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Recent reviews by Jim C.
Restaurant Name City
Pirate's Den Restaurant Brigantine, NJ
Best breakfast I've had anywhere. There eggs benedict are excellent, at breakfast there is a person carrying around a pot of coffee refilling everybody's cups. The waiting list for breakfast on weekends all year tends to be long but there are plenty of benchs to sit on and the time goes quickly. Lunch and dinner's tend to be average, and I did have a dinner entree arrive cold. But there breakfast's are to die for. Even the Beach Boy's eat there when there playng Atlantic City. Hope someone else review's soon because I've eaten breakfast there at least 50 times and never had the other reviewer's bad food or service?
Pub 199 Mount Arlington, NJ
Time for cooler heads to prevail. If you want good simple food such as king crab legs the prices are excellent and the food good when it finally arrives. Gerry's smoke problem has been solved by our Gov. but it takes a minimum of an hour to get any food and sometimes alot longer. That might not seem long but with the noise level at around 90db. it can seem like a long time. I would never go after 6PM on a week night and maybe 9AM on a weekend, and I'm not even sure if 6PM is early enough.
Old Man Rafferty's New Brunswick, NJ
Very good bar type food. Would not order anything fancy but the hamburgers are good, and I had what might be the best Reuben ever.
W L Goodfellows & Co Absecon, NJ
If you have a large group and can't decide what kind of food you want Goodfellows is a perfect choice. A very large menu, and all I've had so far was very good. Their ribs are as good as any I've had. Thier menu while being similar to Bennigan's or Friday's, I think the food is quite a bit better.
Tre Figlio Egg Harbor City, NJ
My favorite Italian restaurant at the shore. A little more expensive then the average but well worth it. If you'd like to try it and save money try the Pre Fix menu Sunday to Friday 4-6 PM. $19.95.