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Hy's Steak Loft Edmonton, AB
I was recently in Edmonton visiting relatives, as such I have had the chance to visit a few fine restaurants. I would definitely class Hy's as a fine location. The staff were great. Very curtious & attentive. When I return to the city. I would return for certian.
Cosmos Greek Taverna Edmonton, AB
As everyone who has read any of my reviews for Greek Restaurants will know. Greek food is a big weakness of mine. So when I get to try a new one. I will jump at the chance. I am certainly glad I did here. The food was excellent. The Staff were friendly. And the service was very good. Nuff said.
Royal Fork Buffet Edmonton, AB
Simply put. A good Buffet. The food actually has some flavor. Unlick some buffets, where they don't season much. I had a good time here.
My Thai Restaurant Langley, BC
I was not impressed. A friend took me here. The service was slow. The portions were measly. It is not on my return list
Thai House Restaurant Ltd Burnaby, BC
In a few simple words. I got a mild case of food poisioning here.
Anducci's Pasta Bar Burnaby, BC
When I am paying more than $10 for pasta. I expect either exceptional food, or large portions. I found neither here. The food was average and the portions were on the smallish side. The is not a place I would willingly return to. Unless somebody else was picking up the tab. Even then I would hesitate.
Fets Pasta Bar & Grill Vancouver, BC
I have been here twice now. The first time I was definitely impressed. So I went back with some friends and was sorely disapointed. I will give it a third try to see what happens.
Lucky China Restaurant Surrey, BC
As anyone who has read a few of my reviews. I very rarely give 4 stars let alone 5. Lucky deserves 5 starts from me. I will leave it at that.
Elisabeth's Chalet Restaurants Surrey, BC
The service here was great. The atmosphere very nice. The food was average.
Singapore Restaurant Vancouver, BC
I was totally put off by this place. It took way too long for the serving staff to attend my table. The food was poor at best.
Hen Long Oriental Food Surrey, BC
Typical run of the mill menu geared for the western diners. I usually rate a Chinese restaurant on the ratio of Asians to non asians eating there. If there are usually a large number of Asains eating there. That tells me a lot about the location.
Asian Garden Chinese Rstrnt Kelowna, BC
I would compare this location to the average Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. Good food (not the best) reasonable service. When I am back in Kelowna I would have to think twice before returning here.
Great Wall Mongolia Barbeque Vancouver, BC
Simply put. I was completely dissatisfied with both my meal and the service.
Pink Pearl Chinese Seafood Vancouver, BC
Reasonable service. Average food. The portions a fair at best.
Burger Brothers Restaurant Surrey, BC
Burger Brothers has not been a viable (operating) resturaunt for a few years now.
Minoas Greek Taverna Burnaby, BC
The atmosphere here is great. The food excellent. But not a plce to bring a few active kids. I would return here gladly. But it would be with friends not with my kids.
Linda's Lunch Bucket Lynden, WA
I found this place while I was a little lost in the Lynden area. My kids were hungry and it was handy. Boy was I happy we went in. The food was great. The service was attentive and prompt. I do not get into Lynden very often, but next time I am, I will definitely return to Linda's.
Boomers Restaurant Aldergrove, BC
The hours that this restaurant is open seem to vary from day to day. Regardless to what is posted on the door. The portions are tiny for the price paid, and the service was poor. This is a place I will avoid in the future.
C-Lovers Fish & Chips Chilliwack, BC
I have been to a couple of locations of C-Lovers. I can honestly say that both my kids and I enjoyed ourselves here. We will be back.
Mandarin Garden Buffet Chilliwack, BC
As most people who have read my reviews are aware. I am a single father of 4 young children. So I am always seeking a goood and fun place to take my kids. This was definitely one of those. The servers treated my kids like they were special. That alone would have me come back. But the food was great and the location was clean and well kept. So this is a keeper.
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