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Restaurant Name City
Richards Family Restaurant Marion, IN
A nice place to go for a family dinner. The food is good, the price is right and it has a great atmosphere. If you are looking somewhere to take the family, try this place.
Ryan's Steakhouse Marion, IN
The people are friendly, the food is good but sometimes the place is a little messy.
Rosie's Little Italy Marion, IN
A real Italian restaurant with great Italian food. It's peaceful and the atmosphere is wonderful. It's a must try.
Lincoln Square Family Restaurant Elwood, IN
This restaurant has great food and priced right. I love their ribs. I totally recommend this one.
Flores Mexican Food Gas City, IN
I am a reg. at this place. I've known the owners for a long time. The food is just wonderful. I can rave all day, but just try it!
B K Rootbeer Gas City, IN
This is another root beer stand. A good place to eat but the service is a bit slow. But the chili dogs are great!
B & B Restaurant Gas City, IN
This is an OK place to eat. The place is clean, food so-so, the help is nice but a little of priced.
B-K Drive In Huntington, IN
I like root beer stands and this one is good. The food has always been good and service too!
Sirloin Stockade Muncie, IN
So many good items to chose from on their buffet. I like this place because of all of their choices. You will too.
King Gyros Muncie, IN
This is a wonderful place to eat. The food is great and affordable. A very clean and the people are nice. You'll find everything you are looking for here.
Q L's Barbeque Muncie, IN
In a very bad part of town. But what can I say, the food is great. Well worth the trip into the area.
Timbers Lounge Muncie, IN
If you are looking for a good family restaurant, this is it. Try the food, many choices and all are good!
Damon's Kokomo, IN
I have to say try their ribs. I love the ribs here and could eat them all the time. The atmosphere is wonderful and the people are great.
Cafe 37 La Fontaine, IN
It was another dive in the wall. Not the greast but far from the worst. It is an ok place to eat.