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Dan's On Main Metuchen, NJ
Very classy, they've recently changed management and the food is not quite as good as it was, although still extremely pricey. They are trying very hard, though (sometimes too hard.. my risotto with prunes and walnuts had too much prunes and walnuts) which made flavors a bit unbalanced. We'll try them again after a few weeks to see whether they've gotten their balance.
Main Street Trattoria Metuchen, NJ
We love this restaurant! When you arrive, the table is already supplied with a basket of freshly baked bread and they hurry to open your bottle (it's a BYOB) The list of 8-10 specials includes many creative and yummy choices and their standbys are great too, often with a special twist. They even have low-carb choices which focus on fresh lean meat and seafood and interestingly prepared fresh veggies, just what you need to have a special and diet-conscious meal. And.. every time I get up to leave, I promise myself that I'll have to try the pizza next time. It looks and smells so wonderful and a good portion of the guests are obviously loving it. Our current favorite in the Metuchen area. :)
Tumulty's Pub New Brunswick, NJ
Good steak, good burgers, good service, good dinner :)
Soho On George New Brunswick, NJ
This used to be my favorite restaurant in the area, but recently, the entrees seem to have become a bit tired, or tried and true, but not quite with the same spark. Still a terrific place for a special meal and they server the bes breadsticks I've ever had. The lower-priced 'bistro specials' are just ordinary, though. I'd probably just go to a chain restaurant if i was in the mood for that fare.
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Edison, NJ
Good food, well prepared sushi, but the service was quite slow. After going there several times, we realized that the wait staff was just not going to see if we needed anything, so our tea cups would empty, we needed more wasabi, or wanted another roll, and nobody was around to help. It was just too frustrating. They could do better!
Seabra's Armory Perth Amboy, NJ
We've been here a couple of times. They serve very large portions of traditional Portuguese dishes. The food is delicious, but not fancy and we always leave feeling way too full!
Seville Diner East Brunswick, NJ
We visited this diner recently with my husband and mother-in-law. The food was decent (big salad, burger, broiled seafood platter) but the service was horrible! We sat for 20 minutes waiting for coffee, or anything at all, then when it was brought, mine was burnt. WHen I asked for a fresh cup, the witress snapped at me that it was the same that my husband had. (His wasn't burnt.) One thing we know is whether the coffee tastes like it's been sitting out for several hours. The next cup was fine, but the waitress had a big attitude the whole meal and never offered us a refill on coffee or dessert, or anything. I'm not used to tension-filled diner meals! By attitude I mean she was curt and snappish and defensive.. angry I guess. When my husband tried to let the owner know what our experience was, the owner totally ignored him and instead, rang up the cash register for the next customer. We go to diners every weekend, and this is the only time in the past few years we've seen such agressively hostile service!
Dick's Dock Restaurant Metuchen, NJ
Excellent seafood! BYOB with many fresh entrees and specials. The service was brisk, but a bit chatty. The atmosphere is extremely casual, but the food was so terrific we like to keep returning :)