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Restaurant Name City
Garozzo's Ristorante Due Independence, MO
The portions are ENORMOUS at this place, although the quality is certainly nothing grand. This location lacks the ambience of the downtown location, and that begins from the moment you take a non-descript access road to FIND the place (as in, you'll be searching if you're not familiar with the area). Inside, the decor is pretty standard for a family restaurant. As stated portions are literally family-sized (for each person), although there is no particular quality that makes the food stand out. It's good food, but it's not special. All-in-all, it is the quantity and not the quality that justifies the price.
China Town Cafe Lees Summit, MO
Decent for a small typical strip-mall style chinese buffet. Nothing worth driving to, but if you live within 10 minutes and are looking for some faily good Chinese food, this is a good place to try. The staff is friendly, and the food is (just) above-average for Chinese cuisine buffets in the US.
Pappi's Pizza & Pub Lees Summit, MO
The food is okay, but that's not what makes this restaurant worth visiting. Actually nothing in particular is, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and this turns out to be a great place for extended families to get together. The food is American pizza, and the quality is fair, though not spectacular.
Jumpin Catfish Lees Summit, MO
Quality has gone downhill since this restaurant first openned. The catfish has so much breading that you cannot taste the fish. Then again, where else can you regularly get catfish in this area anyway? The answer to that question alone makes this restaurant worth a (as in one) visit.
Fuddruckers Independence, MO
It is just a hamburger afterall, but within that frame of reference, it's a VERY GOOD restaurant! The meat is extremely fresh and extremely high quality, and you can taste it from the moment you walk in the door and the unctuous odor hits your taste buds. Though not the cheapest burgers you can buy, they are certainly among the most delicious, and you can make it EXACTLY how you want it, as you'll get it plain on a fresh bun, waiting for you to choose not only which toppings you want, but just how much of each you'll indulge yourself with.
Burger Boy Lees Summit, MO
The hamburgers are pretty good, and the shakes are fantastic. The main reason to come here is, however, is for the nostalgia. This type of burger joint was popular a couple of decades ago, and for those of us who remember them (whether as adult or, like myself, as kids), the nostalgia factor makes that shake taste just that much better.
Paul's Drive In Kansas City, MO
This place, a hold-over from the days of yore, is selling nostalgia as much as food. For those who grew up here and know the history, you almost expect Richie or the Fonz to walk through the door at any moment. The food isn't great, and the honest truth is that the restaurant isn't worth any more than an average rating, but for me at least, there's still something appealing about it.
Wood Roasted Pizza Lees Summit, MO
As pizza places go, this place goes to at the top of the list. The wood roasted pizza just plain tastes better, and the staff is fantastic too. This is the place to take your family for pizza when you're trying appease everybody's taste. The service will satisfy all but the most uppity of sophistocates, and the food will do likewise (with desserts as fine as their teramisu).
Fun House Pizza & Pub Independence, MO
Fun House is not what it used to be. At this point, the only reason to go there is to remember the past and to let your kids play video games while waiting for the pizza to come. There is no particular area where this restaurant excels. For FUN, kids would prefer the Pizza place formerly known as Show-biz, and for higher quality food, well, your choices are fairly open.
Garozzo's Ristorante Kansas City, MO
Ask for the waiter named Carl, then it's worth 5-stars; he just knows how to make the night yours. In general, however, this is the original and best of the Gorozzo's restaurants. The house wines are decent, and better quality wines are always available (Carl will help you choose an excellent wine if you're lucky enough to get him as your waiter). Both the quantity and the food fit the price, though taken together, you'll feel like you're getting a bargain. It is an excellent restaurant to take a date or business guest, with a fine ambiance fitting for either. A great restaurants for families too, though the youngest children might not fit the environment perfectly. Certainly worth trying!
Ponak's Mexican Kitchen Kansas City, MO
A very worth Mexican restaurant that is more authentic than most are. Despite the changes over the years, it has maintained it's quality fairly well, and is still a restaurant that I drive significant distances to visit. Be careful not to eat too much of the appetizer, which is easy to do. The margaritas are great, and the selection of beers is quite expansive. Looking for a really good Mexican restaurant - this is the place to go.
