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Recent reviews by Josh R.
Restaurant Name City
Spudnuts Pekin, IL
If you want one of the best dohnuts ever made you have to get up very early to enjoy this treat. They close shop around 9:00 am because everythings sold out. They make others obsolete
Joe's Place Norris, IL
Nothing special. Small town charm. Large menu.
Geppetto's Canton, IL
Nice little italian joint. Pasta sause is wonderful and prices are as well.
J & L Vintage Cafe Canton, IL
By far one of my favorite breakfasts. Eggs over medium done right every time. Good prices.
Feaster's Cafe Canton, IL
A nice place with nice things. Nothing fancy. Food is OK but we go there for the nastalgia not the food.
Schooner's Peoria, IL
Ive spent years eating wings by the basket and enjoying brews by the schooner here. Some folks here are known as every day all dayers. Eat early here it fills up quickly.
Hofbrau Restaurant Peoria, IL
If you can say the german name than you must eat here. A Peoria mainstay. Old dark pub with GREAT food.
Jimmy John's Peoria, IL
If you leave the sandwich as it is presented to you, you stand be amazed. A mainstay in my lunchbox. Pricey but better than the rest.
Kersh Cafe Farmington, IL
A good breakfast for the price. A lot of small town charm.
Buffalo Wild Wings Peoria, IL
I love my wings and I probably wont go here again. More flavors of sause than you can imagine lets you enjoy these small wings all you want. Neat sports bar atmosphere.
Fairview Farms Peoria, IL
Simply one of the greatest places on earth to spend a Sunday lunch. Family style plating lets you enjoy whatever whenever. GREAT service.
Farmington Pizza Co Farmington, IL
Nothing worth writing home about. GREAT service but thats all that is great.
Davis Bros. Pizza East Peoria, IL
We've eaten here many times, its a different kind of pizza. Not the same ol'. It always hits the spot. A family tradition.