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Everett & Jones Oakland, CA
This is one if not the very best or Q. Always hot people nice great food. I have been going here for years. Better than the one in Berzerkley or in Jack London. The spicy one is greatest. Only down side is the potatoe salad. Saul deli is only place for potatoe salad. You got he urge for Q YOU MUST COME HERE.
Fentons Creamery & Restaurant Oakland, CA
Good place for diner food. The roast beef Au jus is a throw back to simpler times.. Malted shakes are great though a tad expensive 7.95 (2.50 my younger days). Service is great eager and quick, .A nice place to take a date. Outdoor seating for fresh air. Good onions rings. You get extra miles if you use a credit card for United airlines frequent flyers. Chef Salad fresh big and tasty.
Flint's Barbeque Oakland, CA
I use to go to Flints all the time. I went there this past weekend. IT was terrible. Dry no flavor. I found after I had it they DO NOT do it on site. They cook in Alameda and warm it up on Telegraph ave. Go to Everret & Jones on Fruitvale 6 stars great food.
Zachary's Chicago Pizza Oakland, CA
Well after many years of hearing about this place I ventured to it. I got lucky and had a parking place right in front 10 feet from the door at 1145 am. on a Thursday. I had called in for my order I saddle up and paid. My stuffed, NOT DEEP DISH, mushroom and pepperoni would be ready in 8 minutes. The people were nice it was clean . A great place for a lunch. Mine was to go. Got it, was heavy Placed inside my car and home in 15 minutes . Opened, still too hot to eat. OK. Wheres the pepperoni . I see some mushrooms. Cooled it off took a bite. WHAT THE THE BIG DEAL. It reminded me of Round Table pizza. I love Round Table. The sauce is tangy lots of herbs.But Round T. have more fresh mushroom and pepperoni. Zach is different , lots of chunky tomatoes...which is nice i guess. BUT ...what is the deal all about ? Sorry You all are caught in a marketing type frenzy or something it is not that impressive. Blondie was/ is good pizza. I will try the thin crust next time I am in the 'hood, This is really nothing to be ga ga over