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Restaurant Name City
Manago Hotel Captain Cook, HI
This is a wonderful place to eat. The atmosphere, service, prices and food are great. You need to stop in and try it.
Cafe 808 Kula, HI
This is a must if you're in the area. The food is just so good. You wont be sorry if you try it. Enjoy, I did!
Keneke's BBQ Waimanalo, HI
The food here is just so good. The inside isn't the best, but it's worth it for the food. Must try!
Ashley's Log Cabin Restaurant Hico, WV
Nice little cozy restaurant. Food is good and the service is wonderful. Try it if you get the chance.
Edgewood Restaurant Alton, NH
This is not a good place. The food is average but not for the prices you pay. Just another average dive.
Karen's Country Kitchen Alton, NH
This restaurant had good food, but the service was not! When a restaurant isn't busy, the service shouldn't be that slow.
Sawyer's Restaurant Atkinson, NH
This place is nasty. Not a good place to eat. Not worth the time or money to stop!
Pine Tree Family Restaurant Barnstead, NH
The food here is wonderful. The service and prices are great. It's worth the drive.
Mattar's Restaurant & Catering Allamuchy, NJ
Great restaurant, good food and wonderful service. This place should be one that you try. Take the time to stop in and have a bite to eat.
Marcello & Dino Roman Cafe Harrington Park, NJ
A very good Italian restaurant. The service was outstanding, the food was wonderful, the place was clean and a nice atmosphere. If you like Italian food you must try this one.
Fairview Tavern Springfield, IL
I like this place a lot. The food is outstanding. The service is wonderful and the place is always clean and well taken care of. You will enjoy this place, people and the food!
Family House Restaurant Monticello, IN
Great family restaurant. The food is wonderful, the service is great and the prices are very good for the amount you get. Try it, wonderful!
B & K Rootbeer Monticello, IN
Your average rootbeer stand. Great chili dogs and frosted mug rootbeer. The service is good. If you enjoy rootbeer stands, this is your kind of stand.
Pizza King Monticello, IN
Pizza king makes the best bbq pizza around. If you have never tried a bbq pizza get here and try it. This is a great place to have a good pizza!
Sportsman Inn of Monticello Monticello, IN
This isn't a place I would want to eat all the time. It is ok every once in a great while but it isn't one on my favorites by no means. The food was just average, nothing great, just ok.
Tree House Restaurant Monticello, IN
Nice place to eat, good food and wonderful service. I enjoyed my food very much and enjoyed the friendly waitress's.
Grandma Jo's Montpelier, IN
This place has good food. Not to pricey either. You will enjoy it so give it a try if you pass by.
Beef Station Marion, IN
This is an ok restaurant but not one that I would make a habit of visiting on a regular basis.
Icehouse Marion, IN
This is a great place to hang out and have fun or a great place to have dinner or do both. This is a favorite place of mine.
La Charreada Mexican Restrnt Marion, IN
I love Mexican food and this authenic Mexican restaurant was great. The prices are good but you do have a to wait.