Hereford House Kansas City, MO
This is a restaurant with a nation-wide reputation for a reason. The quality is good, the atmoshere is good, the service is good, and the price is fair. It is a common destination for dinner lunches and dinners, as well as every other imagineable affair, so make your reservations in advance if you're not a patient person. Oh, and just in case you somehow didn't know, it's a (quality) Steak House!
Gojo Japanese Steak House Kansas City, MO
This restaurant is as much (or more) for the entertainment than it is for the food. There is very little Japanese about the place, from the Vietnamese staff to the thoroughly American (smothered in butter) food, but it tastes quite good and it's a lot of fun. Take note that the food is very unctuous and you'll be sitting at the grill, so you might try to avoid having your coat with you at the table, unless you have a frequent flyer card for your dry cleaner.
54th Street Grill & Bar Kansas City, MO
Good place that is always quite busy. It's quite a modern place, with a high ceiling and decor that is more contemporary than most KC restaurants that you actually sit down in. The food is good, not great. The service is good, not great. The length of wait can be downright terrible at times though. Overall, it's a good place worth trying.
Jess & Jim's Steak House Kansas City, MO
This is a tough place to evaluate very objectively. The truth is, you get an almost gourmet steak (what used to be, but honestly the quality isn't what it used to be here) that you eat with a lot of starch (an over-sized potato that somehow impresses people from KC) in a shack. Yes, this place is hardly more than a shack at all. HONESTLY, however, even after quality has slipped a little, the steaks here are still probably in the top 10 in the world, unless you're a fan of Kobe beef.
Arthur Bryant Barbeque Kansas City, MO
With one of the salty/spicy sauces (a la Gates and Sons) rather than sweet sauces (a la KC Masterpiece), this restaurant has carved out a name for itself in a VERY competitive BBQ market. The wait is a bit long, but the food is quite good and the sauce, like it or leave it, is at least original. This is one of the restaurants you just have to try for yourself. You'll either make it a regular destination, or avoid it forever for one of the many alternatives in KC, but you just have to try for yourself to figure out which side of the fence you belong on.
Manny's Restaurante Mexicano Kansas City, MO
Above average Mexican food, but that isn't saying much. Yes, Mexicans are actually cooking, but that's true in almost EVERY restaurant in this city, and not just the Mexican ones. Moreover, those guys cooking are very rarely chefs and their mamas cooked every meal of their life before they started working in the restaurants. That being said, the real attraction here is the shredded pork entrees, such as burritos, often served with a green chile sauce. This is a flavor that is not terribly common among KC Mexican eateries, and keeps a lot of people coming back to this Slightly better than average restaurant.
Main Street Inn Kansas City, MO
Everything here is above average, most things are very good, and quite a few things are Excellent, making this an excellent restaurant overall with very reasonable prices for the quality. The tenderloin is the house specialty it seems, and is big enough even for hearty mid-western pork lovers. The filet is also excellent, though certainly not as exaggerated in size. Top notch restaurant without the ceremonious formalities of many others.
Strouds Kansas City, MO
Thought that KC was the home of steaks and barbeque while fried chicken remained the forte of the South? Well, you're right... with some exceptions. Stroud's offers the HIGHEST quality fried chicken you could desire, which is impressive considering that it is, afterall, fried. The setting is very unique and historical as well, making for a great dining experience. Greasy fingers make for a less-than-ideal (though certainly doable) business meal destination, but it's otherwise right where you want to be for great food. One note: the wait can be very long at this fine fried chicken fixture.
Chipotle Mexican Grill Kansas City, MO
NOTE: that's 5-stars with a catch - the point of reference is other fast food restaurants. WHen you buy a wrap a Chipotle, you're buying a quick meal in a tortilla, and it really is a meal at that. It is stuffed full of rice, bean, onions, lettuce, meat... basically, whever you choose, and there is just enough to choose from. The meats are spicy and hearty in flavor, and the wrap is extremely filling. There is no mistake that this is both FAST food, and FILLING food, unlike many alternatives. Overall, 3 starts, but within the fast food circle, 5 stars.