho's Mexican Grill Knoxville, TN
We attended a party here last night for a friend's 30th. We reserved the back patio which holds 20-30 people adequately. At the same time, they had another party inside with just as many people watching the game on the big screen. I never really thought about it before, but this is a great place to host a big party.
Aubrey's Restaurant Knoxville, TN
Aubrey's Cafe has enjoyed a good reputation in the Knoxville area but I've never tried them until today, when we visited their brand new location at the corner of Middlebrook and Cedar Bluff. Their grand opening was just last night but the place was jam packed for lunch. It is located in a brand new building and has a "comfortably upscale" decor. I like how the bar area is totally encased in glass walls, which keeps the noise down in the rest of the restaurant (and would have helped with smoke, but that's a moot point now given the no smoking law). The wait staff were knowlegable and prompt. They have obviously received good training because I wouldn't have guessed it was only their second day of service. The Rattlesnake Pasta (11.95) is to die for. It's grilled chicken tossed with baby spinach, bell pepper, cilantro and linguine in a southwestern cream sauce. My wife ordered it but after one bite, I wish that I had! I had the hickory bbq chicken (also $11.95) which was grilled perfectly and topped with a twangy bbq sauce, tomatos, and shredded cheese. The mac and cheese is excellent comfort food. The slaw was good but it is sweet style while I prefer more "heat" (horseradish) in mine, that's just a personal thing, not good or bad. We'll definitely be returning to this new establishment.
Ruby Tuesday Knoxville, TN
The last two times at RT's, I've noticed they are converting their stores to their new decor and menu. Fortunately, the menu isn't all that different because I like what they do. We did happy hour here tonight, sharing orders of the Asian Dumplings(potstickers) and Thai Phoon Shrimp. The potstickers are bigger than most places, have a great contrasting texture and a great spicy sweet sauce. The Thai Phoon shrimp are also tasty in a spicy sauce, but they have varied quality wise between our last two visits.
Bojangles' Famous Chicken N Biscuits Knoxville, TN
Bojangles is relatively new to Knoxville but not to me. I had my first steak biscuit ever at a Bojangles in Jacksonville, FL in 1984 so I was glad to see them open in Knoxville. Tonight we got an 8-pc box (includes 4 biscuits) and a side of dirty rice. Their fried chicken has a nice spicy kick to it, but not too hot. The dirty rice was top notch. The whole package was only about $11 which isn't bad, in my book. I'll definitely come back...then again, it is on my way home from the martial arts school I attend so it's only natural :)
Cracker Barrell Country Store Knoxville, TN
My youngest son and I hit this Cracker Barrell about twice a month on our "dad-son fun day". He loves the Momma's breakfast sampler while I vary my order. We try to get here early on Saturdays because you have to wait after 9am or so. Their hash brown casserole is excellent. Trev loves how his maple syrup comes in warm, individual sized bottles.
Rafferty's Restaurant & Bar Knoxville, TN
My wife, 18y/o son, and I ate here Wednesday night. We all got variants of prime rib. My wife got the prime rib sandwich (not available before 4pm), I got the small prime rib (8-10 oz), and son got the large prime rib (14-16 oz). The warm house salad dressing is excellent and the honey glazed rolls, delish. We all agreed the prime rib was huge and no one finished theirs (we took them home w/ us). The garlic mashed taters, baked sweet potato, and stuffed baked potatoes were great sides. The atmosphere this time of year is perfect. You can go with the rich dark interior booths, the warmly lit sunroom type exterior, or dine on the deck. Just writing about it is making me hungry again!
Timberloft Gordonsville, TN
I had lunch here today while travelling back from Nashville. It's just off I-40 at exit 249 and I highly recommend it. I got a ribeye steak sandwich with fried corn on the cob which were both good. The place is clean, nicely decorated like someone's mountain cabin, and much bigger than it looks from outside. The hostest and waitress were both extremely polite, friendly, and helpful. I'll definitely stop again!
Naples Italian Restaurant Knoxville, TN
We went here for lunch on 9/5/07. I got the spaghetti carbonara which was excellent and I took enough home for a second meal. My wife got the crab meat/eggplant panini and she loved it. This place isn't anything fancy but it's certainly a great neighborhood restaurant.
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