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Bunky's Satellite Beach, FL
BUNKY'S is now under new & energetic management, and it shows. FRIENDLY, family atmosphere, and a beautiful new decor, complete with facinating aquariums and new blue fish-motif table tops; better acoustics, and delicious oysters, seafood, and wings. Bunky's has long been one of Satellite Beach's (Zip code= 32937 ) Friday/Saturday nite, & lunch time, favorites, and it's a winner-still !
Bizzaro Satellite Beach, FL
BIZZARO'S fast & friendly service, tasty Italian specialties, authentic open Italian kitchen, and handy location have made this one of the most popular local luncheon eateries. On the menu you'll find everything from Pizza & Calzone to an elegant Veal Parmigiana, & you'll enjoy watching it's preparation in the open-kitchen, while you listen to Italian ballad background music, & the Italian language of the chefs. Located in a busy strip-mall just south of Patrick Airforce Base, dress is very casual, service is efficient & friendly, prices are reasonable, and you'll enjoy people watching in the noonday crowd. Come a little early, for the best tables.
Enigma Satellite Beach, FL
ENIGMA is a delight, in every way. Newly opened, newly renovated, and under energetic & innovative new ownership, this location was for long years the site of the Continental & elegant Phoenix resturant. New ownership has brought with it a new spirt of contemporary coastal-casual dining which seems more welcoming & appropriate to this beachside surfing-capital resort. Owners Debby Ingram & Lucio Gonzalez take pride in the careful preparation of an appealing variety of Italian and Mediterranian dishes; ask about their sampler-platter, featuring a little taste of each of their best! The ambiance is quiet, cozy, and romantic, and prices are reasonable. You'll be glad you came.
Continental Flambe Melbourne, FL
The CONTINENTAL FLAMBE, located beside the railroad track in trendy picturesque & antique-y Old Town, Melbourne, Florida, is a little bit of Paris right-here-in-river-city. The ambiance here is soothingly subdued, with lots of wood paneling, vintage wine displays, and French-speaking waiters to take your order. The dining patrons seem to be regulars drawn from Melbourne area's affluent retirement beach communities; Lunch-time is the best time to come; and you might like to take a look at the menu, which is posted outside, before asking to be seated.
Bizarro Satellite Beach, FL
This is one of the areas best bargains, and if you care more about the quality of ingredients, preparation, and competently charming service, than about high-rent and elegant ambiance, then THIS family owned authentically Italian resturante is the place for you. Owner, George, has out-done himself, in the ever-improving decor and quality. This little eatery in a simple-strip-mall, Satellite Beach, is a well-kept-secret....and is one of the most enjoyable best-buys around. When here, be sure to meet the owner George, whose watchful high-standards and friendly-charm have made this little gem of a resturant the absolute-delight that it is.
Boomerang Oceanfront Dining;stonedcrab Bar Melbourne Beach, FL
BOOMERANG on the beach is one of the Melbourne Beach areas most convivial surfside dining spots, and you'll find only the friendliest of welcome, attentivness of service, and the freshest of ingredients, here. Menu choices offer a wide variety of seafood and beef dishes, some prepared with a French Bistro or a French-Island-Caribbean twist, and all are offered at competative beachside-prices. On the last Sunday of every month there's the well attended Reggae Bash on the Deck from four til eight, and daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served from seven til about ten p.m. The European born owners take pride in attractive presentation and the highest of quality, and a warm welcome, consistancy, and comfort can be expected here.
Squid Lips Dockside, Sail-In Resturant,bar &a ... Sebastian, FL
You'll luve SQUID-LIPS, which has been newly renovated and decorated to be as colorful as it's new name. There's the same dockside ambiance, the same walk out on the long pier experience, or the sail-in excitement, and the same consistantly excellent food preparation and friendly welcome, and the same very reasonable prices..... And the live Islands Ballads, wafting over the water from the barge-bar, completes the laidback convivial mood of the day. Everything comes together here at the newly re-opened SQUID-LIPS (formerly FINS) to make this a weekend experience you won't soon forget.
