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Charco Broiler Fort Collins, CO
A great place for steaks, the service is good too. The steak club sanwich is really good for lunch. and you have to try the peanut butter pie.
Saigon Grill Fort Collins, CO
I went for lunch abd the lunch special selection is excellent. I went back for dinner and had the sizzling seafood, outstanding and will excellent service.
The Savoy Berthoud, CO
Ok, in Berthoud, next to the Ace hardware is the last place you would expect to find one of the very finest Classic French Restuants is the state. If you have the money, make a reservation and sit back and enjoy one of the truly fantastic meals you will have in your life. EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Texas Roadhouse Fort Collins, CO
This is a steak house....A good cold salad and a good tender peice of beef cooked right..a good combination . The Cowboy cut sirloin is my fave. The rolls are sweet and good..the peanuts are always there..
Santigago Xiv Berthoud, CO
If you are looking for good mexican food at reasonable prices, this is your place. Good service and large portions make this a must try.
Pickle Barrel Fort Collins, CO
A real deli and excellent sandwichws. Excellnt selection of meats and cheeses to design you own and good menu selections. Try the Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Bear Rock Cafe Fort Collins, CO
A great place for sandwiches. A Very good and varied menue. The BearCristo is good. A little on the pricey side but you do get your money's worth. CROWDED during lunch
Chipotle Mexican Grill Fort Collins, CO
If you need a burito fix and you are burnt out on big city..this is your place. Good and fresh fixings and large portions mke this worth the money.
Back Porch Cafe Fort Collins, CO
One of the hidden jewels of Ft Collins. If you want a breakfast and atmosphere this is your place. The food is excellent and the service too. There is just something about sitting on the deck enjoying a relaxed breakfast with friends in the cool colorado morning that soothes the soul.
Star Bar Bq Fort Collins, CO
Some of the better BBQ in the area, the portions are small for the money but good.
A Li Buffet Fort Collins, CO
This is a buffett where not only can you eat until you can't move and the food is really good too. The evening buffet had a lot of seafood and is excellent.
Taqueria Los Comales Fort Collins, CO
This is real mexican food, the salsa bar is incredible. Excellent food and service. Another unfound excellent place
Inca Mexican Resturant Fort Collins, CO
Excellent lunch specials, dinners are very good. Food varies a little but over all is an excellent value, service is always top notch.
Hooters Fort Collins, CO
Ok, it's Hooter's. Yes the waitress are in the hooters attire, but they have alot more clothes on than many of the college grils at the mall, if you can't get past that, it's your loss. The service is always excellent and the food, while mostly fried, is of consistantly high quality.
Carl Jrs Loveland, CO
Ok, who doesn't like a good berger? These are the best of all the fast food places. They have the only good Chiliberger in northern colorado, I have had most of them. The onion rigs are a little over done but everything else is good. Be sure to check your take is one of the only places I have gotten my order home and there was no berger on the sandwich....oops.
Sonic Drive in Loveland, CO
It's a good old fashion drive in. The foot long coney's are good and the bergers are good too. A welcome change from Mikkey D's and berger biggie.
Sonic Drive in Loveland, CO
It's a good old fashion drive in. FritoChili Pie...the king of greasy junk food...and chili fries too...whoo hoo.. and a Rt44 Limeaide..will fix anyones junk food cravings.
Steak Escape Fort Collins, CO
If you want a cheese steak this is your place. As good as they get this far from Philly.
Wendys Loveland, CO
Wendy's , a good consistant plae to eat. There salads are goos and the chicken sandwich is good too..they are open late and they are the best of the fast berger places.
Taco Bell Loveland, CO
If you need a quick cheap mexican fix this is the place to go...the new 1/2 lb is they were open late on weekends.
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