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Restaurant Name City
Chef Chu's Los Altos, CA
well this is 'the' classic chinese restaurant in the peninsula area - definately not a 'hole in the wall' atmosphere so if that is what you like don't go here. however, the menu is extensive (even have Peking Duck), priced reasonable if not just a little more than the hole in the wall places, and is consistently good. <br> The thing I like least about this place is the parking.
Armadillo Willy's BBQ Los Altos, CA
One of my favorite lunch time spots! I love the barbeque sandwich basket. the ribs are also spot on. service is average as they usually get very crowded. <br> you may find the parking hard to find - if there is a way to go there during off hours that would be best.
Anton's Restaurant Greensboro, NC
This is a good all round Italian restaurant and this restaurant has been around for a long long time. You aren't going to go wrong with anything you order here. I especially like the Lasagne. If you are into upscale though this is not your place.
Benihana of Tokyo Cupertino, CA
This is a restaurant you want to go to for entertainment as well as good food and I recommend it for a date, for a family with kids, or even a work group on lunch break. <br> The atmosphere works best with an interactive 'audience', so the chefs can play off of your energy and give you some back. If you sit there quietly, their performance will have less energy, so clap away! <br> Food is very good and there is a reasonable selection. Access to the restaurant is easy off of 280 and Wolfe as long as you don't hit rush 'hour'.
Ikenohana Restaurant Cupertino, CA
This restaurant has consistently good food even compared to other Japanese restaurants in the area. Selection is average, but still plentiful as are the portions of food you get. I particularly like the 'Spider Rolls'. <br> Access to the restaurant is easy and near major cross roads.
El Torito Cupertino, CA
This is your 'basic' Mexican restaurant with all the expected menu items and atmosphere. This is a good type of place to have office groups or large parties visit. It is very conveniently located at I80 and Wolfe with lots of parking. Employees are friendly and usually you can get a table quickly. <br> Menu is pretty extensive. And the food - it is good, but also not something you will remember either.
Compadres Mexican Bar & Grill Palo Alto, CA
My rating here is a qualified 4 star. I'd say 4 star relative (compared) to Mexican chain restaurants and certainly the food I've had there in many visits has been consistently good/very good. There are some hole in the wall restaurants I prefer, but for a large one this is a favorite. <br> I especially like the outdoor area with the propane heaters near the tables - very nice on a crisp or cold day.
Puerto Vallarte Mexican Restaurant Calistoga, CA
Food here is pretty good, but not something you will remember. It has a decent selection of the standard items so you should be able to order what you are looking for.
Reggie's Bar-B-Q & Seafood Hse Milton, FL
The food is ok and they even have some all you can eat choices, which for the big eaters could make this a '3 star' if quantity is what you go for. Variety of menu is actually nice between seafood and barbeque. Service is average. <br> When I went there the best thing I liked was to watch the alligator down by the water - I bet the restaurant owners feed it to keep it there for customers. Kind of spices up the food.
Izumi Japanese Restaurant Rocklin, CA
My favorite here is the combination box, but the sushi boats that float around have all kinds of goodies to choose from if you want a la carte. the sushi is very good, but not quite up to Bay Area standards (understandable). the service is always excellent and friendly. the location is easy to get in to. I don't recall ever having to wait for a table.
Windy City Pizza San Mateo, CA
The deep dish chicago style is a 5 star, the other food is a 3 star. Make sure you get the deep dish for best results. This is my favorite pizza in all the Bay Area. <br> Also the Greek salads are real good too. They are enough for 2-3 people so you can share. <br> The only things I don't like are the separate lines for drinks vs. food and sometimes it is so busy the service isn't the best.
Higuma Japanese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
my favorite 'hole in the wall' japanese restaurant in the entire bay area! excellent food. extremely reasonable cost compared to other japanese restaurants, and typically friendly hosts. <br> the only thing you have to worry about is driving by on el camino before you realize it and the parking is limited. but, it is definately worth it.
Awful Annie's Auburn, CA
Ok food with nice atmosphere. Service is sometimes slow. Expect to wait in lines if you are during breakfast hours on the weekends or holidays.
Ikeda's Tasty Burgers Auburn, CA
High stars are for the killer fruit freezes and pies. To die for. Even the burgers and rings taste great. Not a real restaurant atmosphere if that is what you are looking for. Easy access from I80.
Sum's Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant Auburn, CA
Good food at reasonable price. Only restaurant of its type without driving 15 miles down the hill to Roseville. Fast service too.
Bombay Bistro Roseville, CA
My favorite buffet around bar none. Excellent food. Friendly help. Service can be moderately slow if busy though. If you are hungry or love Indian food you need to try this.
Claim Jumper Roseville, CA
Very good food, fast help but sometimes busy, outstanding menu selection - almost too much in fact. Easy access to I80. Can't go wrong here.
Olive Garden Roseville, CA
What can you say - this is Olive Garden? Consistently good food. I love their salads. Pastas are good, but not spectacular. Friendly help.
Casa Carbone Ristorante Raleigh, NC
One of my faviorite Italian restaurants. I first ate hear (under different name then) * 40 * years ago. Try the veal scal.Their roquefort dressing is outstanding. Really good.
Barhhill's Country Buffet Pensacola, FL
A very nice selection and good tasting too. Price is very reasonable, and there are enough Barnhills around to get to one quickly from where you live. Probably middle of the road in terms of area buffet restaurants.