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Giordano's Oak Brook, IL
Thi splace makes a mean pie! It comes out hot and what a flavor. The crust is even good. What a great place.
Ruby Tuesday Gurnee, IL
Killer burgers a nice casual atmosphere. Can be a little loud, but tolerable. The service was excellent and the food was great.
Panera Bread Normal, IL
I love this place the sandwiches are great and the bread is outstanding. It also has a nice atmosphere to just relax and eat your meal at your own pace.
Papa John's Pizza Normal, IL
Another chain place that makes ok pizza. Better than Domino's or those other places but nothing like a real pizza joint.
Hooters Restaurant Bloomington, IL
They have some good shrimp at hooters. The grilled cheese is also very good. I heard something about the waitresses dressing rather nicely and that probably makes the foods taste a little less important. Nice atmosphere and friendly service.
Long John Silver's Seafood Bloomington, IL
It is fast food, it's normally dirty inside and smelly, but the chicken planks taster great. Can't stop eating here.
The Great Steak & Potato Company Bloomington, IL
Well you can't beat it at the mall. Don't even bother eating at the other places, come right here and you'll leave happy.
El Burrito Loco Joliet, IL
The crazy burrito, who names these places? Anyway he food is what you expect, better than Taco Smell, but not like mom and pops mexican cooking. Late at night it soaks up the booz and I'm sure that helps keep em in business.
Babas Restaurant Joliet, IL
Tons of food with dinner. I was suprised that this was a nice place to eat. they make a good first impression and I'll go back when in Joliet again.
International House of Pancakes Hoffman Estates, IL
The food is ok adn he service is passable, but you can find better breakfast food almost anywhere. If you're in a pinch teh IHOP will do, but don't go out of your way.
Buona Beef Hoffman Estates, IL
I love this place. they make great sandwiches and the fries are outstanding. Probably not good if you're on a diet, but oh so tasty. Make sure you get the cheese on the beef that adds a ton of flavor.
Steak and Shake Hoffman Estates, IL
The shakes are to die for the burgers are good without the crap cheese they put on them and the service is so-so.
Big Bowl Schaumburg, IL
Wow, really good food. Great flavor in their food. It came hot, drinks always full, and reasonably priced.
Stir Crazy Schaumburg, IL
Yet another great place to eat in Schaumburg. Who would of though this would be in a mall? The food was really good and offers you plenty of selection. You no longer have to leave the mall to eat lunch.
Morton's Steakhouse Schaumburg, IL
If you're willing to pay for it you'll get some of the best steak in the area here. The cuts are delicious. Obviuosly you won't eat here every week, but it is a great setting for that special occasion.
Colonial Ice Cream Family Saint Charles, IL
I ate the kitchen sink, that's what your bumper sticker will say if you eat it all. They have great ice cream, and a fantastic breakfast. You won't go hungry.
Aurelio's Joliet, IL
Pretty good pizza, wasn't sure what to expect until I tried it. Came out piping hot and fast! Wish it was closer to home.
B.D.'s Mongolian Barbeque Naperville, IL
I must be th eonly person to eat there, altough it's always packed. Just went again today and they now have duck, ribeye, and new york strip to add to your dish. 8 bucks for a bowl at lunch, and you can really fill it. Same great taste, although you only have yourself to blame if it doesn't taste good.
Chevy's Mexican Restaurant Naperville, IL
I too had bad service here, they took so long we ended up leaving before we ordered our meal. I will agree that the salsa was good, but that's as far as I got.
The Olive Garden Schaumburg, IL
Typical chain. The good thing is you know what to expect. The place is busy on the weekends, but not to bad at lunch during the week.
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