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Forbidden City Restaurant Puyallup, WA
The food is edible if you don't mind getting sick off of their dirty dishware. Finding a good Chinese Restaurant is not easy. Most of them are a little to a lot of dirty. They generally have food that has been sitting out for far too long. This place rates right along with those.
Cattin's Family Dining Puyallup, WA
Take a close look at your plate and check your food before you bite into it. My dad used to make me go here every morning before we fished. I always made sure to eat before we left. I would get juice. Mostly because my dad was forever finding hair in his food. Finger nails have also turned up. I got sick from the dishwashing soap that was not cleaned off of my glass of orange juice. Much like Denny's, but dirty.
Earthquakes Puyallup, WA
If you are looking for a nice family burger joint this place will meet your expectations. Your kids will have to split the burger and you'll probably be taking some home. These people know burgers and they only know them as huge. They have real shakes too. Not the McDonalds kind that come in a big plastic bag.
Jason's Restaurant Puyallup, WA
Think Denny's or Shari's. They are all the same when it comes to the food. Most of the waitresses are very much not nice. The food isn't good enough to make me go back...the waitresses will keep you from going there too. Just go to Denny's instead. Same everything with better service.
Mazatlan Restaurant Puyallup, WA
If you want good Mexican try these guys. The employees are some of the most willing to please I have ever met. Your water glass might actually be able to empty if they are very busy, otherwise they keep you satisfied. I have had better mole, but that depends on the day. They have a wide range of food to suit your tastes that day. I really enjoyed the mixed drinks. They have a smoking section and a seperate bar. The bathrooms are always clean as is everything else. (Trust me, I have seen the kitchen)
Mrs Turner's Restaurant Puyallup, WA
The food here is usually what you expect from a ma and pa restaurant. There have been problems with food poisoning from the salad dressing, but that has been better now that it's under new managment. Some of the old cooks would find dead mice around the kitchen and in bags of stuff in the fridge and serve it anyway. I have had huge rats crawl over my feet in the basement when I was restocking too. Last I heard these things have been cleaned up, but think twice before you eat here.
O'Farrell's Family Restaurant Puyallup, WA
There are really good burgers here. My mom or friends and I would go to Fred Meyers which shares a parking lot and then eat here. They have friendly service and good coffee. They seem pretty clean and have never made me sick. I would go back.
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Puyallup, WA
They have great burgers, but have high prices for them. When you do get a burger it comes with all the steak fries you can eat. There is almost always a long wait in the evening but there are about ten other restaurants within a block. The South Hill Mall is also right next to it. There is a movie theater not too far away. I have dated many guys from Ft. Lewis and this was in the top five places they liked to go.
The Sun Break Cafe Auburn, WA
I went to school to be a chef. I had everyone in there for my breakfast and this place beats me by a mile. The food here is better than you could have dreamed. They open really early and close in the afternoon. But you better get there early or just not go to bed, or you'll be waiting outside for an hour for your table.