Squid-Lips (formerly Known As Fins,on the Pie ... Sebastian, FL
SQUID-LIPS is the new-name of an old-favorite, "FINS" resturant, lounge, and barge-bar, and this legendary hot-spot has re-opened under the propriotorship and management of the origional owners of the property, who have recently renovated the building, and re-organized completely. All the elements that you've luved before still remain, and this eatery out on the pier is simply better than ever. You can still order the oak grilled bacon wrapped scallops, and still grove to the ballads of Margaritaville style live musicians, out on the barge bar. Come by boat or by car.....but be sure to come, as SQUID-LIPS is still the hottest watering hole in this sleepy little fishing-town (turned tourist-town) of Sebastian, Florida. (see FINS, for more reviews of this resturant, here at dine.com)
Fins Grill Sebastian, FL
FINS resturant of Sebastian, Florida, located on the end of a pier out into the Indian River, has just REOPENED under the new-and-different name of "SQUID-LIPS". .....now we dubiously wonder if that new and unusual name will really sound so attractive and appetizing to the many FINS followers who have eagerly awaited the re-opening of this exciting resturant-location........but we wager that in this case a rose by ANY name WOULD be as sweet, and that seafood-food lovers of the area will soon school-back for a glimse of the new-decor here at the old FINS, newly dubbed the SQUID-LIPS ! We loved the new menu here, which more than equals the variety and quality of the old management's "FINS", and the live Margaraville-Style ballads sung out on the adjoining barge, and we're expecting to see the usual weekend crowd in feeding-frenzy here at this FINS favorite watering-hole, as soon as the welcome word of FINS/SQUIDLIPS newly renovated RE-OPENING gets-out ! Come by boat or by car.....;you'll love it here at SQUIDLIPS !
City Tropics Bistro of Indialantic By the Sea Indialantic, FL
Djon, Owner of the CITY TROPICS BISTRO of Indialantic, has created a gathering place which is rapidly becoming THE focal hot-spot of the "beautiful-people" at this once-sleepy seaside town of Indialantic, and we congratulate Owner Dijon on his creatively artistic and entreprenual skills, both here and at his Melbourne Beach Resturant, DJON'S CHOP HOUSE . Djon's newest "South Beach Style" watering-hole, CITY TROPICS BISTRO, combines color, conviviality, consistancy....and excellent casual cusine at reasonable prices. We welcome Djon and the CITY TROPICS BISTRO; it's an idea whose time has come! For access to the CITY TROPICS BISTRO website, access: www.citytropics.com
Fins Grill Sebastian, FL
FINS, located on a pier out over the Indian River Lagoon in SEBASTIAN, Florida, has RE-OPENED as of 19 January, 2004, with a completely fresh new-look, both inside and out, thanks to the vision and imagination of it's new proprietors who have been the long-time-owners (and landlords) of the building itself. FINS with return with all the friendly hospitality, delicious oak-grilled seafoods, and other good-stuff that has kept us coming here for years.....and THEN-SOME, with it's new-improved & more modern decor, improved restroom-facilities, and an expanded menu. If you luved it here at FINS before, you'll become an even more devoted fan of its congenial atmosphere, riverside-beauty, Island-rhythms, and succulent-seafood, now !
Imperial Hotel/rendezvoux Resturant Melbourne, FL
With Pleasure, we give the HIGHEST MARKS to the owners and manager/proprietors of THE IMPERIAL'S HOTEL & Conference Center, their resturant "Rendezvous", and the friendly, well-trained, and efficient kitchen and house-keeping staff. Over the holidays, 2003-2004, we have been pleased and mightily-impressed. We attended four large functions in the Imperial Ballroom here, complete with our overnight accomodations booked upstairs. The SUITE rooms were exceptionally attractive and comfortable. And, to our surprise, the kitchen and server-staff handled the crowd of 500 persons cheerfully, competently, and almost invisibly.....;and THE FOOD SERVED HERE was some of the most delicious, hot, fresh, and memorable that we have ever been served in many years of attendance at these MASS-FOOD-SERVICE Holiday-Banquets. MANY at our big-round-table were absolutely entralled with the SCALLOP, SHRIMP, SEAFOOD NEWBURG, and the potatoe au gratin, and tender prime-rib, and plan to return to the Rendevzous resturant all during the coming year, in hopes of being served more of the Imperial's delightfully delicious seafood. We can't say enough GOOD about this friendly, efficient CONFERENCE CENTER, and we wish to thank and compliment the owner, proprieter, and manager. Email address here is: www.imperialshotel.com
Casablanca, Moroccan Nights/mediterranian Satellite Beach, FL
CASABLANCA is the one of the most exciting resturants to open just off-of this quiet stretch of A1A Highway, just south of Patrick Air Force Base, in many a Moroccan-Moon.... Casablanca's new owners, Abila and Mystafo, are currently busy remodeling this new location to reflect the mystery, artistry, and romance of their native Morocco, and you will be delighted to see and feel the atmosphere which their collected Moroccan Treasures and imaginative decor have conjured-up, for your dining-enjoyment, here. There's a feeling of MOROCCAN NIGHTS in the air......and all the warmth of welcome, with good company, gracious hospitality, authentic Moroccan Music, and the highest-quality of Moroccan Cusine with tantalize, tempt, and delight you........and all this is offered such reasonable Satellite Beach/Patrick Air Force Base prices that you'll want to make CASABLANCA one of your very favorite dining rooms..... Please tell owners/chefs Abila and Mystafo that we sent you, and you will receive their charactically warm welcome, and a most friendly handshake at the door.
