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Mel's Diner Sarasota, FL
This is the traditional Diner with a diner atmosphere. Good food, good service, great prices. If you need a place to count on Mel's Diner is the place. No suprises, but lot's of good food for the money.
Sarasota Ale House Sarasota, FL
This place has the best specials! You do have to beat the rush during "season" but it is worth the wait. If you sit in non-smoking the bar noise is not an issue and the staff is usually fast, friendly, and courteous. Don't go for a quiet evening during sports playoffs of any kind.
Perkins Sarasota, FL
Sloooooooooooooooooooooow. Even with patrons at only 5 tables in the restaurant it takes forever to get your food. Food is average, but the bakery products LOOK great! There is a plus in being open 24/7, but I would avoid it avter 8PM if you are in a hurry. Seems like they turn the "staff power" down several notches when the sun goes down.
Sweet Tomato Sarasota, FL
Meat lovers beware You will not get satisfied here. BUT! for what it is it is an awesome place for salad, pasta, and bread. Go here once and you will come back when the urge for a far better than average "salad bar" is the desire.
Mama Onesti's Sarasota, FL
Arrogant staff, so-so food, big prices. If you visit, you will visit just once. Hard bread, uninspired food, small portions. They prepared food in ways I have not seen before and did not enjoy. A big picture window in the kitchen so you can see the cook/chef abuse the help. DRAMA! Don't need it with dinner.