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Little Sicily Italian Rstrnt Waxahachie, TX
Since this is the only Italian place in town it is hard to beat. <br> The food is pretty good and the service is ok as well. <br> Recomend: <br> Lasagna with garlic bread. They make a pretty good pizza as well if you are looking for something differant than the usual Pizza Hut version.
1879 Townhouse Waxahachie, TX
This place is a tourist trap on the square. <br> The food was pretty bad and the service was worse. The day we went it was empty and it still took forever to get our food. When it did finally come it was cold and they got tmy wifes order wrong. <br> Do not get sucked in here by mistake. There is so much better to be had in town.
Banana Boat Cafe Waxahachie, TX
Kind of off the beaten trail but worth the drive out of town. <br> Go early because it has a tendancy to fill up fast. <br> Recomend: <br> Couple of beers from the bar. Ribeye steak medium with the baked potato <br> Do not let the funny colors of the building drive you off, the food inside is good.
Chantilly Place Waxahachie, TX
This si really more of a lunch place for the people that work downtown. They have limited hours of operation. The food is kind of deli style with sandwiches and burgers. <br> Recomend: <br> Chicken salad sandwich with pickle spears and chips. Flavord Tea.
Schlotzsky'S-Waxahachie Waxahachie, TX
It is a Schlotzsky's come on. <br> This is the place to go and get a good warm sandwich before the movies in Waxahachie. My wife and I usually go here and get food and sneak it into the theater. It sure beats popcorn and candy while watching the show. Besides it is right outside the front door. I am sure we are not the only ones who have done it. <br> Get the hot ham and cheese with barbecue chips and a coke. You can not go wrong.
Golden China Restaurant Waxahachie, TX
Well it is a Chinese resturant. <br> The food is average with slow waitstaff and small portions. <br> I had the sweet and sour pork and was left wanting for something a little more substantial. It will not be put on my list of places to frequent but it was not so bad that I would never go back. <br> Maby it was just a bad night for them.
Spaghetti Warehouse Italian Grill Mesquite, TX
Not quite as nice as the one downtown but the same good food. <br> Recomend: <br> The sourdough bread is a given here. Lasagna with meat sauce. Garlic bread and a dinner salad. <br> If lasagna is not your thing then build your own spaghetti dish from the list of available sauces and go from there. <br> If you can not make it into downtown for the old one then this is just as good.
Joe's Crab Shack Mesquite, TX
This place is as alive as they come. <br> The food is great and the staff is wonderfull. The wait can be long if you do not go early. It positioned on the new Resturant Row in Mesquite next to the movies so take that into consideration when planning on going. Friday night waits can be upto an hour or more. <br> Once inside you will want for nothing. The full service bar can make you forget about the wait and the staff will keep you rolling with their skits and jokes. <br> I had the crab cake starters with crab legs for the main dish. Both were very good. <br> Naever a dull moment here. Make a night of it.
Catfish Plantation Waxahachie, TX
back from the Blaze! <br> The Plantation is now back open after the fire. The food is as good or better than ever. <br> Recomend: Sweet potato fries. Five piece fish with veggie of the day. Fried ice cream. <br> The history lives on in this Victorian styled resturant.
La Pradera Kaufman, TX
The best in Kaufman for Mexican. If you are headed down 175 and get the itch for Mexican then give this place a go. <br> It is not the best ever just the best to offer. <br> Recomend: <br> Chips and Salsa....Pretty good classic starter 4 Beef enchiladas w/ rice and beans. No desert for me on the day I went.
Feed Store Restaurant Kaufman, TX
Great little Hole-in-the-Wall. <br> Sitting on the Town Square in Kaufman this little place is the place for lunch. <br> Recomend: <br> The Judge with fries and a big ole glass of tea. <br> You will not go away hungry.
Wings Over Kaufman Kaufman, TX
I have no bias toward this place just because it is owned by a friend of mines uncle. *wink*wink* <br> The burgers are great the salads are crisp and the beer is always cold. <br> Wings are the house specialty and Fun is on the menu. Come out for lunch or for karaoke night. You will have a good meal and never leave wishing you had not stopped. <br> P.S.- If you run into Jimmy tell him he owes me 10 bucks. <br> Seriously: Good food with down home hospitality from the staff.
Kountry Korner Kaufman, TX
The classic Burger joint. <br> Nothing fancy with good prices and juicy burgers. <br> Needing something fast while in town antique shopping or just passing through it is hard to pass up.
La Fuenta Kaufman, TX
The only goo0d thing I can say about the place is that they do have a drive through. It is fast and cheap with the same ole same ole menu. I was not impressed. If you are a brave soul with a cast iron stomach then have at it. I had the enchiladas with rice and beans. It was cold and had a river of grease runing through it. <br> Will not be a repeat stop for me on the way to the deer lease.
Moon's Fried Chicken Kaufman, TX
Just like Grandma used to make. <br> Not the sit down place it should be but very good just the same. <br> If you are tired of the pre-fab run of the mill KFC style chicken places then give this one a try. I do not think you will go back to the old ways. <br> Recomend: <br> Two legs and a thigh crispy with mashed potatos and cole slaw. Corn bread and peach cobbler to finish it off and a coke to wash it down. <br> This will get you on down the road.
Star Canyon Dallas, TX
If you are one of the lucky ones to get reservations even if you had to wait for the RSVP it is worth it. <br> Recomend: Garden salad with all the trimmings Ribeye with classic potato Heven and Hell for desert. <br> Plan in advance, two weeks or so and you should be ok. If they tell you nothing avail asked to be put on RSVP list. That is how we got in and it was worth it.
Antares Atop Reunion Tower Dallas, TX
If you want to see all of Dallas on a trip and just can not resist the alure of it then go ahead. <br> The food was not all that good for the prices. <br> I had the Filet and grilled veggies with a dinner salad. I skipped desert. <br> It was ok but you can get the same thing at any run of the mill steak house. <br> Great for vacationers but not a dietary staple for Dallas.
Javier's Gourmet Mexicano Dallas, TX
Not too shaby! <br> Recomend: Margaritas for all. Classic Fajitas They will come with enugh extras to fill you up. Not just enugh for one tortilla. Flan. This is one of the better ones I have eaten in Dallas. <br> Best of all the Mayor has not killed all the good smoking houses yet.
The Grape Restaurant Dallas, TX
Long time Dallas favorite. <br> A good mix of all ages here. Positioned on the "party" street in dallas this place can meet any desires. Weather a relax after a hard night of clubbing or just going out for a quiet dinner you would be hard to go wrong. <br> Recomend: Waitstaff has good taste in wines for the dinner. Go with the suggested and you might be supprised. Anything Medium that may have went moooo at one time or another. Menu changes all the time with the brush of an eraser. <br> I did not do desert because we were going down Greenville. There are way too many things to ingest to fill up with desert.
Dakotas Restaurant Dallas, TX
Back like it always was. <br> After a flood ravadged the place it is back on top as the premier steakhouse in Downtown. The menu is a bit pricy but well worth it for those imported clients you are looking to impress. <br> Recomend: Chicken Fried Steak..... Not the same ole same ole. Try it and you will see for yourself.
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