Bizzaro Satellite Beach, FL
BIZARRO'S, on A1A just south of Patrick Air Force Base, will surprise and delight you! Bizzaro's energetic new owner George Hagal is in process of working long-hours to make Bizarro one of the most enjoyable dining rooms on this stretch of A1A Highway, and you will be delighted with the pleasant, relaxing, and authenticly Italian atmosphere which George's carpentry and imaginative artistry has produced. Every aspect, here at Bizarro, is warmly welcoming, from the soft-lighting and modern clean facilities to the pleasantly appointed dining-tables and tinkling water-music of a flowing decorative fountain, and CD's of authentic Italian Music playing, and you'll be pleased with any of George's authentically Italian dishes that you might choose from Bizarro's varied menu selection. We chose the Veal Picata and the Eggplant Rollatine, with samples of Bizarro's home-made (and sold by the quart) delicious soups, to begin. Prices are moderate, service is warm and friendly, and there is always the assurance of highest quality and the most careful food preparation, here at Bizarro. Please tell George that we sent you, to receive an extra-warm welcome and a friendly handshake at the door....
Lobster Shanty,jack Bakers, N.of P.a.f.b.,a1a Cocoa Beach, FL
Jack Baker's LOBSTER SHANTY is one of the Satellite Beach/Cocoa Beach/Patrick Air Force Base areas most long-lived, tried-and-true dining stand-bys, and locals and tourists alike have been returning here again and again, for a sure-thing pleasant dining experience, where all things come together for a perfect evening of good food in a pleasant coastal riverfront environment, and with moderate prices and a friendly welcome. You'll love it here at Jack Baker's LOBSTER SHANTY, where friendliness and quality are always consistant, and the ambiance is pleasantly relaxing , and a colorful red sunset viewed over the Indian River, seen from your comfortable tabe, might be a serendipitous delight.
Ay' Jalisco Vero Beach, FL
Ay'Jalisco is about as authentically mexican as you can get 'round these parts, and has a loyally enthusiastic following of local dining patrons who come back night after night, for more. Try the Chimichangas, or the Fahitas.....or ANYthing on this unusually interesting menu.....;all are consistantly served in a warm & welcoming atmosphere, and at very moderate prices.
Jaycee Park Seaside Grill Vero Beach, FL
THE SEASIDE GRILL is just what it says....and is a well-kept-secret in tasty seaside dining ! In a costal-casual rustic atmosphere, grilled beside-the-sea, these treats are served up with a smile, and at friendly-prices. Be sure to sample the CRAB-CAKE burgers.....and order a shake to go with it. You'll be pleased !
Churrascos Vero Beach, FL
You'll luve it here at CHURRASCOS ! Friendly service, tasty food from a broad selection of menu choices, in a colorful setting and at very reasonable prices !
Fins Grill Sebastian, FL
FINS has been temporarily closed-down due to county code enforcement regarding plumbing facilities. Several days ago, in good faith, I wrote a review reporting this event to dine.com readers who love FINS and are sad to see this happen.....and who wish FINS the best of luck, and will be waiting for it's doors to open again. MY REVIEW WAS NOT APPROVED, and I would appreciate an explaination of the reason for this, as I feel that this is valid and IMPORTANT news-reporting, and is a worthwhile service to FINS dining patrons. Thankyou.
The Lobster Shanty of Jack Baker, Vero Beach Vero Beach, FL
Jack Baker's LOBSTER SHANTY is tried-and-true, over the years, and has always been a consistant, friendly favorite of ours. Here you'll find an array of fresh quality seafood, at reasonable prices, served in a rustic riverside setting, here in this unique secluded and elegant Vero Beach location. You'll love it here, and want to come back for more.
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