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Restaurant Name City
Kwong-Wa Calais, ME
Great Chinese food here on the US/ Canada border! I really loved my meal
Calais House of Pizza Calais, ME
Great pizza to be had here in this little border town. Definately worth a stop. Love the tangy sauce!
Kentucky Fried Chicken Skowhegan, ME
Nothing really separates this KFC from all of the others, but i do love that crispy goodness..
The Purple Cow Skowhegan, ME
Great place with a real happy feel to it. I always love to stop in to the Purple Cow when i am in the area. Love it!
Island Dairy Treat Skowhegan, ME
Great place to stop for a cone on a hot Summer night. Just the perfect treat!
Golden Wok Skowhegan, ME
Golden Wok is the second best Chinese restaurant in Skowhegan. Still pretty good for second place
Ken's Family Restaurant Skowhegan, ME
Great Family style dining. I love Ken's! The portions are generous and the service is superb!
Mei Lee Garden Skowhegan, ME
Best Chinese food in Skowhegan! NOw that says alot!
Heritage House Skowhegan, ME
Excellent service for a superb dining experience. Heritage House is one of my all time favorites
Charrier's Restaurant & Lounge Skowhegan, ME
Great stuff here at Charriers... Love it!
South Rock Grill Wichita, KS
I had the most awesome burger here. Def worth a stop
Amigo Restaurant Wichita, KS
Great Mexican food. Not quite convinced to try the Chinese stuff. Maybe when i get sick of the Mexican. For now Im loving the Mexcan food there
Barn'rds Roast Beef Restaurant Wichita, KS
Beats the heck out of Arby's. Now this is real roast beef! Excellent stuff!
China Garden Wichita, KS
One of the standout meals from my trip to Wichita. I loved the food here at China Garden. If i am ever back in town i will be sure to stop in
Torre's Pizzeria Wichita, KS
Love the white pizza.. Its a little different than what i am used to, but i loved it still
21 Carry Out Burgers Wichita, KS
Love the burgers at 21. Very juicy and delicious. Always prepared perfectly
Savute's Italian Ristorante Wichita, KS
Savute's is ok, but i have had better Italian. Maybe it was just an off night...
The Upper Crust Wichita, KS
Tasty treats here at The Upper Crust
Old Chicago Wichita, KS
Excellent brewpub here! I love the nachos and the pizza is pretty good too.. worth a try!
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar Wichita, KS
Same as all of the applebee's across the country. One thing is for sure, they are consistant!
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