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Restaurant Name City
Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon Fort Wayne, IN
Peanuts are cool but one serious wait to get in
Pizza Hut Fort Wayne, IN
Not bad but not awsome just a plain but stable pizza hut
Munchie Emporium Fort Wayne, IN
Mad ant beer and awsome pizzas good munchies
Original Drive In Fort Wayne, IN
The food and service are very good here, especially considering the price. i like the fish
Hall's Restaurants Fort Wayne, IN
Comfortable resteraunt for familly dineing. PRIME RIB IS EXCELLENT
Buckets Sports Pub & Grub Fort Wayne, IN
Bar food and beer at good taste and prices
Carlos O'Kelly's Fort Wayne, IN
Good ole stand bye mexican food with out fear its verry good
Tgi Friday's Fort Wayne, IN
Just an all around fun enviroment and dang good food love that v.b. cheese cake
Cosmos Restaurant & Bakery Fort Wayne, IN
Great greak food and alot of it. and you have to try their cakes and deserts
Tumbleweed Fort Wayne, IN
Good food neet atmosphere ribs are worth every drop of barbq sauce you drip
Flanagan's Restaurant & Pub Fort Wayne, IN
Familly atmosphere food was exelant service was great all around good
Spyro's Pancake House Fort Wayne, IN
One of Fort Wayne's best restaurants. absolutely love their breakfast selections
Texas Roadhouse Fort Wayne, IN
Excellent food, great service, best steak Very nice atmosphere and good food
Oyster Bar Fort Wayne, IN
Pricey but real nice.You can almost never go wrong here.
Mr Coney Fort Wayne, IN
Fun place to hang out and get tasty dogs.cheese on the hot dogs would taste much better melted
Italian Connection Fort Wayne, IN
The food and service are very good.Don't let the outside scare you off. its much nicer inside
Clara's Pizza King Fort Wayne, IN
You get to sit in a wooden swing while you eat. how cool is that
Powers Hamburger Shop Fort Wayne, IN
Burgers are a bit greasy and piled with onions.but thats how i love them
Chappell's Coral Grill Fort Wayne, IN
Excellent service and great food.One of the best seafood restaurants in the area
Rib Room Fort Wayne, IN
Ribs or a steak melt in your mouth, bring your appetite because you get a lot of food for your money.
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