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Restaurant Name City
Potawatomi Inn Angola, IN
Hey! this is a very nice place to eat breakfast, and it's a nice hotel too.
Lula's Cafe South Bend, IN
This is A great place to eat, and it's the way you won't it.
Babby's Steakhouse Jeffersonville, IN
Hey! everything at Babby's Steakhouse is very good, and you should try some of there shrimp, and fish.
Coach's Sports Bar South Bend, IN
I think they have a very good Staff and i's on time.
Giggles Pizza Valparaiso, IN
This is a very nice Family Owned Pizza place, and it's always made the way you want it.
Sirloin Stockade Muncie, IN
They have a wonderful buffet, and there steaks are great.
Wagner's Ribs Chesterton, IN
There is some good ribs here at Wagner's and it's so good you"ll come back all the time, and try the Chicken dinners.
Panera Bread Carmel, IN
They have very good Sandwiches here, and they have good soup also.
Macri's Deli South Bend, IN
The have very good food here, and the pizza is great.
Pat's Colonial Pub Mishawaka, IN
They have very good Ribs and Chicken and Shrimp.
Ocean World Indianapolis, IN
This is a Excellent Japanese Restaurant, and you should bring a friend.
Smiley's Pancake & Steak Indianapolis, IN
They have very good Breakfast here, and the pancakes are great, and the servive is wonderful.
El Arrieo Kokomo, IN
The food here at EL Arrieo is very good, and you"ll love the service.
Fast Eddy's Evansville, IN
At Fast Eddy's the burger's very good and inexpensisive.
Old Country Buffet Indianapolis, IN
They have alot to choose from, you should bring the family and stop by.
Houlihan's Restrnt Indianapolis, IN
At Houihan's they have some very good food, and you should try there steak dinners.
Dog-N-Suds Lafayette, IN
They have very good food and it's very fast, you should stop by some times.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Hammond, IN
The Food here is very good, and they Severe breakfast all day long.
India Palace Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
They have a very nice Lunch, and dinner buffet at India Place.
Hooters Restrnt Castleton Indianapolis, IN
This is a very nice Restaurant to eat lunch or dinner, and they also have beer.
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