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Tumbleweed Southwest Mesquite Louisville, KY
I wouldn't call this true Mexican, it's more TexMex than anything, but it's still tasty. The Fajitas are good, and the dips are nice and spicy, but all in all, I wouldn't recommend it as a place to go. It's not bad, but nothine extraordinary.
Shogun Japanese Steak House Louisville, KY
Good food, and the entertainment in watching the food being prepared is really enjoyable, but I wouldn't recommend it for the "really hungry." The portions are small, but well prepared. It might leave you wanting more, and for the cost, you don't want to pay for more food. All in all, though, a real entertaining meal experience.
Napa River Grill Louisville, KY
Really nice, fine dining experience in a casual atmosphere. A great place to enjoy a meal and a bottle of wine with that special someone. Everything is prepared extraordinarily well, and is well worth the visit. The staff is tremendous and the food is impeccable.
Allo Spiedo Louisville, KY
Allo Spiedo is a wonderful place to just go sit, have a nice drink and a wonderfully casual meal on the patio outside. It's really a beautiful setting and well worth the little extra you'll spend on the price of a meal.
Asiatique Louisville, KY
Asiatique is really a wonderful dining experience, especially since their latest move. I'm really impressed with the decor and the vision of the restaurant now. The food was excellent, but the new setting really improved everything. Well worth the effort.
August Moon Louisville, KY
Very nice selection of entrees. This is certainly on the upscale side of the Oriental cuisine, but well worth the trip. I'd definately recommend it for the serious diner of asian foods.
Austins Louisville, KY
Good casual dining fare. Nothing spectacular, but certainly in the class of other casul dining restaurants. The service was good and the food was hot and well presented.
Bangkok Buffet Louisville, KY
One of the better asian buffet's in town. If you like Tai, then this is a certainly a place to visit. The value for the money is quite good. Service is hard to measure, but they always keep food on the buffet.
Bardstown Rd Fish Market Cafe Louisville, KY
A wonderful selection of fresh seafood. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, the staff courteous and welcoming. Just about anything you want in the seafood department, they have. Very worthwhile.
Baxter Station Bar and Grill Louisville, KY
The staff really makes this dining experience worth the trip. Friendly atmosphere and terrific food make it a trip worth making again and again. Go in your jeans and t-shirts, and you'll look right at home.
Bearno's By the Bridge Louisville, KY
I was told that the pizza at Bearno's was fabulous, but frankly, I thought it was only moderately good. Nothing here separates it from other pizza eateries. The staff was good and friendly, though, and that made it worthwhile.
BLUEGRASS Brewing Co Louisville, KY
Atmosphere is really what makes this place worthwhile. If you enjoy beer, there's nothing that they don't have, and if you're into home brews, they brew their own, and good ones too. You can wash the good chicken down with anything you're in the mood for.
Bootleg Bar-B-Q Louisville, KY
Okay, it's crowded, but if you love bar-b-q, you've got to love this place. You might not get to sit down, but who cares? The food is great, and the wait is worth it.
Buckhead Mountain Grill Louisville, KY
I love this place... it's really just a great place for a man to eat! Man food at it's best! Meat and potatoes done well. The atmosphere is good, the wait staff is pleasant, but the food is to die for. Great stuff.
Burger Boy Restaurant Louisville, KY
If you love burgers, go here. Huge burgers, grilled to perfection, with all the expected trimmings. The atmosphere is quiet and wholesome.
chi chi's mexican rest Louisville, KY
I've always been a fan of Chi Chi's, because the food is consistently good and all you'd expect to get. There's a lot of food for the money and always prepared well. The staff and decor is nice.
China Town Louisville, KY
Variety and great taste make this buffet well worth the stop. There's really an unbelievable amount of food, and it's well serviced so that fresh food is constantly out. Lunchtime is a rush, but you'll definately enjoy it.
Choi's Asian Food Mart--The Snack Bar Louisville, KY
A great new place in the corner of a little Oriental market. The food is casual but very tasty and inexpensive. Worth a look, for sure.
Clifton's Pizza Company Louisville, KY
This is good pizza. Far superior to the wannabees that try and fail. I'd heartily recommend Clifton's over any pizza place in Louisville.
Del Frisco's Louisville, KY
I'm not sure that I would qualify this as the best steak in Kentucky, but it's certainly right up there. Is it worth $100 for one meal? I don't know, but it's certainly terrific food.
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